Parking Tariffs

These rates were supplied by ACSA and are subject to change at anytime. We suggest that you use this as an advisory and confirm parking rates at the airport

Multi Story Parking

0-15mins R 0.00
16-30mins R 10.00
31-60mins R 15.00
1-2hrs R 20.00
2-3hrs R 30.00
3-4hrs R 40.00
4-6hrs R 80.00
6-10hrs R 120.00
10-24hrs R 160.00


0-1hrs R 12.00
1-2hrs R 15.00
2-3hrs R 20.00
3-4hrs R 25.00
4-6hrs R 40.00
6-10hrs R 60.00
10-24hrs R 80.00

Long Stay

0-3days R 186.00

There after R40.00 per day

Pick Up Area

0-20mins R 0.00
20-30mins R 20.00
30-60mins R 30.00
1-2hrs R 50.00
2-3hrs R 100.00

Every additional one hour or part thereof = R50.00

Lost ticket : R50