Car Rental companies in Durban

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If you are coming to Durban you will have plenty options of car rental companies so you are far from being stuck with only one or another option. There are a lot of competitively priced car rental companies in Durban. Below are the 3 of the most popular and renowned car rental companies in Durban.

Wozani Car rental Durban

The Wozani Car Rental Durban is one of the most traditional companies and have been around a very long time, standing the test of time. Though don’t mistake it to be outdated or obsolete. Wozani Car Rental Durban has an excellent fleet and they also offer a good array of services, like chauffers, car wash – exclusive only for one of their stores though – and even car sales. As you can see, their business are not too much focused on thing, that’s why they might be a good option for people that are looking for something casual in the city. They take pride in maintaining their fleet in great condition.

wozani car rental durbanThe prices charged by Wozani Car Rental Durban are a second key factor for people who are looking for something casual. Their most expensive car rental are Volvos or BMWs of the Series 3, for a reasonably  monthly fee and even include free km. For tourists that is really a great deal, especially for the model of the cars, you will pay 1500 US dollars anywhere else and with those free km you can even travel throughout cities.

Though since they are a smaller and more traditional company, they are less flexible when it comes to requirements, you must have an International Permit to drive if you are a tourist, while other companies will make it easier for you once you have a driving license in countries from Europe, America and other countries who have strong ties with South Africa.

Stazz car rental Durban

Our second company reviewed here is a middle therm between the simplicity of Wozani Car Rental in Durban and more flexible and sophisticated features. The Stazz Car Rental Durban has a quite wide fleet of cars, and they are cataloged in six different groups depending on prices and special features of these cars.

Stazz Car Rental Durban offers can offer different variations of the same vehicle for the same price, for instance, cars with manual or automatic transmission systems. You can do a quick customized booking through our site.

car rental durbanThe Stazz Car Rental Durban also has special package for pick and drop of the cars in the same place. You can alternatively pay an extra fee to drop the car in a different store and they offer some of the best prices for this convenience among the three companies. Stazz has many different stores around the city so you have many different options as well of places to drop the car.

You also will have to get in contact with the company to check the availability of special equipment, like baby sit and GPS devices in case you need any of them. The extra fees included are not either informed in the site and have to be checked upon getting in contact with the company.

 Hertz car rental Durban

Our last reviewed company, the Hertz Car Rental Durban, one of the biggest companies not only in Durban but also throughout South Africa. They have several different stores around the country and they work as well with a robust fleet of vehicles. Though the great thing about the Hertz Car Rental Durban is their quite special promotional packages.

The company has several different promotions and some are seasonal, happening every year. The Hertz Car Rental Durban is great service to get a good opportunity during special occasions, you will not find better promotions during holidays and the high season with other companies.hertz car rental durban

Another great point on renting with Hertz car rental durban is their flexibility to rent their fleet. Yes, if you are a tourist, they will likely accept your driving license issued in your country but it must be at least 1 year older to be accepted – this is an insurance measure all car rental companies require from drivers, some might even require a 2 years old valid driving licence.

Upon the booking online, you will be able to choose whether you want to pick and drop the car at the same place or in a different one. Don’t forget to always check their promotions to perform your booking under these promotional criteria to get special services.

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Car rental Pietermaritzburg

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There are various guided tours that would take you around the city of Pietermaritzburg. But, there are some people who would prefer to explore the area by themselves to give a feeling of oneness and togetherness with the city. Car rental Pietermaritzburg  or Car rental PMB is the solution.

There are various car rentals Pietermaritzburg to suit your needs. You can choose from the ones that seem the best for tastes and explore the city by yourself, and sate the wanderlust in you. There are various car rental Pietermaritzburg that has their pick-up and dropping points at the airport, which is even more rental Pietermaritzburg

Car rental Pietermaritzburg is available for various purposes, from business purposes of tourist services. People can rent the car on a daily basis also, and hence this is very useful when your car has broken down.

Car rental Pietermaritzburg has a wide range of cars for you to choose from, from sedans, hatchbacks, luxury cars and SUVs. Every car is brilliantly maintained car rentals Pietermaritzburg, and this is more the reason to not hesitate, and go ahead and book a car.

There are various websites available which provide a lot of information on what cars you should rent for what purposes, and what the prices are, and so on. By taking the aid of these websites, car rental Pietermaritzburg becomes easier. The rates offered by these car rentals Pietermaritzburg are very nominal, encouraging one and all to rent the rental Pietermaritzburg

The plus point of such a rental service is that they have pick up and drop points at various parts of the city, making it very easy for you. Instead of driving all the way to some specific location to rent a car, you can easily go the nearest point and get a car picked up or dropped.

The flexibility of such a service has made car hire Pietermaritzburg very popular. Do not waste any more time trying to make up your mind, but rent a car today, and enjoy the city like never before.

About Pietermarizburg 

If you have ever been to South Africa, then you must have visited Pietermaritzburg. It is the capital of a major province of South Africa. Just like other South African cities, Pietermaritzburg also has a complicated Zulu name.

One should definitely visit the city of Pietermaritzburg to enjoy the vista that the city has to offer to you. This city is rich in political history. The Apartheid movement’s major hotspot was this city, as the entire region was divided into various regions. Gandhi played a major part in trying to abolish the racial segregation that has been ruling the city, and had stayed there for several years trying to fight for the rights for Indians, before moving back to India to participate in the Independence struggle.

The regions surrounding the city of Pietermaritzburg have vast lands of savannahs that are pleasing to the eye. In addition to this, the climate of the place is pleasing throughout the year, unlike various other African hire Pietermaritzburg

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Woodford Car Hire Durban

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Durban is one of the largest cities of South Africa. This picturesque city has a lot to offer for the wanderlust soul. There are various tourist hotspots that one could discover in this wonderful South African city. Durban is one of the most developed cities in South Africa and is a center of economic and trade between various countries in Asia, North America, South America and Europe.woodford car rental durban

There are various tours arranged by the Durban Tourism department. You can customize them according to your needs and explore the city that played a major role in the history. But, there are some, who are wild at hearts and would like to explore the city at their own pace, and at their own terms. All they need is a car, and they are ready to start on with their expedition. For people like them, Woodford Car Hire Durban comes to their rescue.

Such  services do not necessarily cater to the needs of the tourists, but provides car rental service to almost anyone willing to rent a car for their own purposes. Their rates are nominal, and their service is impeccable.woodford car rental durban

It originally started with two vehicles in 1991, catering to the needs of a few people. It then expanded to a large company, with a good reputation, and their fleet consists of more than 900 cars and 145 commercial vehicles. They offer a wide range of choices for the clients to choose from, including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. They have Benz, Toyota and Hyundai in their fleet among various other vehicles.

The prices depend on the car that is chosen and the period of time that you have rented the car for. They have special discounts if you opt for a larger car or a larger number of cars.

Woodford Car rental Durban offer their services not only in Durban, but also in various other South African cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. They have various pick up and drop points, which make the Woodford Car Hire Durban the best choice for renting cars.

The service of Woodford Car Hire Durban is impeccable. They make sure that you do not waste time, since they understand and respect the nature of your job, and how important it would be for you. For such reasons, they made it convenient for you to rent cars online, so that it would be hassle free, instead of standing in long queues to get your car booked.

You can also sign up to their newsletter and get constant updates on their fares and offers. They help you in getting an idea of their prices by the availability of getting an online quotation form.woodford car rental durban

The Woodford Car Hire Durban is known for their availability and flexibility. Woodford Car Hire Durban is an award winning company have been awarded for their services in various aspects, including customer care, affordability and satisfaction. They are available in major cities of South Africa, with various branches in each city. Now avail the services of car hire in Durban and enjoy the ride under the Durban skies.

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Luxury car hire Durban

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That perfect luxury car hire Durban can give you

Finding the right luxury car hire Durban can be quite the task, considering that quality luxury cars with a truly professional service is rare to find. If you too are looking for the same along with great value for money options in luxury car hires, then with one of the most known names in and around the Durban area, your search comes to an end.

What’s the best in luxury cars can actually provide you with

Just having a luxury car for hire is not enough- it should be by a provider that stays true to the name and the luxury car segment and provides services that match up to the expectations of the rider. These are the kinds of things that only the best in the business takes care of, which is why you should go for nothing less than the most known of names in cars for hire when it comes to getting a luxury car hire car hire durban

Why you need nothing but the best in luxury car hire

The car one rides in is by easily what determines his or her tastes and standards. Think of it- you’re going to a party, visiting some friends or just going out on a date- won’t the vehicle you arrive in be a depiction of your tastes, style and status? Or if it’s some special day of yours- would arriving there in a normal car or taxi befit the occasion? Surely not- and this is where the best of luxury car hire Durban has is what you need.

A luxury car hire Durban is not just about the vehicle- for a truly luxurious experience will ensure that everything, right from the pick up to the drop off process is as smooth and comfortable as possible. This is something that can only be determined by the quality of the service provider that you chose and why your choice of the same is the only thing that can get you true value for your car hire durban

Getting the best of prices and your money’s worth

Hiring a luxury car is something that will cost you more than the usual- however, how much of your money’s worth you get is totally dependent on the kind and type of service provider that you select. With the most trusted of luxury car hire Durban has, getting your money’s worth is something that won’t be a worry- for this is something that you will get every time you avail the service.

A luxury car that you’ve hired is more than just a car- it’s your partner in taking you wherever you want to go. Half the joy of going to a place comes from the journey, and the journey is only as good as the car and its driver. When you’re getting the best of both, then you’ll surely have a ride that will be worth all the money that you have to pay for it and give you even much more. Thus, for a ride that you can trust, contact the best of luxury car hire Durban today. luxury car hire durban

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Cheap Car Hire in Durban

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cheap car rental durban
When you are looking for the autonomy of driving a car on your own in a different country or city, you don’t have to stress or look to hard for cheap car rental. In Durban there are many companies who charge very affordable prices and you can find all of them here in our site and also book your cheap car hire in Durban through our site.

Each company has its own daily rates depending on the car model you have chosen. The rental companies also offer different types of plans. Each of them has a different type of risk coverage, covering the rental car, injuries in case of accidents, property damage among many others.

The daily car rental rates also usually includes service fees, local taxes and government taxes. There is also the option to get a cheap car hire in Durban doing it without insurance, although not recommended. This last option is usually chosen by people who already have insurance included in the credit card or international policies. The rate also changes depending on the choice for rental with unlimited mileage or controlled mileage.

Car rental costs

Other features you have to take under consideration to have a cheap car hire in Durban are the complementary services you might want or not to have equipped in your car. There extra costs are optional and you can dodge them as much as you want. For example, a daily permit fee for each additional driver with you. One can also opt for the GPS rental, car seat for children, among others. There is also a fee to return the car in a different pickup location. Delays are also penalized and an additional hour is charged.
Is very important also to be aware of the presence of tolls nearby where you are planning to drive. The driver should always pay the tolls but some companies equip cars with free flow mechanisms under an additional fee included in your plan. It allows you to pass freely, and the debts are charged later on your card, so this is a double expense you have to be aware if you are choosing convenience. Otherwise, just pay the toll and get a simple car hire durban

Durban Car Rental

The general rule when you get a cheap car hire in Durban is, you get the car with a full tank and you have to return it with a full tank too. In this case, it will not be charged any extra fee at the end. If you forgot to fill in the tank or do not have time to refuel, the car rental company will charge the fuel based on default prices charged by each company, and it will be much more expensive than the amount charged at gas stations.

Some companies, however, give you the option to prepay the fuel, or offer rental plans “all inclusive” where the customer doesn’t have to return the car with a full tank. You have to consider and compare the prices of gas in Durban at the time of your trip and the inclusive prices charged by the company. Sometimes, it is an opportunity to have a cheap care hire in Durban depending on the fees of the company, otherwise is better to stay tuned and not forget about the tank.
cheap car hire durban


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Cash car hire Durban

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The market for car rental has increased considerably its popularity, and thats why here on our site you will find the best place to get your service of cash car hire Durban. While in the city, the need to get around with convenience and efficiency has grown with the city taxi services might be difficult to get around in time especially when you are not going to stay for a long car rental durban

Therefore it is necessary to find alternative ways to get around with the beautiful city of Durban, and thats why a car rental service of cash car hire Durban is an excellent option considering the cost-benefit. Contrary to what many people think about rental car, there are not many bureaucracies or difficulties in renting a car. Some prerequisites are necessary to maintain the safety and ethics of the car rental company, because it is about the rental of a high-value product – after all, it is easier to ensure you are renting something really good to make your money worth the comfort and the convenience you are car hire durban

Other than that, each cash car rental company in durban has its specifications – out of some basic requirements, each has a way to make exceptions and rules. So it is necessary to know the car rental company you want to work with and find out their requirements. That’s why it is  easy to use cash car hire Durban , the car rental staff are friendly and helpful, they will assist you in every way possible.

Using cash car hire  Durban

You also will need to provide proof of identity by means of an ID document or passport when renting cash car hire  Durban – this measure is for the safety of the company, and works as a guarantee for the safety of the vehicle. This measure is also necessary as a guarantee against accidents. In some cases , during the period you are renting a cash car hire in Durban, your credit card will work as a bail, a default value will be kept as blocked from your limits to be used in case of an accident.When you give back the car the value will be unblocked. If you are a foreigner in South Africa, it will be necessary to show your passport and in most cases, for countries that do not have reciprocal agreement with South Africa, to present the original driver’s license and bear the International Driving Permit (IDP) to rent services of cash car hire car hire durban

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Tempest car hire in Durban

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Avoid the traffic jam and enjoy your trip to the fullest in Durban, getting the best service of tempest car hire in Durban here on our website. It is very easy, just do the online booking, get off the plane and drive. You also need to pass through passport control and show the agents of the car rental company your driver’s license, of course, but you understand.tempest car hire durban

You will not need to guess bus schedules or rely on the availability of public transport while you are in the city with our service of tempest car hire in Durban ,  just get in the car and drive. You can make a combo with our hotels booking service in Durban and do the best tempest car hire in Durban with hotel reservations to you, and you will have a place to to park your car already!

On our site you can choose the car you want, at the price you want. Simply enter your travel dates in the following search fields and we will show all available tempest car hire in Durban. Whether you are looking for a beautiful convertible for a romantic getaway, a minibus for a bachelor party or a boosted one for a trip with the family, you will see the best deals available and we will help you save money with the best offers.

tempest car hire durbanOnce you are aware of all the interesting places that Durban has to offer, you can fasten your belt and explore the city on your own rented car. Wander around by car to know Durban from an unique perspective, visit a nearby town at ease or simply enjoy the feel of the road. Our car rental service of tempest car hire in Durban will provide you a whole world of possibilities you would not have relying on public transportation.

With rental hire in Durban you don’t have to worry either about getting to the airport. No more panic or fear of missing connections,  your car is ready whenever you are. You will have no stress on your trip, you just have to remember to stay tuned on news about the local traffic and leave your hotel with enough time to reach the airport.

What Durban has to offer

Durban is located on the east coast of South Africa, the Indian Ocean, is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal. Durban province has 3.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, and is also one of the most populated cities in southern Africa. Durban also has the busiest port in Africa.tempest car hire durban

The city has great touristy venues, a warm weather throughout the whole year and beaches that attract thousands of visitors during the holidays. Durban also has a rich cultural life, and is the gateway to the national parks and historic sites in the region.


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First car rental Durban

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During your stay in Durban, you might want to pay a visit to one of the nearby towns, or maybe get know that beautiful beach in the Dolphin’s Coast which is a little further away but no worrying about the time you will come back. Or even how about having a first taste of driving in countries that follow the right hand here in South Africa. In these occasions, the best option is to rent a car and have full autonomy over your schedule.

first car rental durban Your first car rental in Durban might arise many questions. Do I need some document to drive abroad if I am a foreigner tourist? And what if I have some problems with the car? Here on our site you can book your first car rental in Durban following some easy steps, our website caters for everything you need.

 How to Rent Your first Car Rental

Booking the rental of a car before you start your trip is a great way to get prices usually lower if you make a reservation in advance. Another advantage is to ensure the type of car you want, as the demand will be high during the holidays, the high season and long weekends. Here in our site you can book your first car rental in Durban comparing the prices offered by each company and even purchase a combo with your first car rental in Durban including tickets with airlines, hotels, credit cards and insurance companies.

first car rental durbanRequirements for first car rental

In South Africa the minimum age required to rent a car is 18 years, and the driver’s license must have been issued at least 2 years ago and, of course, you have to have in hand your driving license even if it is issued in other country.

Some countries might not have an international agreement with South Africa, and in those cases to use  first car rental in Durban you will need the International Driving Permit (IDP), issued in your own country.

To get your IDP and be able to hire a car from first car rental in Durban, you must fill in the application document with the traffic agency of your country and pay the required taxes for the issue of the document. Bear in mind each country has its own fees and the documents must be ready before your book the rental carfirst car rental durban

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Mango Airlines Tickets Getting as Cheap as Ever

As the fuel costs decrease, Mango airlines, which is already know for its low cost airline services, will be reducing its travel fares in the next weeks. Though the oil price costs won’t follow a trend of decreasing cost for too long, the South African company managed to readjust its prices even against the low force of the Rand in the airlines

Mango Airlines is starting the reductions with eh Cape Town and Port Elizabeth route and will extend the adjustments to all its other routes. The tickets for a trip between these two cities will be costing only R 395, around US$ 30. This is one of the most competitive and accessible prices for a ticket in the whole world considering the distance and inboard services.

Nonetheless, Mango Airlines is trying to keep its own trend as the most accessible airline company in the company, an achievement the company has been holding for 8 years already. Since many of the costs related to air travels with the company are priced in foreign currency, this is a great addition to their policy of services and a trend that will keep going despite market obstacles.

The company is not doing any kind of tricky deal, reducing from one spot to increase in other. Mango Airlines baggage policy, for example, is one of the most advantageous and competitive for domestic flights. All passengers have a free allowance to transport up to 20kg of baggage without airlines

Mango Airlines has been one of the most solid airline companies in the market for the past 10 years. Since they started their business, the company won several service quality and customers preference awards. In 2015, Mango Airlines celebrated their first astonishing 13.5 million number of guests already transported by the company.

Mango Airlines was also the first airline company to launch a smartphone app for online booking. With this service feature they have already booked over 168 thousand passengers, not including other conventional online booking methods.

The company is also the first one in the world to offer inboard internet Wifi service for prices as accessible as the tickets. Customers can travel for up to 1 month with internet access inboard and around the hotspots of the company on all the airports they operate. Also, apart from being a domestic flight focused company, they already started including foreign destinations and the trend is expected to increase its international years in the future.


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Mango Airlines Hiring Huge: Mammoth Recruiting says Company

Mango airlinesSince its launch in the market, Mango Airlines has been one of the most referential and solid airline companies in South Africa, specially considering the enterprise works as a low-budget airlines services. Their success is constantly taking flight and so shows their new recruiting of several new employees for the IT department. Tough the company is about to release further and detailed information about the recruiting in the next weeks, Mango Airlines spokesperson Hein Kaiser said the company is looking for professionals in the area skilled on Windows, .Net, C++ and Linux platforms.

Mango Airlines is a referential company when it comes to IT solutions for their services. In the last years they have achieved many pioneering developments, like the MARS, their own internal IT resources system for reservations, something once shared with the South African Airwways from whose network Mango Airlines is part of. The company is also the first South African company to create a specific app for smartphones and tablets allowing customers to make online booking through their portable devices, as well as Mango Airlines is still the first company in the world to provide inboard Wifi internet services for astonishing low prices.

Mango Airlines new recruitment phase is one more step on their initiative to improve their services with high-tech resources and pioneering solutions. Though their hiring policy is not looking for success at any costs and the company is prioriziting South African professionals in the are to value the internal market and workforce on IT. The company will soon start their selection phases focusing on recruiting only local talents.

Mango airlinesThe IT programme of talents developed by Mango Airlines are also remarkable. The company has been developing hiring programmes focusing specifically on trainees. Scouting and hiring new talents to work on their internship program brought Mango Airlines many new workers that will specialize and master their skills whilst they are developing new and refreshing solutions for the company.

Mango Airlines really wants to invest heavy resources on their professional qualification in the IT field and new innovative developments are expected to follow this trend of prioritization. Information on salary, career planning and the number of new employees Mango Airlines is looking for to hire will be released in the next months.


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