Mango Flights to East London

mango airlinesThe Mango flights are also now on the route of the coveted East London in the south of the country. Travelers who are looking for affordable flight prices and a pleasant air travel experience with the same kind of conveniences private air craft companies provide will find a great deal with Mango Airlines while flying to East London.

 Mango Airlines operates in several different cities in South Africa, cultural and economic hubs that are interlinked by the services of the company. As a state owned company, Mango flights are much more affordable and friendly for budget trips and you can get to the coveted city from many different locations.

There are two main airports in Johannesburg where Mango flights depart everyday throughout South Africa. You can schedule your own Mango flight to East London easily online via our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Foreign travellers who are doing flight connections might also be able to find tickets with Mango airlines depending on availability of schedules.

mango flightsEast London is one of the busiest cities in the southern coast of South Africa, nearby the other two big important hubs of the country: Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, though it is an important economical center once it hosts the only river port in the country, providing many unique opportunities of business. The industry in East London is also quite strong, this is the second most profitable city in the South so there are plenty things going on here for those who are looking for new opportunities and business meetings.

Though many other cities around East London have a stronger touristy profile, the city also has its unique attractions, specially the national reserves nearby the city. Places like the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve and Yellow Sands Caravan Park are remarkable spots during your trip knowing the beauties of the coast in the city. And don’t forget to bring your swim suit and lots of solar blocking. East London is a city located right in the Equator line. The summer is strong and intense all year long though during July you can experience chilly temperatures.

Whatever is the reason you are coming here, Mango flights will provide you booking schedules quite flexible matching the city’s own routines.

Mango flights to East London can be quite cheap compared to other companies and you can still enjoy many conveniences for extremely smalls fees, like Wifi internet services. You can also check the availability of flight connections from East London to other nearby cities around the southern flights


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Mango Happy Day Sale Starts 10 Dec 2014

Get the cheapest Mango Airlines Flights this December by booking on King Shaka International. Book Mango airlines flights online between 10-11th December 2014 .

mango airlines

Mango Airlines Travel Insurance

Mango airlines offers trustable travel insurance which is a good thing to have when travelling. They offer great benefits which are truly value for money. For as little as R25 a single trip or R50 a return trip, Mango Airlines travel insurance will protect you against:

  • Mango airlines Flight delays-for up to R3000
  • Trip cancellation- For the total cost of your Mango flight
  • Loss of baggage and personal effects on a mango flight – for up to R10, 000 (any 1 item R2000)
  • Sports and musical equipment – for up to R500
  • Baggage delay – For up to R1500
  • Personal accident cover whilst on board a Mango airline for up to R15000

Mango airlines travel insurance can be purchased together with your flights when booking online. This is an optional extra. Once you have booked travel insurance, Mango airlines will email you the relevant policy documentation.
If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your cover please contact Mango Airlines on 0860 109 671

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Pets on-board Mango Airlines

mango airlines

You surely can bring your dogs, cats any other legally registered pet with you on your trip flying with Mango Airlines. Apart from all the standard protocols most companies provide for flying with pets, Mango airlines offers some exclusive advantages many companies actually do not offer and they are all set prioritizing the well being of the animals for a safe and comfortable trip for your little friends.

mango airlines
Mango Airlines  allows at least One Guest to travel in the cargo hold with the pets depending on the availability of space, so you could make your trip with your pet to let your friend more calm and feeling protected. This is a good way to avoid more delicate measures like applying sedatives or other soothing drugs since some animals might be allergic to such substances.

On the other hand, is also a responsibility of the owner to provide a suitable container, which should be made of metal, polyethylene or fiberglass, leak proof and must be under governmental requirements that ensure the transportation facility is really safe and comfortable for the animal. The container must not weight more than 32kg and only two containers are accepted by plane. The weight is total, so you have to consider the sum of the weight of both units to find out if you are following the requirements of Mango Airlines
You have to book your pet flight before you do your own booking with Mango Airlines because the transportation is also subject to space availability, so be sure your pet can travel with you on your schedule.

mango airlines
Is also mandatory the animal is healthy, was quarantined for the required time by law before the date of the flight and has all the vaccination required by South Africa law.
Also, be sure you are really under all the aforementioned criteria when you are about to check in. The lack of documents and specific vaccines, as well as inadequate containers will not be accepted by Mango Airlines and your pet will not be able to travel.
People who are, however, transporting guide dogs are allowed to take the pets with them in the cabin, but the animal must be as well under all the vaccination requirements and legally registered as a guide dog. Is also important the animal is able to do aircraft trips since some dogs may get really stressed with the trip, so you have to check as well with a veterinarian if your guide dog is able to come with you healthy and safe. Sedative measures are also allowed to transport pets in the cabin.

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Disabled Guest on Mango Airlines Flights

mango airlines
Mango Airlines provides its services also for disabled guests thought the company do not have special staff that will be attending your special needs if you have some, so the company has a policy of nonobligatory medical clearance, though the passenger has to fill up the Medical Request Form to let Mango Airlines aware about your disabilities because of boarding measures.

Specific seats are developed to make it easier for your locomotion whether you are a disabled guest with paraplegia, quadriplegia, or disabilities by Polio. Either of these conditions have specif seats in the row 1 of the plane you are going to travel. Also, if you have any of these 3 disabilities, Mango Airlines requires you to travel with a able-bodied assistant. This guest is mandatory for the boarding and travel of disabled guest, they have to be fully capable to help you with your needs and older than 16 years. They should not be classified as a medically-compromised passenger.

Mentally disabled guests are only allowed on Mango Airlines flights if they are also accompanied by a able-bodied assistant and is required a medical certificate proving the passenger is suitable for the trip and poses no threat of any kind to the passengers. All the documents required for the transportation of the mentally disabled guest should be forwarded at least 48 hours before the boarding airlines

Other kinds of disabilities do not require able-bodied assistants, though if you are a vision impaired guest you can take with you an animal assistant. Guide dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with the passenger, however they will only be able to board once they meet the criteria of Mango Airlines and government jurisdiction about the transportation of pets. The dog must be vaccinated, healthy and able to do the trip. If you don’t need a guide dog you are not obligated to travel with an animal assistant.

Hearing impaired guests do not need either to travel with an assistant of any kind.
Diabetic guests also have to fill up the Medical Request Form and they are only required to travel with an assistant if they have complications due to the diabetes. Mango Airlines is not able to provide special food for diabetic passengers, but you are welcomed to prepare your own food if you need to.

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Mango Airlines Wifi

mango airlines
A part of the always excelling services provided by Mango Airlines with very low costs, the Mango Airlines Wifi services are also a convenience for passengers who are flying with the company to connect to the internet without the need to use any kind of secondary devices or wired connections.

mango airlinesThe Wifi technologies provide a wave signal, so you only have to have your own portable device, like a smartphone, tablet, notebook or any other portable micro computer which is designed with a Wifi receptor or router. Once you are able to perform this kind of connection, receiving the signal, you can use your credentials as a Mango Airlines passenger to connect to the services and make use of the World Wide Web services.

Once you bought your ticket, your data will be used as a mean to create your own login. Your tickets number will the password and your user name will be your ID. Be sure to keep this data on safety with you.

You can make use of the Mango Airlines wifi service either inside the plane or in the area covered by the signal of the company in the airports where you are doing your connections. The so-called Wifi Hot spots will be available on several different locations around the airport, specially around the Mango check in stands.

mango airlines wifiFor you to make use of the Mango Airlines wifi services you have to, however, pick a up a plan of internet connection. Don’t worry, as anything provided by Mango, they are extremely cheap. Most mango flights won’t take longer than 3 hours, so the basic Mango Airlines wifi pack provides you exactly this amount of time for only 6 dollars (R 50,00). This is a price at least 200% more affordable than the ones charged by cyber coffees and other shops providing internet at the airports.

Mango Airlines Wifi Prices

If you travel quite often with Mango you can purchase other kinds of Mango Airlines wifi plans. There is also the 1 day pass, for 23 hours (R 65.00), the 1 week pass (R 90,00), and the 1 Month Super Travellers Pass (300 minutes) for R 250,00, which is only 22 dollars.

Once you are under the hot spots, you have to turn your Wifi signal on and look for the signal called G-Connect. This is Mango Airlines Wifi SSID providing the web access. Connect to it and following, open your browser and type in the log in informations requested to start using the internet.



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Mango Airlines awards

mango airlines
Since its launch in 2006, the Mango Airlines has been developing a renowned path on airlines business. Part of the South African Airways company, the low cost airlines brand started stable and confident with the services, boosting accessible air travel services in the country offering much more affordable tickets for trips inside the country. For almost 10 years running its services, the company collected several awards along its way, none of them a surprise!

For 8 years on a row, Mango Airlines awards collection has been progressively increased annually with the ACSA Feather Awards won by Mango since 2006 as the best aircraft company on all ports owned by ACSA. The company who is progressively investing on services to connect very important commercial and touristy hubs in South Africa have been increasing since then. Today Mango provides domestic flights to 7 different key locations inside the country, and recently has included the international destination of Zanzibar, Tanzania, as its first international route, all that considering low prices with top notch services.

Since Mango airlines is a budget company, their services have been always reviewed under a proper rigorous criteria in the market and not only their services have been outstandingly rated by authorities as well as the public have been increasing the numbers of Mango Airlines awards.

The PRISM Awards recently awarded Mango with 4 prizes, including one granted by the public. The company has picked by young travelers as the best airlines company with the South African youth award by PRIMS. The other prizes include Corporate Communication, Social Development and Sponsorship.

mango airlines

The Mango Airlines Awards numbers are not finished yet. Recently, the company has also awarded by the Sunday Times Top Brands Awards competing with many different kinds of companies, not only budget ones, which is something of a hard task among a quite competitive market out there. Nonetheless Mango brought home their prize as the best Aircraft company of 2014.

mango airlines Some weeks before the Sunday Times prize, Mango also was remembered by the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards, in which the company once again beats its competitors of all kinds and won the award of Best African Low Cost Airline, not only competing with South African lines but many other companies from the continent.

The list of Mango Airlines awards will just increase as well as the company becomes one of the most advantageous and profitable airline companies in the Western world.


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Mango Airlines Flights to Durban

mango airlines

The Mango Airlines is one of the best options for those who are looking for a trip to Durban and many other locations inside South Africa with affordable fees. The state-owned company has the Durban region as one of its main routes daily and does several different connections between cities. The Mango Airlines flights to Durban are some of the most frequent arrival and departures in the King Shaka Airport since many people who are inside the country would rather save up to 40% of their money doing this connections with the national airlines company.

Mango Airlines was founded in 2006 and is mostly a short-budget flight services company. Since it is managed by the state, the prices and fees can be much more accessible, something that improves the home market tourism as well as it offers more appealing options for foreign tourists. Mango Airlines flights to Durban can be much more cheap than the packages offered by other companies, specially international ones. If you are a foreigner planning to visit Durban and South Africa overall, you can stick to international packages where the home connections are made with Mango Airlines flights to Durban or any other city.

There are two different connections you can do to get to Durban. Often, most Mango Airlines flights to Durban departure from Johannesburg with one only connection to the destination city. Since most flights from outside South Africa arrive in the capital city, the chances you can find a good deal for the city are really big. The company also offers tickets online, so you can find them among promotional packages that include international flights with other companies. The other option of Mango Airlines flights to Durban are the flights that departure from Cape Town directly to Durban. Some international routes also have the Cape Town International Airport as the first destination upon arrival in the country, perhaps there are less options than the ones doing connections to Johannesburg.

However, you should stick to the capital-Durban connection because it would be the best option to save even more money since the two cities are much closer than Cape Town-Durban, though this last option is mostly for tourists in the country enjoying the South African beaches on their vacations. But doesn’t matter where you are, you can get to Durban always with the best airlines flights to durban

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Durban Taxi Tours

East coast cabs, a Durban taxi service,  offers several different kinds of tours in Durban, and they are developed for people who are around the city to know all about what makes the city unique when the thing is tourism. The numerous natural reserves are a full plate for you to know, and they  have special packages to get you to these places and be at your service to pick you up and also tell you a bit about each one of them. East coast cabs are truly a one of a kind Durban taxi service.

Some of the most popular tours are Kwazulu Nata Game Reserves, the Valley of 1000 Hills and the KwaZulu Natal, and not to mention several routes in the St. Lucia tour packages. All these places have unique touristic points and demand special knowledge of drivers as well as special Durban Taxi services to make the transportation safe and fast.

Each tour package of these has a special fee, differently than normal rides that work under distance and time spent. East coast cabs offer affordable packages so you can make several tours if you want paying a price that is fair for the amount of rides you will do with us.

You can also save time with public transport if you want to get to the right places without waiting and saving time, specially if you are for few days in the city and wants to enjoy most of it. Our Durban taxi drivers know very well all the routes to the most popular places, from the Botanic Gardens to most of the shopping malls, casinos to the famous Victoria Street Market. As you take your ride with a Durban taxi you can also talk to the drivers and learn a lot about the city with the best tips, as we always welcome you back for a new stay.

durban taxi




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Tips when Choosing a Flight via Mango Airlines

mango airlines


Mango Airlines is one of the leading airline services that you can take especially when flying domestic flights in South Africa. Mango airlines service is capable of bringing world class services that locals and even foreigners love to experience as they take a tour around the many destinations that this service can go just for you. Their excellent services will really make you feel special from the start of your flight, up to the part where you land because of the crew that they have on board.

But before you start choosing Mango Airlines as your partner in your travels, you must always follow these very useful passenger tips to guarantee you satisfaction when it comes to your flight. Here are the different tips that you can follow:

Book your mango airlines flight early

When it comes to choosing a flight, you should book as early as it is recommended. The most usual tip about booking early is that you should choose flights 2 – 3 months before that actual day so that you can get the cheapest flight prices. Not just that; most promos on flights are usually provided during these very early days. And by the way, make sure that you go to the airport as early as possible on the day of your flight as well.

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines

Schedule your Travel Well when flying with Mango Airlines

Make sure that you schedule your travel not just in terms of early booking of your flight, but also your actual schedule in your everyday life. This means that you should cancel some of your schedule in your place, and you should apply for a leave immediately. This is recommended to do before you purchase your mango airlines ticket. Scheduling makes things a lot more organized than all of a sudden trips, so be sure to consider this every time you travel with mango airlines or any other airline too!

Enjoy your Mango Airlines Experience!

Travelling is always fun, and it will never bore you out because it’s filled with excitement since you’re going to visit a new place that you’ve never been before or places you dont visit very often. So make sure that you enjoy your flight as the crew accommodates you greatly while you’re on board. The customer service of Mango Airlines is guaranteed to the best for your preference in experiencing some of the best ways to travel in the world. So make sure that you sit back, relax, and just enjoy the flight once that the plane goes.

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines

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Flights to Atlanta

Airplanes have really made our lives easier and the distances have been reduced to literally naught. Airports thus are constantly playing a key role in our day to day lives. However, there are some airports that really amaze us by their sheer looks and facilities. One such airport is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Named after the legendary William B. Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson, the two politicians from the state of Georgia, this airport is the busiest airport not only in the whole of America but also in the whole of the world in terms of passenger traffic. Also, the number of landings and the number of take-offs at this particular airport are the most by any airport across the world. Only the reputed O’Hare International Airport of Chicago, Illinois seems to give Atlanta Airport a run for its money.

For starters, the airport has been built on a pretty big area, as it covers more than one hundred and thirty acres. To top on that, there are more than two hundred outlets that serve wonderful delicacies to the commuters. There are many track run trains that carry passengers between the concourses. All these trains have four cabins or four cars. These are there for the convenience of the passengers. In addition to all these services many cars as well as taxis are available on rent for the commuters who have come to Atlanta. These taxi and car services are quite reliable and pocket friendly too. More than two hundred limousines as well as buses also available for commutation at the airport depending upon the budget of the commuter.

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