Flying Pregnant on Kulula Flights

flying pregnant kulula flights

Kids and Flying Pregnant on Kulula airlines

Women who are 32 to 36 weeks pregnant are allowed to flight with Kulula Airlines upon a medical certification that proves there is no risk either of getting in labor or compromising the life of the baby and the mother. Passengers that are over 36 weeks pregnant are unfortunately not allowed to travel for reasons of safety measures for both woman and baby.

Kids who are among 12 to 16 years old are considered fit by Kulula Airlines to travel alone but are required to have special guidance from the check in to the plane, both on the departure and arrival procedures. You also have to book this special guidance for kids at least 24h prior to the kids flight. This service is also provided by Kulula Airlines for elder people who require company in the airport to get to terminals and perform the check in with safety and convenience.

Visually and Hearing Impaired on Kulula Airlines

Kulula Airlines also will attend with special assistance passengers with visual and hearing limitations. Visually impaired passengers can bring their guide dogs or request the aid of locomotion from the check in counters to the inside of the plane. Guide dogs are promptly accepted and are free of any charges, however you guide dog is only allowed with a special certificate proving the animal is fit to travel and the stress of a air travel.

You also have to book with Kulula Airlines the guide dog allowance at least 72 hours prior to the flight departure. They will not have a special seat but upon booking the dog allowance your seat will provide the necessary accommodations for your dog to be near you and help you during the flight.

Hearing impaired passengers also have to notify Kulula Airlines at least 24 hours before the flight to request special assistance if required for your transportation from the check in counter to the plane. Note that this service is provided considering the important directions and warnings that are voiced-only by the airport communication terminals. If you are not accompanied you might need the aid of special staff to warn you about your flight directions.kulula airlines

Oxygen Cylinders on Kulula Flights

Travellers that require a special supply of oxygen cannot unfortunately bring to the cabin oxygen cylinders, but the airplane offers an alternative and reliable oxygen source. To have access to this assistance service, you also have to contact Kulula Airlines and request the accurate prescribed quantity of oxygen you require to be supplied with. You also must have a medical certificate ensuring you can make the travel.
Is also important you book this special assistance as soon as possible before your flight departure because the booking service is not available during weekends and public holidays


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Assistane Services on Kulula Airlines Flights

With Kulula Arilines you have assistance to make your flight not only pleasant but efficient when you have special needs to be attended. Kulula Airlines has a special policy for the transportation of passengers with special needs, including kids and elders. In case you need dedicated assistance services, you have to get in contact with Kulula Airlines Contact Centre to book the required special need within time before your flight departure.
Apart from the special transportation of pets and guide dogs, Kulula Airlines also has exclusive policies for the transportation of kids that are 12 to 16 years old unaccompanied, pregnant passengers and handicapped travelers.kulula disabled passengers

Kulula Airlines Wheelchair Policy

Passengers that require the use of wheelchairs either permanently or just to get access to the plane and other areas of the airport can be assisted with priority by Kulula Airlines.
If you do not have a wheelchair and requires one for your locomotion inside the airport, you have to contact Kulula Airlines Contact Centre at least 24 hours prior to your flight departure. Note that the availability of wheelchairs is not ensured and the earlier you book this service the safer you will be about your access and comfort inside the airport.
Passenger who have their own wheelchair unit will count with the Passenger Aid Unit (PAU) to keep it during the flight comfortably. You also have to book this service since there is a limited availability per flight.

Paraplegic or quadriplegic passengers who require special assistance during the flight must travel accompanied with someone to aid them during the flight as Kulula Airlines unfortunately do not count with special staff to aid these travelers with a full time dedication during the flight.

Travelers who are partially unable to get around by themselves but don’t need extra special needs also can make use of a wheelchair without the prior request by booking. If you need special assistance to ascend or descend the steps that give access to the plane, you can request upon your boarding or check in the aid of a wheelchair.kulula airlines


For all the physical and mental special conditions, passengers might need to fill in the INCAD Form proving they are fit and accordance with the law for traveling. This includes passengers that have mental and intellectual disabilities and are looking for an unaccompanied travel. The passenger will have to prove using the form or otherwise prove it is accompanied by a reliable assistant for all special needs. Kulula Airlines provides INCAD Forms and you can get one upon requesting it with our Contact Centre.

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Avis Car Rental in South Africa

As the most renowned car rental company in the world and the pioneer on this business, Avis car hire services employs hundreds of new workers every year as the company expands its business beyond the borders around the world. The idea to offer car rental services happened in the late ’40s in Detroit by the mind of Warren E Avis, who realized the big deal it would be to implement a system of car rentals linked to airline travels. The first headquarters of Avis care hire was at the Willow Run Airport in Detroit. The Avis car hire business went so well the company decided to remove the “airline” word from the name of the company as several new offices started to pop up in Detroit’s downtown. The realty of cars rented for people around the city to all kinds of transportations needs was born and established by the company with unusual success.avis car hire

Avis car hire Around the Country and the World

The Avis car hire services just increased during the early ’50s as the company started to settle new offices in many other cities. By the mid ’50s, Avis was established all around the United States. The company was merged with the also renowned U-Drivit during this period, which boosts up the profits and the name of the entrepreneurship.

During the ’60s it was not a surprise Avis car hire services would go worldwide as the name Avis becomes a reference imitated everywhere around the globe. The company would then launch new offices in Europe, Mideast and Africa. The South African branch office was the first in the continent and still today Avis car hire services in South Africa offers guidance on quality of services and leadership.


Avis car hire is not only the pioneer company on car rental services as it is also a reference for innovation in this business since the beginning. As a differential that always kept Avis car hire services standing out from competitors was its central billing charge card. This idea was not only a refreshing and revolutionary idea for the car rental business but also inspired public charging systems along the years in USA.

During the mid ’60s, the invention of computers and the digitalization of work routines would make Avis car hire services standardize its charging system computerising the cards. The untimely innovation with this inclusion made the company quite much ahead of its competitors as well as one of the first services companies using computer systems. This event would meet the expansion of Avis car hire activities and offices settlement around the world during the ’70s.avis car hire

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Avis car Hire in South Africa

The branch of Avis car hire in South Africa is nonetheless one of the most referential and successful of the company around the world. The first office of Avis in the country was launched in the late ’60s when the company incorporated the South African Zeda Car Rental, which was already a well established and renowned enterprise in the country. Both matched forces and became the #1 car rental company in South Africa under the name of Avis car hire.

Operating in Bloemfontein, the success of the incorporation would lead Avis car hire in South Africa to many other cities in the early ’70s, like Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Later during the ’80s, the company in South Africa would guide the launch of new offices abroad in Africa, in countries like Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho as well as doing partnerships with sub-licensing of Avis in Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Madagascar.

During the ’90s Avis became what it is well know for today. The Avis car hire services offer a wide range of vehicles, including luxury cars and chauffeur services. There are more than 2200 cars only in Cape Town. In the mid ’00s Avis care hire in South Africa invested over 21 million dollars renewing and expanding its facilities and is a company certified with the SABS ISO 9002 quality seal on management services. You can’t go wrong with Avis, wherever you go.avis car hire

Avis Car hire Values and Vision

Avis deal with cars but one of the motto is, people are more important than cars. The logo motto of the company “We try harder” is one of the most popular and well known in the United States as the idea of making new solutions to help out customers do whatever they need with the aid of a car really did stick with the public.

They also value diversity and balance, that’s why the company was so successful around the world, understanding all the different cultural needs and values the company tries harder to fulfill as they stick with employees capable of representing the best on services with humanity and empathy in each of the countries where Avis car hire services are offered.avis car hire


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Mango Airlines Prices and services

Much of the great of success of Mango Airlines is due to their affordable prices that are not pair with any competitors. Though they are able to offer these special prices because of their reduced number of connections, the company is mostly interested in offering outstanding services for the price they offer and have their clients completely satisfied.

Many on board services are also extremely cheap not to mention some exclusive services provided by Mango Airlines no other air travel company in the whole world offers, like the payment of booking flights with store cards. Passengers who are Edgards and Jet stores clients can make use of their cards to pay for the tickets whether they are doing the purchase online or via call centre.

Besides the store card options you have a wide range of payment options available so is really not mandatory to stick to your credit card if you have other ways to do your airlines prices

Another exclusive service provided by Mango Airlines is their Wifi internet connection available on board. Mango is the only company in the whole world that provides passengers a wireless internet connection service during the flights. And the prices for the access are nonetheless outstanding. There are several internet pack services you can purchase, and the cheapest one costs around 6 dollars for a 3 hours Internet access in flight. You can even buy monthly packages by 22 dollars and have Internet access during this whole period not only inside the plane but wherever you can find a Mango Airlines hot spot on airports.

The company also is a pioneer on booking sales through portable devices. Mango Airlines was the first company in South Africa to develop their own app for mobiles allowing customers to do their purchases through their smartphones and tablets. They also are the only company to sell their flights like conventional goods through the grocer Shoprite checkers.

Mango Airlines Benefits

Not only affordable prices and innovative services are the motto of Mango Airlines as well as their exclusive services for customers who are looking for more freedom when traveling. The company offers two special flight packs, the Mango PLUS and Mango FLEX, each one with quite special services. Buyers of either of these packs are allowed to change flights without penalty or extra fees. PLUS passengers can have exclusive access to the Lounge area of Mango Airlines at airports, check in up to extra 10kg of luggage, a 15% discount on parking tickets and free refreshments on board of the flight with an extra R50 fee (only 4 dollars!)

Important to mention that, despite you are buying a special flight pack or not, Mango Airlines has been renowned as a reference about on time arrivals. They keep their schedules as neat as possible and have been the most punctual air travel company in South Africa during the last six years.

Mango Airlines Awards and Accolades

With their bold profile, is not a surprise Mango Airlines has been collecting several awards throughout the years since its launch. The company was the winner of the ACSA Feather Awards since 2006 as the best aircraft company. In 2014 the company won 4 PRISM Awards, including a popular vote category where the company was picked as the best by young travelers. The Sunday Times Top Brands Awards picked Mango Airlines as the best brand of the year, competing with many other companies of different markets. Nonetheless, Mango Airlines is an South-African’s sweetheart.

Mango Airlines


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Mango Airlines: A Juicy Success Profile

Part of the South African Airways national airline flag carrier, the Mango Airlines was founded in 2006 with a different approach in the South African air travel market. Offering outstandingly affordable prices for domestic flights, the company established itself as a budget air travel option in the country and sooner became a renowned reference for domestics flights with quality of airlines

The headquarters of Mango Airlines are settled in Johannesburg, from where Mango Airlines operates thousands of flights daily doing several connections with the majority of the biggest airports in the country. Right after the the launch of the company, Mango Airlines reached an impressive 10 thousand flight requests per minute only in the first 2 days of operation and it is today one the most coveted South African companies.

Despite being a company focused on domestic flight, in the later years Mango Airlines started to expand its flights routes to foreign destinations. The company operates flights to the paradisiacal and coveted Zanzibar region in Tanzania twice a week.

Mango Airlines connecting flights

Most flights operated by Mango Airlines depart and arrive in Johannesburg doing connections with many other different big cities in the country, as well as connection in between these cities. From the largest city in the country Mango Airlines operates flights to Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and George. Each one of these cities also does its own set of regional connections, like Cape Town with Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. All flights to Zanzibar however depart from airlines

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Kulula Airlines Baggage Restrictions

When you are flying with Kulula, you must not forget the specific regulations for luggage transportation when you are about to lock up your baggage. Check out if you are not putting extra weight or carrying with your hand bag materials and items that are not allowed on board.kulula

 Kulula airlines baggage rules for Weight

The limitations for baggage unities and baggage weight are established by each person travelling, including children, so each person has a limit of free baggage. The baggage that is shipped in the cargo must not exceed the quantity of one suitcase for person and the weight of 20 kg. This is out of charge. Exceeding the weight, a fee of R250 (around US$ 21) will be applied and all extra suitcases will cost R245 each one. If you want to transport more than one suitcase as your baggage, you have to purchase extra bags allowance. You can do that either at the airport with Kulula or you can do the purchase online, in which case you will have special discounts.

For hand bags, the Kulula airlines baggage rules allow you to transport baggage that is up to a total of 7kg. If you are bringing with you a small suitcase, be sure it won’t exceed all the space allowed for each passenger in the cabin holder. When hand bags do not fit in the holder you won’t be able to bring it with you.

Be sure to check in your baggage at least 40 minutes prior to the flight departure.


What You Cannot Transport on Kulula Airlines

Kulula airlines baggage rules do not allow the transportation of firearms and guns in the cabin and they can just be transported in the cargo under special allowance and certification. By safety international laws and terrorism control, nothing that can be used as a gun or weapon is allowed to be transported with passenger, except sportive cross bows when they are not attached to their arrows and the string.

Items that can be used as weapons like sharp objects, blades, knives, daggers, scissors and any other kind of object with sharp edged are not allowed in the cabin. If you have work tools like that they should be transported on your cargo baggage. Personal care objects like razor blades are also not allowed in the cabin.

Objects and materials such as corrosives, explosives, compressed gases, flammables, radioactive materials, oxidative materials, poison or infectious substances are not allowed under any circumstances.


Liquids & Special Items on Kulula Flights

If you are bringing with you tasty souvenirs of your trip, they can be transported at the cabin. Liquors and other kind of bottle sealed beverages are allowed unless they are too delicate for transportation in the cabin. In this case, the Kulula airlines baggage rules allow passengers to transport such items in the cargo since they are packed in safe containers.

Sports items like sportive gear, including bicycles, are also allowed if you can store them inside special, adequate containers to keep them safe.

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Pets on Kulula Flights

Kulula policy on transportation of pets is not much different from what is applied by other airline companies. Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines must follow a series of requirements that are established by international laws, specially what concerns the safety and comfort of the animals.


What is allowed on Kulula Airlines?

The transportation has a limit of weight, which includes not only the animal weight but also the weight of the container where the pet will be transported, food and the food carrier. Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines can be either with the animal transported with you in the cabin or in the cargo inside a container. Guide pets are not charged with any fee and must be transported in the cabin.

Pets that will be transported in the cargo are charged a R350 fee, around US$ 30. If the weight exceeds 20kg, an extra fee of R250 will be charged. If the weight exceeds 32 kg, you have to book the transportation of the animal as cargo, with special conditions and prices. The booking of the transportation also must be scheduled 24h prior to the flight departure. On the other hand, all other pets must be booked at least 72h prior to the departure. British Airlines will be transporting pets on regional flights and the allowance of weight is higher, up to 23kg. All the extra weight charges and regular transportation fees are the same.kululaairlines

Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines is not allowed if the animal is under 10 weeks old, if the animal is lactating or is over 6 weeks pregnant. If the pregnant mammal is under 6 weeks it will be allowed exclusively if your pet is certified healthy and safe for air travel with a certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Kennel Conditions on Kulula

When you are flying with pets on Kulula Airlines and they are being transported in a container, you also have to follow the directions of international laws for animals transportation.

The kennel structure must follow specific measures, the length being as tall as the distance from the root of the tail to the tip of the animals nose and half the elbow to ground.

The width must be twice the width of the widest point and the height is the distance from the floor to tip of ears while they are erected.

Note that when you are going to travel to different regions like Mauritius, Windhoek and Harare territories, they all also have specific regulations and you must contact BidAir Cargo Services to know any additional specifications you have to follow.




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Check In With Mango Airlines

The Mango Airlines Check in and Security requirements can be met at ease when you are aware of the restrictions as well as the facilities to make it faster and free of stress. The flight check in doesn’t have to be performed in person with one of the attendants. The Mango Airlines Check in and Security measures allows customers to perform the check in on many different airlines

At the Mango airlines check in counters there are the self-service check in machines where you can do your own check in informing the required personal data of your flight, name and ID number.

You can also perform your check in via the mobi-app provided by Mango and do it through your smartphone or tablet. At the website of Mango Airlines you can also do your web check-in and print a voucher with the information of your seat, time of flight, number of flight and other complementary information.

Mango Airlines check in and security policy recommends customers to do the check in at least 2 hours prior the departure. The limit time is 40 minutes prior the flight.

 Coping with Mango airlines Safety Measures

 Mango Airlines check in and security measures are not finished upon your online check in. Before you get into the airplane, as an international security measure you will be asked to show your passport and boarding pass to the regulating authorities responsible for the security check point. Your belongings will be scanned in the X-ray machine to ensure you are not carrying items that are not allowed in the flight or on hand bag airlines

Upon the request to scan your belongings, be sure to place all your hand luggage and items you might have stored in your pockets like pennies, pens, lighters, electronic devices and everything else you hold with you. You will be scanned separately in a metal detecting machine, so waist belts, shoes and any other kind of clothing items that might have metallic features must also be places apart from you.

Be sure you are not carrying with you any kind of weapon or weapon alike objects like knives, scissors, blades and any other kind of objects that can be considered dangerous. They will be confiscated in the security check point so ensure you are not holding any important and estimated belonging that can be considered harmful or it will be lost.

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Mango airlines baggage

You Baggage With Mango Airlines

The Mango Airlines baggage policy works with standard norms currently applied to most airline companies. The company must not be held responsible in case your luggage end up being carried off by someone else. To avoid this kind of issues, Mango Airlines baggage directions are for customers to identify their belongings with distinct features. Is mandatory however the attachment of a card with your full name, telephone number and physical address. Be sure your baggage has a special placement for the application of the aforementioned airlines

As a safety measure for your own convenience, you can also apply colourful markers, like laces or any other kind of distinctive mark on your baggage so it won’t be easily mistaken by the belongings of someone else.The use of locks and is also strongly recommended so you can avoid any kind of theft.


What is Allowed on Mango Airlines

Apart from conventional items customers often carry with them, like clothes, toiletries and other kind of personal belongings, Mango Airlines baggage policy also allow the special transportation of unusual items, like dry ice, that can be used to keep certain organic material refrigerated. The content that is supposed to be refrigerated must be declared at the check in. Only industrial or factory sealed food products can be transported.

Houselhold articles like lamps, lamp shades and similar items are also allowed and can be transported inside sturdy boxes.

Containers declared too fragile for transportation in the cabin, from liquors to other kind of liquids are allowed to be carried on the cargo when they are correctly packed to ensure the transportation is safe.

Sports equipment like bicycles, golfing equipment, bowling gear and diving gear are also allowed in the cargo.

What is Not Allowed on Mango Airlines

Firearms or most kind of guns are not allowed to be transported in the cabin or the hold of the aircraft on any mango flight. Crossbows that are operated with conventional arrows are allowed with the string relaxed and the arrows separated. Sports items that fall into the category of fire guns or firearms are not allowed either.

Also, Mango Airlines baggage policy is also strict about the weight limit. Be sure you are not exceeding the 32kg limit, as well as the following measures: 115 cm  (56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm).mango airlines

On your hand bag, you cannot carry weapons of any kind, including toy guns, knives, scissors, blades and any other kind of object that could be used as a weapon.

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