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King Shaka International recently announced the greatly anticipated Arrivals pick up parking facility which is now open to the general public.
This new parking area will be used as a designated pickup area which makes the airport parking area alot more user friendly. It was designed in the hope to alleviate congestion and conjointly streamline the pickup process as a whole.
This new parking space contains forty three bays which incorporates three parking bays for individuals with disabilities. These three bays are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. This was done in collaboration with the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa. If you are a member of QASA you can qualify for shaded rates in the parkade. In order to do this you will have to go to the cashier and complete a form which the cashier will then process for you at a cashier station which will allow you to pay shaded parking rates. If you are making use of this facility your paraplegic sticker must be visible at all times to prevent your vehicle from being wheel clamped.

The new parking area is boomed at both the exit and entrance.
Upon arrival, users are required to take a ticket and locate a parking space. The system allows for a twenty minute free dwell time. This provides sufficient time for pick ups.
Members of the general public should ensure that they check FIDS monitor in the Arrivals Hall to ascertain whether there will be delays with flights and proceed to the multi level parking if the flights that they are waiting for are delayed. After the initial twenty minutes, a fee of R10 is applicable upon entering the multi story parking.
Before going into the Multi Story parking facility, there will be another device which is able to re-validate your ticket for this parking zone.
Please note that if you parked for twenty minutes within the Arrivals pick up section, you will be charged upon entering the Multi Story parking, however at a lower tariff.

Two pay stations are placed in front of the building, to the left of the Terminal to create a convenient place to pay once are ready to exit the parking area. Both Cash and Credit card payments are accepted at these pay stations. In the event of the pick up parking being full, there is an additional lane at the entrance of the parking which permits users to proceed directly to the Multi Story car park.

Car park attendants and Security Officers patrol the parking area to help visitors of the airport with any queries or technical issues and make sure vehicles are safe and secure. In addition, the arrivals pick up parking is monitored by CCTV to ensure the safety of users .
The long stay parking tariffs have conjointly been adjusted to suit the budget of users of this facility. The long stay tariff was designed for people who would like to park for three days parking or longer. Parking statistics have revealed that the Long stay Parking is generally utilized by short term parkers and by merely reconfiguring the tariffs. {it will now be of additional benefit to users who parks for three days or longer. Short term parkers would best benefit by parking their vehicles in the Shaded Parking that has hourly tariffs, appropriate for brief periods of use.

Information displayed on this page is based on information supplied to the public by ACSA and may change at anytime