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car rental umhlangaThe car rental Umhlanga offered by this website is your best option to spend your time in this luxurious and coveted town of Umhlanga in the Durban region of South Africa. Umhlanga is a town that was developed around a luxurious resort in the end of the ‘1800s, so is no surprise the town is famous for offering fancy attractions and touristy accommodations. Car hire is readily available in Umhlanga which makes getting around the city easy.

With a car rental Umhlanga service however you don’t have to limit yourself to check in a luxurious 5 star resort. The town offers many beautiful beaches and alongside Umdloti, it forms the so-called Sugar Coast of KwaZulu-Natal since the sugar cane industry is really important for the development of the region.

car rental umhlangaA little bit more urban than Umdloti, for example, Umhlanga has been increasing its commercial centers and venues, as well as the traffic, so you will make a good use of a car rental Umhlanga service once you will have more roads to wander by.

Far from the beaches, cozy venues facing the sea and shopping centers, you can make use of the car rental Umhlanga service to go further in the region and visit the beautiful Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve, where you can also sight a non-official nude beach – no family friendly though.

Where to hire cars in Umhlanga

Umhlanga is only 25 km away from the center of Durban, so you can hire cars in the city and do your car rental Umhlanga deal with us right after arrive in Durban. The ride to Umhlanga will take 30 to 40 minutes, while inside the town everything is quite close, you can get to places by foot or use your car to stroll around and see special places, like the LIghthouse. The town also offers many options of Spa centers, nature trails in the Hawaan forest or another reserve, the Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve. Take your time here and explore the town with no worries about public transport or taxi fees.

car hire umhlanga

Car Rental Umhlanga Tips

  • Always book car rental Umhlanga in advance. This ensures the lowest prices and availability
  • Compare service providers for the best rates, there are several car rental companies in Umhlanga including Avis, Budget car rental and First car hire.
  • Chose a  appropriate vehicle to suit your needs. Families may require a larger vehicle however a couple may require a smaller car which is generally cheaper to hire.

Umhlanga is a fantastic destination of choice when in Durban. It has a rich history spanning over a century of world class developments and fancy attractions. Luxury hotels such as the Cabana Beach, Beverly Hills and Oyster Box are found right at the beach with views of the Indian Ocean that are parallel to none. Several shopping centres can be found in Umhlanga including the biggest in Africa, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping. This resort town offers entertainment for kids, the entire family and groups of people. Umhlanga has a range of nature trails, golf courses, nightlife activities and not to forget, the allure of the warm Durban beaches.

Umhlanga is only 15 minutes away from the King Shaka International Airport and 25 kilometres away from Durban. Directions are easy enough to figure out however you may hire navigation systems from car hire Umhlanga companies to further help find your way around. Its centralized location is perfect as a one point base during a stay in Durban, and accommodation as well as car hire can be done here together to ease travel logistics.

Car hire in umhlanga are therefore often in demand to cater for the influx of tourists. The array of car rental Umhlanga options vary from worldwide to independent companies. Some of the car rental umhlanga options available include

  • Avis
  • Sixt rent a car
  • Value car hire
  • Bidvest Car Rental
  • First Car Rental
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Tempest Car Hire
  • Europcar Car Rental

All car hire branches are located in the heart of the Umhlanga district.

Vehicle offerings in Umhlanga

Vehicle hiring choices vary in Umhlanga to suit all pockets and needs. The town plays host to many attractions and sights and hired transport should be chosen accordingly. Vehicles for hire at car rental Umhlanga include:

  • Hatchbacks which are small cars offering an easier drive and are very economical. The small nature of the cars allow for easy manoeuvring on the roads.
  • Sedans are a more luxurious option from hatchbacks with bigger spacing on both seating and boot area. Sedans offer a comfortable drive with added features. It is one of the most popular styles of cars and car rental Umhlanga gives a much diversified list of car choices in the sedan models.
  • Vans come in half and one ton options and with or without canopy. It is a good option if you are travelling with a lot of luggage or equipment.
  • 4x4s are famed for their off road capabilities and Durban has many gravel roads leading up to trails and hikes and nature reserves. A reliable vehicle is needed to travel these terrains and also keep you comfortable during the ride.
  • Minibuses are a good hire when there is a group of people concerned. Groups can travel in one vehicle allowing for them to always be together. This ensures everyone arrives at the destination at once instead of separate arrivals in different cars.

All car rental Umhlanga vehicles maintain a strict code when it comes to maintenance and roadworthiness. Vehicles are checked before and after all hires and are always being serviced.

Cars are often sold at car rental agencies. They want to maintain their fleet with the newest models of cars, hence they do not keep cars in stock for long periods of time. Buying a second hand car with car rental Umhlanga guarantees that you will purchase a vehicle that was well managed and cared for.

Extra hire options

A new city can be a nightmare to find your way around in. Maps are an outdated source of information especially when road name changes occur. GPS navigation systems are constantly updated to keep up with these changes. Having a GPS system in your hired vehicle will get you around in the fastest time and to the exact location of your destination. It is a great time saver allowing for minimum road travel.

Baby seats are a must hire when in South Africa. The seating law has been introduced to keep children safe during road travel. If there is a child traveling in the car rental Umhlanga vehicle then the booking of this item is essential.

Racks are available to transport bicycles safely on the back of hired vehicles.

Added services

Car rental Umhlanga remains committed to you with companies offering pick up and drop off services when hiring a car. Tourists can be picked up directly from the airport and enjoy a leisurely ride to car rental Umhlanga to pick up their hired car. It’s a good option for those who do not want to bother with the car hiring process straight after getting off the plane. The ride to Umhlanga gives time to unwind from cabin pressure and airline travel while taking in the new surroundings.

Car rental umhlanga offers chauffeur services should you need to arrive in style at a fancy occasion. This offers a relaxing drive to your venue, drop off right at the entrance and await your arrival for when you are ready to leave.

Modified vehicles are also on offer for the physically challenged to help with wheelchair access into and out of vehicles. Hand controls are additions to some cars to allow for accessible driving for the impaired.

Charter buses are available to tourist groups accommodating a larger number of people. This service comes with a driver capable of handling the huge vehicle with a good knowledge of getting around in the area.