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Cheap Domestic Flights

There are times when you will require you to be at a certain place at a certain time, be it for work or leisure. These instances include holiday’s, company meetings, business deals, product presentations, corporate seminars as well as annual conventions. Usually, you will be notified about these trips several days before you are required to fly to your designated place and search for cheap domestic flights to get there.

However, situations involving emergency cases often require you to get to your destination at once. This type of situation can actually be handled easily but it will cost you and your company a little more money. Booking a flight on a short notice is relatively more expensive than booking it beforehand. This is why people try to book a flight months and even years before their chosen dates because it is less expensive. Cheap domestic flights help passengers save a lot of money on travelling costs without compromising their comfort and the quality of service that they receive.

Guidelines on How to Get Cheap Flights

cheap domestic flights

cheap domestic flights

Nowadays, major airlines give travelling passengers an opportunity to check out the cost of their flights beforehand and book cheap domestic flights. Most airlines use the help of the Internet in order to update their flight schedules and changes, as well as their related prices. A passenger can simply visit this website and select their chosen dates to travel. Its often better to book on a website that allows you to search and compare flights from all airlines to find the cheapest domestic flights.

Gathering information about cheap domestic flights is not difficult. Airline companies use the Internet to provide their passengers with information about their upcoming promos and seat sales. In order to get information about cheap flights, you can follow these helpful guidelines listed below:

  • Compare prices. Never settle for a single airline. Always try to check the prices of different airlines to be able to get the best deals available. You can browse the different flight schedules and their corresponding prices and compare it to the schedules and prices of other airlines. This way, you can get cheap domestic flights easily.
  • Know when to shop for your tickets. Airlines normally post their updated flight schedules in advance. You can look for cheap domestic flights a month or two before hand because they are definitely cheaper.
  • Look for package deals. Even if your flight is urgent, there are some airlines that offer affordable domestic flights on a short notice. You can look for them through this  website. Some flights allow passengers to take the place of another passenger, who suddenly cancelled their flight for a lower price.
  • Sign up for newsletters. You can also sign up for the airlines’ newsletters to be able to get the latest information on their promos and discounted flights. This way, you will be notified at once when they have seat sales and promos.

Finding the cheap domestic flights can be tedious but it can save you a lot of money if you do it right. Just make sure that you compare prices and book in advance.

cheap domestic flights

cheap domestic flights

cheap domestic flights

Tips to get cheap domestic flights

Flying around South Africa has never been cheaper. While some airlines didn’t have what it takes to stay in the game others are proving to have staying power. The 3 low cost airlines currently in operation in South Africa who provide cheap domestic flights are

  • Mango
  • Kulula
  • FlySafair

If you are looking specifically for cheap domestic flights then these are the airlines to look at first. Seating is standard and there are no business and economy class options on these airlines. They also do not offer in-flight meals as part of the ticket price so that pricing can be as low as possible. In addition, if you would just need cheap domestic flights with no need for luggage then FlySafair is your perfect option as they don’t include check-in baggage in their ticket costs also. Therefore their fares are even cheaper.

If affordability is your main concern when booking tickets, then booking must be done as soon as flights become available. Generally, the cheapest seats on a flight are the first ones. Once demand starts growing for cheap domestic flights seats, the prices are hacked up. When the last few seats are left, prices are the highest as people who need to get around urgently will be scrambling for seats. Most low cost airlines have only a limited number of seating that provides extra leg room. These seats can be snatched up during booking if people are willing to pay to pre select them, but seeing as it is a low cost airline there might not be much who are willing to pay for this, as flights across South Africa are so short anyway. So to have a free shot of getting these seats, do an online check-in as soon as it opens up so you have a high chance of selecting these seats.

If it can be avoided, then bookings should not be done around peak periods. The demand for tickets is highest during this time and you could find yourself paying 2 to 3 times more. Sometimes just altering your dates by a day or 2 can make a big price difference for cheap domestic flights.

Research the airlines website to find out who their travel partners are. How it works is, when you choose a hotel who are partnered with an airline then you would be eligible for discounts when staying with them. The same goes for car rentals. Some websites even have flights, accommodation and car rentals which can be done on one flight search engine so that you don’t have to visit multiple websites to organize a trip. Other partner companies give out rewards and vouchers for their partner airline company. Mango flights can be paid for with Voyager Miles from SAA but cannot however be accumulated when flying Mango Airlines.

Mango is the only airline in the world to take payment through store charge cards. They accept cards from such stores as Edgars, Jet, Legit and CNA. When paying for cheap domestic flights from Mango Airlines with these cards rather than credit cards, you won’t be charged interest for six months.