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King Shaka Airport Shuttle

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King Shaka Airport Shuttle

king shaka airport shuttle servicesking shaka airport shuttle busThe King Shaka International Airport serves as Durban’s premier airport. Local and international flights arrive and depart the airport daily. It stands to reason that the airport will provide a number of transport options for passengers when they need to leave or arrive at the airport, from King Shaka Airport shuttle services to car hire. Each offers its own set of pros and cons. Let us explore the options further


Transport Options from King Shaka Airport

Taxi- if you want a private vehicle for just yourself and one or 2 other people then you can go with a taxi option. They do not leave at scheduled times and would be waiting specifically for you upon arrival at King Shaka Airport. A taxi can also be called to transport you to the airport.

Own transport- King Shaka Airport also made available an area outside the terminal building which is free of charge for a little while and can be used if you have someone dropping you off at the airport or for someone to wait at for picking you up.

Car hire- car hire at Durban Airport is a little longer of a process to arrange. This can be sped up by confirming a vehicle online though you would still be required to complete the admin process in person at the branch. With car hire at Durban Airport you have access to a choice of vehicles that would best suit your travel needs in Durban from economical, luxury, spacious to people carrier. Also available would be items to make travel much easier such as child safety seats, bicycle racks and navigational systems. With your own vehicle you would have immediate access to be able to travel anywhere in Durban without having to rely on professional transport providers. Unfortunately, credit cards are required from car hire Durban companies as a financial precaution so if you do not have access to one, you would not be able to hire out a vehicle for your personal use. The other thing to keep in mind is that you have to know how to drive and have valid proof of this.

If none of these seem the route for you then there is always the King Shaka Airport Shuttle services to make use of.

king shaka airport shuttle servicesking shaka airport shuttle bus

King Shaka Airport Shuttle Services

Passengers who arrive at the airport are able to step outside the terminal building into the public transport area and catch a King Shaka Airport shuttle bus. Shuttles are constantly streaming in from the many companies who operate out of the airport after they have done their stops around durban.

The King Shaka Airport shuttle bus is available until very late at night to accommodate late night flights.

The number of passengers allowed on the King Shaka shuttle will depend on which vehicle type is being used, but generally a group can be accommodated along with luggage. The bus service from King Shaka Airport is meant to be spacious and comfortable for passengers and to enjoy a scenic and cool ride through Durban until the destination has been reached.

King Shaka Airport shuttle services do provide a child safety seat to ensure that little ones will be transported safely. If there will be more than one kid then extra seats will have to be arranged beforehand. Modified vehicles which handle wheelchairs easier can also be requested.

The King Shaka Airport shuttle services is dedicated to the safety of all passengers utilizing their services. Through satellite systems, vehicles are monitored every single second. This oversight also provides the benefit of making sure the King Shaka Airport shuttle bus is keeping to the required route and that drivers are notified of alternate routes to take if there is a hindrance on the planned route.

All drivers of the King Shaka Airport shuttle bus have been hired under the most demanding guidelines of having a proven past driving and safety record. Drivers are there to welcome passengers, help with loading luggage and collect payment if the payment was not done during online booking.

king shaka airport shuttle servicesbus service from king shaka airport

Bus Service from King Shaka Airport

The bus service from King Shaka Airport has a route with stops at some of the more visited spots in Durban from the likes of

Well known hotels

  • Gateway Theatre of Shopping
  • Suncoast Casino
  • uShaka Marine World
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium
  • Durban Botanical Gardens
  • Durban City centre

This bus service from King Shaka Airport does not only need to be used for airport transfers solely. A complete route consists of the airport to hotels and tourist spots around Durban and then back again to the airport to repeat the cycle. This is why passengers will be able to catch another shuttle from their hotel (if it forms part of the route), and travel between different areas. The King Shaka Airport shuttle services offer a complete sightseeing experience and is a cheap mode of transport. It is the best option for a budget holiday to Durban.

bus service from king shaka airportairport shuttle durban to king shaka airport

Airport Shuttle from Durban to King Shaka Airport

So your stay in Durban has come to an end. Make use of an airport Shuttle from Durban to King Shaka Airport as your transport means of getting to your flight on time. You can catch an airport shuttle from Durban to King Shaka Airport from one of the above mentioned spots in Durban or directly from your hotel. You are able to search a shuttle company site and learn of their exact route so you would know if your hotel will be one of these stops to make your way with airport shuttle from Durban to King Shaka Airport. You also be able to find out the times that they go around and the rates from certain spots to the airport. Remember to account for time to check-in to your flight and long queues. To save time on this, check-in online where you would be able to do so from 24 hours before the flight and be so much more at ease when travelling to the airport.

airport shuttle durban to king shaka airportking shaka airport shuttle busking shaka airport shuttle bus

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