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King Shaka Shuttle

Delectable Durban delights

king shaka shuttleWhether you’ve flown first-class and had a magnificent meal in the air, and better-than-average appetiser in economy class or not much at all, pretty much nothing can prepare you for the piquant, spicy and tantalising cuisine in every corner of Durban. Those who come to holiday in this beautiful beachside haven seldom leave without lamenting the easy-to-find, exquisite lunches that are always only a safe stone’s throw away using a King Shaka shuttle.

Seafood, shellfish, organic market produce from throughout Kwazulu-Natal, quintessentially Indian curries and the dish that’s become synonymous with Durban itself – the ‘Bunnychow’: booking your King Shaka Shuttle to any of these culinary destinations before you leave Durban is mandatory!


Some like it hot!

Did anyone say, “What’s for dinner”? If you don’t already have reservations, you can’t go wrong if you book a clean, comfy King Shaka airport shuttle to get you to one of these top, must-try curry houses, hassle-free.


Seabelle – crayfish, crab and prawn curry

king shaka shuttleCurry palates vary – but not when it comes to perennial, much-loved favourite seafood spicy eatery Seabelle. Seabelle goes so far as to pride themselves on serving the ‘world’s best prawn curry’ and those who’ve tasted it, say they’re not far off! Choose from prawn, crayfish or crab and choose your chilly level.

Not crazy about seafood? Not to worry – those in the know swear by their mutton curry as well. The décor is elegant but unfussy, so as not to detract from the two stars on any given day: the food and the ocean outside. Tip: When you book your dinner and King Shaka shuttle, reserve and outside table as well.

Address: 62 South Beach Road, Desainagar, Tongaat.


Impulse by the Sea – prawn, crab and mutton home-style curry

So consistently good is the curry at this hotspot, that this house of homemade curries is firmly on the map and has earned a place in its fair share of magazine editorials. The owners put the secret down to creating their fine food fair with treasured family recipes that have been handed down through generations.

Prawn curry is king of the dishes in this curry palace, but the crab curry (exquisitely presented) as well as the mutton variation will all have your mouth watering. Get your taxi fare ready – you’ll want to book your King Shaka shuttle to this lovely place more than once.

Address: 167 Seaview Drive, Tinley Manor Beach.


Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant – best for all delights vegetarian and Indian

Maybe you’re vegetarian, maybe you’re just curious or maybe you need to be cured of having had lamb curry in Durban morning, noon and night (who could blame you?)… whatever your king shaka shuttlemotivation, Govinda’s is a must. Meat-free meals don’t appeal to everyone – but can and do in that rich, satiating and soothing gravy we call curry.

No doubt many a mom has turned to vegetarian curry in gratitude – the saving grace when it comes to getting kids to love their veggies!

The rotis (Indian-type flatbreads) and vegetarian breyani (also spelt biryani or briyani), a spice-infused rice dish, are too be relished as well.

Do make a point of pinning down your King Shaka shuttle in advance – both the restaurant itself and surrounds, are busy. Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is housed on the first floor of a temple.

Address:  50 Bhaktivedanta Swami Circle in Chatsworth.


Goundens – best for bunny chow

Widely rated as the best mutton bunny chow in Durban! What is a bunny chow, you may be asking? Think of it as wonderfully indulgent fast-food with finesse. Half a loaf of bread is scooped out and filled up with the thick, gravied goodness of a hearty curry.

This canteen-style eatery’s particular take on the bunny chow has a devoted following. Fish, chicken and chops chutney curry with rice or roti along with  breyani are also available, but most patrons favour the bunny chow option above all else.

Don’t be booking your King Shaka shuttle to Goundens for Sunday lunch though – they are usually closed on Sundays. Also, do take cash as there are no card payment facilities.

Address: 520 Umbilo Road, Durban


Jack Salmon Fish House – best seafood-only restaurant

South Africa’s local food bible, Eat Out, has awarded Jack Salmon Fish House the distinction of being the finest in Durban – for seafood ‘seafood’, that is. As the locals will tell you, this king shaka shuttleMediterranean-inspired seafood-only Mecca is a standout in Durban, not least because surprisingly for a coastal city, there actually isn’t all that much in the ocean-to-plate, non-curried or Indian-inspired seafood to catch in this city at all.

Despite a relative lack of competition though – and relative being the operative word – Jack Salmon certainly doesn’t sit back in the kitchen content with its reputation. Quality and an expert preparation are constantly refined, and the service is superb. The only drawback is that you might struggle to choose a menu option – there is an array of abundant flavour and everything is a feast for the eye! If you’re really stuck, you won’t go wrong with one of the carefully curated platters.

So, if it’s Meditterranean infused with flame-grilled flair you’re after, you know what to tell your King Shaka shuttle driver.

Address: Shop 15, Glenore Centre, 1 Aubrey Dr, Glen Ashley


Shongweni Farmer’s Market – brilliant for fresh local farm, café and gourmet goodies

The one to one-and-a-half hour drive in your King Shaka shuttle to Shongweni is well worth the effort. There are many markets in Durban, but of these, Shongweni remains a firm favourite. Feast on freshly baked breads and cakes, pickles, homemade local dishes, meats and sausages, organic vegetables and fruits, crafts, gifts and more.

The market does however open at 6.30 am every Saturday and is really bustling by 7.30 am. One of the frustrations locals experience is parking. Best to make arrangements with your King Shaka shuttle driver before the time and avoid driving there yourself – being dropped off and picked up again by a reliable taxi service ,such as a King Shaka shuttle, will make the adventure and exploration that much more awesome.

Address: 457 Mr551 Road, Hillcrest 3650, South Africa


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