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Domestic Flights South Africa

domestic flights south africa

domestic flights south africa

Domestic flights South Africa are easy to come by as long as you know where to look. Your best bet when you are looking for these types of flights is to look online. Domestic airlines like that of Mango airlines and Kulula have their own sites that you can look at but its often easier to navigate and cheaper to book domestic flights South Africa when using

When you search for cheap flights you will see that you are able to search for the flight that you want with any domestic airline.

You will first need to pick the departure airport whether it is Cape Town airport , Lanseria airport,  OR Tambo or one of the airports that is within South Africa. The next thing to do is to pick your arrival airport.

domestic flights south africa

domestic flights south africa

Domestic Flight Booking Process

  1. After you have selected these for domestic flights South Africa you need to choose if it is one way or return, based on this you need to select your dates of travel and if the dates are flexible.
  2. You will then be given a list from these domestic airlines with the various times that they can accommodate your request. You can then select the flight and pay for it online.
  3. Our travelstart flight booking system also shows cheap flights from all the major airlines as well. These might be cheaper than a low cost carrier or may suit you better in regards to the flight times that are available.
  4. The comparison on search results will show you all the available flights for domestic flights South Africa and will list them from the cheapest first so that you are able to find the best deals with all the various airlines.
domestic flights south africa

domestic flights south africa



These are certainly the easiest way for you to find domestic flights South Africa. King shaka International also offers car rentals, hotels as well as packages.

This is the quickest and easiest ways to find the domestic flight that you need. You will also save time and money as there are low service fees as it is all done online.

Once a flight has been found in such a way you can book it right there and then. You can also pay for the flight securely. Travelstart will then send you a confirmation email or SMS so you can be rest assured that your flight is booked.

Booking domestic flights South Africa is the best way to get find and secure a flight.

The main domestic routes around South Africa are the cities of

Durban- the Warm City, is suitable for holidays all year round.

Cape Town- the Mother City, is one of the world’s top most holiday destinations.

Johannesburg- the City of Gold is the economic centre of South Africa.

Port Elizabeth- the Windy City

East London- Buffalo city

Bloemfontein- the City of Roses

George- the main city on the Garden Route.

Domestic flights South Africa Check in process

The check-in process for domestic flights in South Africa is pretty standard across all of airlines although time limits and check-in options may vary. The options for doing domestic flights South Africa check-in are the following.

  • All of the airlines offering domestic flights South Africa have check-in counters at the airports in which they provide flights from. The domestic flights South Africa check-in with this option can only be done for a short period before the flight takes off, usually around 2 hours before. There are also queues to contend with and so you would have to get to the airport even earlier than this time to make sure to get a good spot in line. The benefit of going with this option is your check-in baggage will be processed at the same time as well and there would be no need to go elsewhere to drop it off.
  • Most of the major airlines also have kiosks at the airport where check-in can be done. Here the passenger will do a self-check-in. This option is usually free of queues so the process is much faster. It is also open a little earlier than the counters.
  • The latest option for check-in is online. Offered by most domestic flights South Africa airlines, you are now able to check-in from 24 hours before your flight. The earlier you do the check-in the better your chances of selecting seats that you like. In addition to doing check-in online through the airlines website, you are also able to do mobi check-in with some domestic airlines. This can be done on the passenger’s mobile phone. Even though these options can be done even before you set foot in the airport, this still means you would have to pitch up earlier if you have check-in baggage which would have to be dropped off at the bag drop points. There is a closing time here which must be adhered to, to ensure that the baggage is loaded onto the flight.

Even if there is only carryon baggage, passengers for domestic flights South Africa must be at the airport in time for boarding and passing through security. The security checkpoints at all airports are very strict when it comes to items that can be used as weapons on board the flight. All passengers’ carry-on luggage and pocket contents must pass through scanners to determine if any such items are in the possession of passengers. If any of these items such as knives and guns are found on domestic flights South Africa passengers, it will be confiscated.