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Mango Airlines

Launched in October 2006 , Mango Airlines was  the first airline to be known as a true low cost airline in South Africa. Based in Johannesburg , Mango Airlines is owned by the world renowned South African Airways.  Mango flights  main base is OR Tambo International Airport and offers low budget domestic flights throughout South Africa.   Mango Airlines offers comfortable ,  cheap flights including student flights.

Mango Airlines SOC Ltd is the official name of the airline, however it was originally registered as TULCA (PTY) LTD. This is an acronym which stands for The Ultimate Low Cost Carrier

Mango Flights

Mango’s first flight occurred on November 15th, 2006. A subsidiary of South African Airways, Mango  Airlines is sponsored by the same guidelines of security and client administration that SAA passengers for quite some time, while offering level costs for various domestic mango flights inside South Africa.

Passengers might pick to fly Mango airlines between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein. Mango flights have become renowned as the South African Airline which offers the cheapest domestic flights and offer the best customer service from all other domestic airlines in South Africa. There are also Student Mango Flights available at times which are at discounted rates

Mango Airlines Fleet

Mango Airlines has a feet of five Boeing 737-800 flying machines and have plans for expanding their fleet even further. Every plane seats 186 passengers and  is looked after by South African Airways specialized division to guarantee heightened security and unwavering quality gauges on all Mango airlines. Mango airlines offers excellent security on each Mango flight.

mango airlines

mango airlines

mango airlines

mango airlines

Mango Airlines Mango Airlines Routes

Mango airlines has flights from both OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria Airport, both found in Johannesburg. Passengers can also travel to Bloemfontein Airport, King Shaka Airport in Durban, and Cape Town International Airport on mango flights. Flights are likewise accessible from Cape Town to Bloemfontein and Durban.

Passengers on Mango flights transports domestic flights can unwind and appreciate an in-flight diversion programme called Mango Tv. Likewise with most airlines, sustenance and beverage is not incorporated in the ticket value however may be acquired throughout the flight through a purchase ready framework. Recognizing that most mango flights are less than 2 hours, passengers will discover this framework helpful, offering an extent of alternatives relying on the time of day and every traveller’s taste.

Mango airlines offers flights to the following Airports

  • Mango airlines flys to King Shaka International Durban
  • Mango airlines flys to Cape Town International
  • Mango flights to OR Tambo Airport
  • Mango airlines also offers Mango flights to Zanzibar !

Mango airlines baggage limits

Mango airlines allows passengers a maximum weight of 20kgs for baggage. Travellers who are Mango Plus are allowed 30kgs and infants get 10kgs free baggage onboard mango flights. Travellers can however opt for additional baggage options at which they are billed per kg on excess baggage. This however has the restriction that no single piece of baggage over 32kgs will be permitted.Carry on luggage is also permitted and this could be a handbag, overcoat or a small bag with children’s toys and food if you are flying with children.   Toy guns, cutlery, knives, scissors, syringes, blades, nail clippers or other sharp objects that appears to be/could be used as weapons are not permitted onboard mango flights.

Contact Info for Mango Airlines

Mango airlines call center Contact Number
Tel: 086 100 1234

Mango airlines Email

Mango Airlines Guest care Contact Number
Tel: 086 101 0002

Mango flight schedule changes Contact Number
Tel: 086 101 0216

Mango Flights Refunds Contact Number
Tel: 086 101 0211

Mango Airlines Address
Mezzanine Level Domestic Departure Terminal OR Tambo International Airport 1627 Postal Address: PO Box 1273 OR Tambo International Airport 1627

Mango flights Mango Airlines


Mango Airlines Menu

In-flight meals do not come standard on Mango airlines flights. In any case, flights between the cities in South Africa are short in nature so meals are not a big issue when flying. Guests are allowed to bring along their own snacks to enjoy on board. For dietary or religious food requirements, it may be best to bring along your own snacks. Mango airlines do offer snacks that can be purchased during the flight. These include:

  • Pastries – croissants and filled rolls. Butter and Jam can also be bought.
  • Snacks – chips, biscuits, chocolates, salted peanuts, sweets, rusks, health bars, biltong.
  • Cold beverages – soft drinks, flavoured milk, fruit juices, water.
  • Alcoholic beverages – wines, beers, ciders, spirits.
  • Hot beverages – hot chocolate, tea (five roses and rooibos), Nescafe coffee, Nescafe cappuccino.

The kiddie’s Cool Bag comes with a colouring book, crayons, DVD and a competition sheet. If purchased on board then it also comes with a free filled roll, beverage and Kinder Joy.

Mango plus guests are eligible for a 50 rand voucher to be redeemed for snacks on

In-flight meals do not come standard on Mango flights. In any case, flights between the cities in South Africa are short in nature so meals are not a big issue when flying. Guests are allowed to bring along their own snacks to enjoy on board. For dietary or religious food requirements, it may be best to bring along your own snacks also. Mango airlines do offer snacks that can be purchased during the flight. These include:

  • Pastries – croissants and filled rolls. Butter and Jam can also be bought.
  • Snacks – chips, biscuits, chocolates, salted peanuts, sweets, rusks, health bars, biltong.
  • Cold beverages – soft drinks, flavoured milk, fruit juices, water.
  • Alcoholic beverages – wines, beers, ciders, spirits.
  • Hot beverages – hot chocolate, tea (five roses and rooibos), Nescafe coffee, Nescafe cappuccino.

The kiddie’s Cool Bag comes with a colouring book, crayons, DVD and a competition sheet. If purchased on board then it also comes with a free filled roll (kiddie’s size), beverage and Kinder Joy.

Mango Plus guests are eligible for a 50 rand voucher to be redeemed for snacks on board.

Mango Airlines Booking and Payment Options

Booking for a Mango flight and Mango flight specials can be done directly on the Mango airline website. Their flight search engine is very easy to make use of. The only information that will need to be imputed are locations, dates and passenger numbers. Flight schedules can also be found on the website to see exactly when flights or Mango flight specials are available. Seats can be pre booked on Mango flights but at an additional cost. If guests do not make use of this feature then seats can be chosen during check-in. Group bookings of more than 9 people will qualify for discounts. Mango airlines specials are frequently updated on their website.

With Mango Travel Packages you can book flights, accommodation and car hire at once. Travel packages are easy to book and the final cost of the trip will be considerably lower than if booking all the travel stuff on different sites. The Mango airline website has recommended options for travel in South Africa with budget travel packages. These Mango flights specials take place in Knysna, Drakensberg, and Gold Reef City among others. In addition, the travel packages may include airport/hotel transfers, 3 meals daily and complimentary room upgrades, if available.

Mango airlines allows for many ways to do payment for their flights

    • The Nedbank Greenbacks voucher is offered through a partnership with Mango airlines and Nedbank. Nedbank clients can use their Greenback points for covering partial or the full cost of their Mango flight.
    • AMEX members can redeem their membership rewards for vouchers that can be used for payment towards Mango flights.
    • Payment can be made for Mango airlines flights at any Shoprite or Checkers store. Payments cannot be made on this option if the Mango flight you wish to pay for departs within 3 days.
    • SID is a pay by internet banking service. SID uses the existing internet banking that the Mango client makes use of, to immediately pay for the bookings and alert Mango airlines that payment has been made.
    • Masterpass allows a card holder to make payment for a Mango airlines booking in a way that is done securely online. Any bank debit or credit card can be used for the booking and the advantage here is that the card will not have to be produced during check-in.
      • Master, Visa, Diners Club and American Express credit cards are all accepted. If payment is made by credit card during booking then this card will need to be presented at check-ins.
      • Payment for cheap flights to Durban and other cities can also be done with SAA Voyager Miles. SAA Voyager Members can redeem their miles for Mango flights but a minimum of 5000 miles is needed to book such flights. No other SAA Voyager benefits applies to Mango airlines flights. Mango airlines flights cannot be used for racking up Voyager Miles as well.
      • Store charge cards can be used also and Mango airlines remain the only airline in the world to offer such a service to its guests. They may use their Edcon Thank U Account Card to do payments (at stores such as Jet, Edgars, Legit), and repayments can be done in the coming months. Also if the Mango flights are paid within six months there are no interest charges.
      • FNB customers can use Cell Point Pay to make Mango airlines bookings and pay for the tickets if they are registered for cell phone banking with MTN and Vodacom.

      Mango vouchers can be used as payment for flights, but only on Mango airlines and only for flight charges and no extras.

Mango Airlines Check-In and Security

Check-ins for Mango airlines can be done 3 ways

  • At the check-in counter which can be found at the departure terminals at the airports Mango airlines operates from. It is advised to check-in 2 hours before the flight is due to take off. Check-in here closes 40 minutes before the flight is due to depart. If this time is missed then the Mango airline guest will not be boarding the plane.
  • At the self-check-in counter. This method also closes 40 minute before departure but will open 12 hours before departure.
  • The online or mobi check-in opens 24 hours before the plane departs and closes 2 hours before departure.

Proof of identification is necessary in order to get the boarding pass. These may be Identity Documents, Driver’s License, Passport, and Birth Certificates for children.

Once a boarding pass has been given to the Mango Airlines guest, they will need to get security clearance. At this point you will be required to produce your boarding pass to the security and hand over your carry-on luggage and other items stored in pockets to be scanned on the X-ray machines, to be identified for possible dangerous items. Mango airlines takes the safety of its guests very seriously.

Mango Airlines Guests

  • Mango airlines stresses its privacy policy of never giving out any passenger’s information to any third party.
  • Elderly guests are well taken care of on Mango flights. Mango airlines suggests that elderly guests check in as early as possible to get priority boarding. Elderly guests are also privy to the Mango airlines senior citizen campaign which allows them a 15% discount on some Tuesday and Wednesday flights. Bookings for these flights must be done through the website or calling through to the call centre.
  • Mango airlines seats are 40cm in width. Some guests may not be comfortable in this seating space and may require an additional seat to be relaxed. Payment for the additional seat is charged at the normal rates and extension seat-belts will need to be requested in advance if needed.
  • Pregnant women on Mango flights should carry an easily accessible card detailing information on the pregnancy especially if they are in the second or third trimester. Contact details to reach doctors should also be on this card. Mango advises that pregnant guests book an aisle seat so bathroom access is easier and to do some walking aboard the flight to help with blood circulation.
  • Young guests are kids below the age of 16. Only infants above 7 days of age are allowed aboard Mango flights and Mango airlines will insist upon a birth certificate to confirm the age of the baby. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16. Mango guests between the ages of 12 and 16 may travel alone on Mango flights but cannot be responsible for children younger than them.
  • Disabled guests are guests who have physical disabilities such as paralysis, blindness, are wheelchair reliant, hearing impaired and mentally challenged. These guests do not have to have medical approval to fly on Mango airlines but will need to fill and hand in the Mango medical request form.
  • Medical guests are people who were recently hospitalized due to injury, or have serious medical conditions such as heart ailments, cancer, complications from diabetes, lung diseases, and hypertension. These guests may need medical clearance to be able to fly on Mango airlines. The medical request form must be filled out by a doctor and submitted to Mango airlines. The Mango flight will only be confirmed upon obtaining these papers. Medical guests must check-in at least 90 minutes before departure as Mango airlines aims to board these passengers first.

Mango Airlines Business Services

The Mango airlines Travel Management System was set up for companies to better manage their bookings with Mango airlines. Companies who are set up on this system will be able to have access to all fares. Companies can have travel cards which means their employees don’t have to produce credit cards at the check-in. Different departments within a company can have access to one account but separately manage their travel. Mango airlines offer up some of the cheapest flights from Johannesburg to Durban and Cape Town. All invoices for tax purposes can be found in one place regarding travel expenditure. Corporate clients are also offered the Mango Plus and Mango Flex products. These products give guests access to lounge facilities, extra baggage weight of 10kg and a 50 rand meal voucher for the flight. They will also be able to change their bookings at no additional cost. The Travel Management Account can be set up in as little as 24 hours. The advantage of having this system for a corporation is that Mango airlines will give set fares on Mango flight prices, depending on the amount of travel undertaken by the company. This could also lead to significant travel discounts for the company.

Pets Travelling on Mango Airlines

Mango airlines do allow the transportation of pets on their flights. However in the cabin portion of the plane only guide dogs are allowed. There will be no charge for guide dogs, but they must have a safety harness on.

Spacing is very limited in the cargo portion of Mango planes and only 2 pet carriages are allowed per flight, so to secure a spot for your pet, bookings need to be made in advance. Pets will only be confirmed for travel when proof of health standing and vaccinations are provided to Mango airlines. The carriage container to transport the pet and the pet itself must not exceed 32 kg. The carriage must be secure and meet all safety standards.

Mango airlines Wi-Fi

Mango airlines is the only African airline to offer internet services during flights. Smartphones, tablets and laptops can connect to a hotspot for internet access. When in a Wi-Fi hotspot, all you would need to do is select the Wi-Fi hotspot name (which for Mango flights is G-Connect) and you can start browsing the internet.

Mango Airlines Partners

Mango has partnered with many companies to make air travel even more accessible and affordable for people flying around South Africa. These companies are:

  • Edcon – their Thank U Account card can be used to pay for Mango airlines tickets at their many stores. These are name brand stores in South Africa available across the country which makes paying with them very easy. Some of the stores are Boardman’s, Legit, Jet, Edgars, CNA, Red Square and Temptations. So, during a normal shopping trip you are able to pay for your Mango flight which gives you cheap flights from Durban to jhb and other major cities in the country. This is a very handy method for those who do not make use of credit cards.
  • Tempest Car Hire – has branches throughout South Africa. They offer Mango guests great discounts. When holidaying and using flights from Bloemfontein to Durban, for example, you can have affordable access to your own car to travel around in.
  • Tsogo Sun – Tsogo Sun hotels are making accommodation at their hotels more affordable to Mango airline guests. Mango airlines provides some of the cheapest flights from Johannesburg to Durban and when using their airline, you are also eligible for cheaper pricing at Tsogo Sun hotels.
  • Momentum – the Momentum Multiply Rewards can offer Mango guests up to 50% savings on their flights. This makes for very affordable air travel especially when coupled with mango’s already cheap flights from Durban to jhb and many other cities.
  • Shoprite and Checkers – allows for people to book and pay for their tickets at any of their branches nationwide. You may also find out information about any Mango flights specials that are available such as cheap flights to Durban.
  • Avis – is another car rental partnership that Mango airlines has. They offer great deals to Mango customers on a huge fleet of cars from economical to truly luxurious.
  • Sanlam Reality – offers discounts on Mango flight prices to not only their members but their immediate family as well.

Mango Airlines Customer Testimonials

Review by Usha Singh, “I had recently flown out to Johannesburg to visit my son. I am not a frequent flyer and still very nervous when it comes to taking planes. The flight attendants were very helpful in keeping me calm and helped me in getting settled in. The captain also did a very good job in keeping everybody entertained during the flight. His knowledge about flying and the locations we were flying over was very good. I will definitely be using the cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg from Mango airlines again.”

Review by Thomas Ngwenya, “We are always keeping an eye out for flights to Durban. We have moved to Cape Town and my grandparents are in a nursing home in durbs because they refuse to move out of the city. We have often found that most of the cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town come from Mango airlines. They also have a lot of time options to choose flights to Durban and Cape Town. It makes scheduling a lot easier, notably when we are arranging for someone to pick us up from the airport.”

Review by Samantha Wyk, “Thank you, thank you, thank you Mango for access to the internet during your flights from Durban to jhb. I know its other cities as well but this is my flying route to visit my dad. I get lost in Facebook and Twitter and before I know it the Captain is announcing our arrival at the destination. Flight time just goes by so much quicker. I used to hate flying, but now I look forward to it as time to catch up with friends and family. Also, we love the pricing of the cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg”

Review by Katlyn Webber, “I am a pensioner and regularly take advantage of the senior citizen discount offered by Mango airlines. It makes a big difference to my budget when I get my hands on cheap flights to Durban to visit friends and enjoy the warm weather especially in winter, when Jozi is unbearable. When Spring pops back up again I make use of the cheap flights from Durban to jhb with Mango airlines to get back home”

Deon Sagar says, “My brother in law is physically handicap and I am always so impressed by how he is treated by the Mango airlines staff. From priority boarding to the flight attendants always checking up on us, it is the reason I always book on Mango airlines whenever he requires check-ups at his medical specialist in Johannesburg. Mango airlines also offer cheap flights from Durban to jhb which doesn’t put a big dent in our budget. When returning back home, Mango airlines has many flights to Durban to choose from. ”

Review by Mabuyi Luthuli, “We were relocating to Pretoria. Our dog Mack absolutely hates car rides to the point of vomit, if in a car for even few minutes. We didn’t want to take him by car because that would mean drugging him for a long time. We decided flying would be a better option. It would get us there faster and the ride wouldn’t be as bumpy. The Mango airlines staff were very accommodating of our fears and we were assured that Mack would be in good hands. Upon arrival, Mack was returned to us very quickly and not very traumatized. Our family is very grateful to the Mango airline staff for the gentle handling of our beloved pet, and even more when considering the cheap Mango flight prices.”

Review by Hans Strydom, “I am from Durban but spend most of my year in Bloem where I am studying. I love the freedom and new life I have out here but I miss home like crazy. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on flights from Bloemfontein to Durban so I always have to look around for the cheapest pricing to scrounge up a visit. I have noticed in the past year that most of my tickets for flights from Bloemfontein to Durban were purchased from Mango airlines. I had never been on a plane prior to these trips and check-ins with Mango airlines are very easy to understand and complete. Just wanted to post a review saying thanks for all of the safe and affordable journeys I have made home and back so far and look forward to many more adventures with you guys.”

Mango airlines testimonial by Emma Melville, “Booking with Mango airlines is always a pleasure. We have family all over the country, so I am constantly booking tickets for Mango airlines specials for Mum and Dad to do visits. I do all bookings through the Mango airlines website and pay via Sid. I am also a Sanlam Reality member and I get discounts on Mango flights which I use towards my parents tickets. The best part is my parents think that me organizing all their flight tickets is pricy and such a complicated process. I am definitely edging out my siblings as the favourite child.”

Mango airlines testimonial by Bongami Mduli, “I just sorted out some flights from durban to jhb in which I used some of my Voyager miles to pay for. I was expecting some hassles because there always seems to be problems when I pay for things using vouchers. All sorts of hidden rules and regulations come out and it irritates me. I was surprised when the Voyager Miles were accepted and booking was done quickly. Well done Mango staff!!!”

Review by Harold Chetty, “I often make use of flights from Johannesburg to Durban, for work. Besides offering the cheapest flights from Johannesburg to Durban, I like that Mango Airline allows me to carry my own snacks because I am a diabetic patient. Being diabetic I have specific requirements when it comes to food and need to eat periodically even if the flight is just an hour long, to keep my sugar levels steady. I also purchase some of the snacks available during the Mango flights from Johannesburg to Durban and I have found that the pastries are always fresh and are my firm favourite.”

Review by Fowdy Ismail, Flying on Mango airlines is very cheap and even if they don’t serve meals and snacks and I have to bring along my own, I know I am getting a halaal meal. For me it is not about the food but about getting cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town. These cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town from Mango airlines allows me to have more money to spend on presents to bring back to my daughter. To save even more money I am always scouting for any upcoming Mango flights specials.”

Review by Jane Clarke, “I have never lost my luggage when flying with Mango airlines. Their check-in staff makes sure that the labels are firmly on the luggage, allowing for less missing bags. I fly around the country very often on business so it is important that I have my luggage arrive safely and that I can leave the airport quickly to attend to my work. I also scout the Mango website all the time to be on the lookout for Mango airlines specials. The affordability of the Mango flight specials have allowed me to grow up my business countrywide. I am a frequent purchaser of the cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg as these are the main hubs of my business.”

Review by Candice Naidoo, “I had my bags go missing when I flew from Joburg to Durban. I generally make use of Mango flights from Johannesburg to Durban. I was hysterical as I had some important work stuff in my check-in luggage that did not fit into my carry-on. I went straight to the Mango airlines information counter to report this. They immediately calmed me down and began to track down my bag. Eventually, my bags were located back in Joburg. I then left to my hotel and within hours, Mango airlines had shipped my bag over to Durban and had it delivered directly to my hotel. I am extremely happy with their services and will remain a loyal customer.”