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Mango Flights to Zanzibar

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Mango flights to Zanzibar are the only kind of flights the company provides abroad South Africa, specially because of the proximity of the country and the semi-autonomous region of Tanzania.

mango flights to zanzibarMango Airlines are one of the most affordable ways to flight inside South Africa, as well as you can get to this international destination in Tanzania spending much less money than you would with other companies. Mango airlines is a state-owned company, so they work on a budget service and tickets can be much more affordable. If you are planning to spend good money having fun in this little paradise of Tanzania, choosing Mango flights to Zanzibar is a great way to help you out on the saving goals.

Though it is often reported as an independent country, Zanzibar is actually still part of Tanzania and is considered a semi-autonomous region. Most of the economy of the country comes from tourism and the production and commercialization of spices, so you have a lot to do here involving touristy attractions and cousine.

mango flights to zanzibarZanzibar is an archipelago consisting on two big islands, Unguja and Pemba, but only the first is more urbanized and comports an actual transportation system to receive flights from abroad and inside Tanzania.

The Mango flights to Zanzibar will arrive in the international airport located in Unguja, specifically in the Zanzibar city, also known as the Stone Town. From there you have additional options of transportation to know the neighbour islands. Zanzibar has several beautiful, stunning beaches and many of them in Unguja can be visited by foot. You should visit and appreciate the Stone Town before you departure to other locations. The city has some beautiful buildings like the House of Wonders. You must also check the public market, which offers a lot of different options of local foods and spices. You can also do a guided spices tour around the plantations of many of the unique spices of the country.

Zanzibar has car rental options and other public transportation so you can get to many different places around, including trips with airlines



Mango Airlines is a state owned Airline Company in South Africa known for their budget priced tickets. Within South Africa they operate in the cities of Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, George, Lanseria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Their commitment to ensuring their guests fly in a more convenient, affordable and enjoyable way has made them a popular choice for flyers when booking air tickets in South Africa. This popularity has led to them expanding their reach internationally and offering up Mango flights to Zanzibar.


Mango flights to Zanzibar

  • Flights are operated twice weekly from Johannesburg to Zanzibar
  • Both flights are nonstop and fly directly to the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (previously known as Zanzibar International Airport)
  • Mango flights to Zanzibar are just over three and a half hours long
  • Mango is the only airline in South Africa offering flights directly to Zanzibar
  • Mango operates the largest aircraft flying from South Africa to Zanzibar with 186 seats
  • This means that there are 372 seats in total that are available weekly for Mango flights to Zanzibar


Mango flights to Zanzibar aircraft


The Boeing 737-800 is the aircraft used by Mango to fly from Johannesburg to Zanzibar. It is equipped with a 186 seat capacity, all of which are economy class because this is a low cost carrier and no first class seating is available. The seating on the inside of the aircraft comprises 3 seats on left and 3 seats on the right with the aisle in the centre separating them. The Mango aircraft seating has been ergonomically designed for a comfortable and well-adjusted sitting position during the flights. 6 of the 8 aircraft’s operated by Mango has Wi-Fi service. However due to aircraft rotations Wi-Fi cannot be guaranteed on a particular flight. All Mango aircraft’s are maintained by South African Airways Technical.


Mango flights to Zanzibar Bookings and Payment

The online Mango booking system allows for the easiest way to book tickets. The destinations and dates can be selected from the drop list. Adult and child selections can then be made on the number of people you wish to make the booking for. Mango flights to Zanzibar offers special requests for disabled guests and medical needs guests. Special needs guests will need to contact Mango’s Medical Reservations Department and inform them of any assistance they may need during a flight. Bookings for these requests must be done 48 hours in advance to allow the Mango team time to arrange for the special request. Guests with medical issues must also contact Mango’s Medical Reservations Department with a letter from their doctor certifying that they are able to fly. The booking for a medical guest’s flight can only be confirmed once the medical department approves the request. Payments or discounts with Edgar’s, Momentum, Voyager Miles and Sanlam Reality can also be done during bookings.


Mango flights to Zanzibar Check-ins and Security

Mango guests can check in through an online check-in or at a check-in counter at the airport. The check-in counters with the vivid orange branding can easily be found at the domestic departure terminals at airports. The self-service check-in counters at the airports allows for guests to do their own check-in without waiting in queues. These 2 check-in options close 40 minutes before the flight is due to take off and Mango advises its guests to check-in at least 2 hours before their flight. The online check-in facilities opens 24 hours before flight departure and closes 2 hours before flight departure. Identification must be produced at check-in to receive a boarding pass. This includes Identity Documents, Passports, Driver’s License, Birth Certificates for children and also a credit card if that was used as a payment method.

Before actually boarding a plane a Mango guest has to pass through the security check point. Here you will show your boarding pass to the security guard, allow your hand luggage to be scanned and have the contents of your pockets go through the x-ray machine as well. Mango assures its guests that the x-ray machines will not damage electronic devices. Any dangerous items will be confiscated at this point.



Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. It is made up of many islands though the main one is Unguja which is known internationally as Zanzibar. Its white sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs make it a popular tourist destination. It is known for its spice productions of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. It remains a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania with its own government known as the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. The Zanzibar Islands are located near the equator which means it is warm all year round with the rainy season occurring in the March to May months. On the western part of Unguja lies Stone Town, a World Heritage Site popular with tourists. Mango flights to Zanzibar are offering South Africans an affordable way to visit this magical island.


Did you know?


  • Mango Juice is the in-flight reading material available aboard all Mango flights to Zanzibar
  • Mango Airlines is an international Budgie Awards recipient for its marketing
  • Mango is also the winner of the African low cost Carrier of the Year
  • Mango PLUS and Mango FLEX guests can change their flights at no extra cost
  • Mango has been named South Africa’s most on time domestic airline for six years in a row
  • Mango Airlines are the only airline in the world that allows for store charge cards to be accepted as payment for a flight such as the Edgars and Jet stores
  • Guide dogs travel free of charge on Mango flights to Zanzibar


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