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Car Rental Umdloti

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car rental umdlotiIf you are coming to Durban you cannot miss the beauties of Umdloti. Hire a car so you are always able to get to your destinations when you want to. There’s nothing like an earlu morning drive to Umdloti beach.  This is a famous small town where tourists often come around to check the beautiful beaches and special attractions of the town, like its many restaurant venues and natural seasonal events.

Umdloti Beach

The town is 26 km away from Durban and you might want to spend some special time here knowing and enjoying all the summer attractions, what would be better than having your own car to wander around here? Car rental Umdloti services are another specialty offered by the king shaka international airport website and you can hire your own car to spend one or more days with the freedom to go wherever you want to go in the town. Since Umdloti beach is a small municipality, you won’t take hours driving from one part of the city to another, as well as you won’t spend a lot of money with gas. Taxi rides would be expensive since there are fewer local taxi companies and the fees would be expensive. car rental umdloti
From Durban to Umdloti you will spend around 35 minutes on the road. With the car hire Umdloti service you just pay for the days of use and not for the distances and time like a taxi ride. Once you are in the town, you can get to the North Beach, where you will find the famous Natural Rock Pool, a tidal natural pool where you can swim with safety. Umdloti has one of the best beaches in the world which are ideal for swimming. The water is warm almost year round and there are life guards on duty. Theres adequate parking close to the beach so the car you hire will always be parked close by and be safe.

Car Hire In Umdloti

Take your car rental Umdloti vehicle also the South Beach, where you’ll be able to see dolphins swimming quite close to the coast. In the middle of the high season, form July until November, people can also sight whales traveling from the colder waters in the South to the North of the planet.

The car rental Umdloti service can take you even further. Take a stroll by the town, which is split by an ancient and beautiful sand dune formation, or pay a visit to nearby towns and get to know a little bit more from our unique region in South rental umdloti

When to book Car rental Umdloti

  • The first golden rule when booking car rental, not just in umdloti but anywhere, is always book your car rental in advance. This ensures availability and better prices.
  • Avoid booking car rental during peak seasons as they are generally more expensive. The peak season for Umdloti is June/July and December/January
  • Public holidays are also not the best time to book car hire as there are sometimes a limited number of vehicles and staff on hand.