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Car Rental Ballito

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The first company offering car rental in Ballito is the largely competent Avis. They have a quite wide range of different vehicles, from luxury ones to sport cars. Avis has several stores around the coast as well as in Ballito, so if you are going straight to the town, this is one of the best options.

car rental ballito

car rental ballitoDurban is around 40km away from Ballito. You only have to take the N2 road and drive for around 1 hour or less depending on traffic conditions. In Durban, car rental Ballito services offer also more options of cars, and they may have better price packages, so you would have to spend just a bit more on gas from one town to another but still you would save money from fees. Be ware these cities are really quite near one each other and you can also visit other touristy towns around the coast while you are tripping from one place to another.

car hire ballitoBallito is around 40 kilometres away from Durban. You only have to take the N2 road and drive for around an hour or less depending on traffic conditions to get there. A once small coastal town lost in the Dolphin Coast of South Africa, Ballito is today a growing and coveted tourist destination in the region. This is mostly because it’s beautiful and peaceful beaches are much less crowded than other cities and towns around the coast. The ever growing town has developed major shopping centres and accommodation choices vary from B&Bs, hotels, self-catering venues and boutique hotels.

However, since the town is smaller than many other cities in Durban, it is also a place with less options of transportation, especially in the public sector, though Ballito does offer a range of private transportation methods from taxis to shuttle services. As a visitor to Ballito though, it is best to hire out a car for your own private use during your stay in the area. Hired cars offer the benefit of scheduling your time to serve your needs immediately and not wait around for taxis and shuttle services.  A vacation should be relaxing and well enjoyed and not be interrupted by transport schedules. Car hire Ballito also has a range of vehicle shapes and models to suit a wide range of needs, from little hatchbacks to the bigger off road type vehicles. car rental ballito


Ballito Car rental agencies 


  • Avis car rental Ballito

The world renowned Avis brand brings to car hire Ballito all the knowledge and expertise that have made them one of the leading car hiring brands in South Africa. As with all other Avis branches they have ensured that all staff members carry out the brand ambassador program of exceeding customer expectations.


  • Boss Vehicle Hire Ballito

This local company offers a hassle free hiring process with first class service and a fleet consisting of commercial and luxury vehicles.


  • Citi rent car hire Ballito

Citi rent car hire Ballito have recently opened up a new office. They offer affordable, quality car hire and are a one stop shop for all vehicle hire requirements.

Car hire Ballito process

 All bookings can be done on the car hiring company’s website. Proof of reservation or bookings must then be taken to the car rental Ballito offices along with Identification and Driving License. Payment is finalized and the rules of the car hire are given to the hirer. The vehicle is brought out and it would be wise to inspect the vehicle for any damage or the onus will lie on you when returning the vehicle, to account for that damage.


Ballito Car hire Fleet

 Car hire Ballito has a wide range of vehicles to cater to visitors and locals.


  • Hatchbacks – the smallest cars available for hire and are very light on petrol. The compact nature makes them very easy to drive around in. A popular choice at car hire Ballitothat offers the cheapest car hire prices.
  • Sedans – are pricier to hire than hatchbacks and petrol usage is not as light. The better technology and heightened safety features however make it popular as well, with a bigger variety of models and makes to choose from.
  • Vans – vans are hired out to those wishing to transport around equipment needed on travels or for the transportation of light loads. The half and one ton options come in either petrol or diesel and with or without canopy. Vans at Avis have been adapted for safari tours.
  • SUV – for the utmost in comfort when driving as well as the heightened features, the SUV proves a popular rental.
  • Luxury Cars – comprises the latest in sport cars and sedans and are never more than a year old. Luxury cars are booked and reserved by a special team at the Avis luxury collection
  • 4×4 – designed for off road capabilities, 4x4s makes travel even on gravel roads easy to bear
  • Trucks – the Avis truck rental division has trucks up to 12 tons available for hire

car hire ballito

Car Rental Ballito Extra options

  • Trailers can be rented on their own or together with a vehicle. They range in lengths from 2 to 4 meters and may come with a tarp depending on car hire Ballito
  • GPS- touring a new city is exciting and new adventures beckon every day. You do not want to lose time by getting lost while finding your way around. Navigation systems available at car rental Ballito to help solve this problem by getting you directly to your destination. They will also help with choosing the shortest route and keeping you out of problem areas.
  • Baby seats are required by law if you have a baby or toddler traveling with you. The law which came into effect in May 2015 aims to keep children safer whilst traveling on South African roads. Car rental Ballito, in keeping with this law, offers baby seats and booster seats. Booking is essential for these items.
  • Chauffeur services are available at Avis car rental Ballito. All chauffeurs are English speaking and available by request for the amount of time needed. A chauffeur service eliminates the need to wait for a taxi to show up. They will take you directly to your venue and be readily available when you want to leave. If you car looking for a taxi service in ballito, this can also be booked on our website.

car rental ballito