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Avis Car Rental Prices

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Avis Car Rental Prices

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…Avis Car Rental PricesAs one of the biggest names in worldwide car hire, Avis is often the go to company for car rentals in South Africa. The Avis car rental prices are also some of the most competitive in the country.  The pricing is not just for cars from one of the biggest fleets in the country but for a range of added facilities from hiring out car extras to transfers.


Booking Avis Cars

If you are not ready to book but only looking around for quotes then Avis can help. Quotes for Avis car rental prices can be given telephonically, by email or online. If you are happy with the quoted Avis car rental prices then you may go ahead and book. Avis vehicle bookings are essentially a 4 step process of choosing the rental periods, selecting branches and vehicle group, choosing additional driving items and finally giving in contact/personal information and making payment. Bookings can be done 1 of 4 ways. These are:

  • Online- bookings can easily be done on the booking engine found on the Avis website. Avis Car Rental Prices
  • Mobile app- bookings can be done on your phone once you download the Avis mobile app
  • Email- the email form found on the Avis website would need to be filled out and emailed in to book an Avis vehicle
  • Telephone- the Avis call centre is open 7 days a week and all day long for customers who want to take advantage of the amazing Avis car rental prices. The trained consultants would make the booking on your behalf. It is advised to have personal, contact, banking and the preferred vehicle type information sorted before calling in.

The Avis Wizard card is a facility offered by Avis for regular renters. The Wizard card stores all of the personal details of the holder. The card can be applied for online and the holder of the card will get a unique Wizard number. When booking Avis vehicles, this number can be used to fast track the booking process as it will contain all of the holders information.


Avis Car Rental SpecialsAvis Car Rental Prices

  • Avis car rental prices can be reduced when taking advantage of the weekend car hire rates. The weekend rates are available from Thursdays 12h00 to Monday 23h59 only.
  • Monthly car hire provides some good long term Avis car rental prices. Monthly hires can be done from 1 to 33 months.
  • If you would only be driving short distances then the Avis Shorter Distance service is ideal for you. Renting a vehicle through this option gives renters 100 free kilometres per day of hire.


Avis Vehicles

Avis Car Rental PricesAvis offers vehicles from one of the most diverse fleets in the country. Vehicles are chosen to meet any travel need for car hire Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and all other South African cities. Those needing a budget vehicle can book one of the entry model cars from the hatchback range which do not only come with some of the cheapest Avis car rental prices but is also very affordable when it comes to filling the tank. For something a bit bigger, Avis offers its sedan range. Cars here range from a basic sedan to a top of the range model. Vans are also hired out from Avis and some models have even been specially fitted to take renters out safely into safari areas.  A popular rental is the SUV which is known for their safety capabilities. The minibus vehicles offer some of the best Avis car rental prices when you consider that they are able to transport a group of people in one vehicle, negating the need to hire out several cars. Avis also rents out the latest models of sport and luxury cars. These vehicles can only be booked by the Avis luxury collection department. The vehicles are less than a year old and have less than 60000km on their dial.


Avis Vehicles Extras

Avis knows that there are some items that you would need when renting out their cars in visiting cities. They do not come standard on Avis car rental prices given for vehicles and will have to be Avis Car Rental Pricesadded on. These items include navigation systems, baby seats, bicycle racks or paraplegic hand controls. Baby seats will have to be hired if there will be a baby or toddler traveling in the Avis vehicle. Not doing so, will be against the law as it is illegal to transport babies in a car who are not secured in a baby seat. Navigation systems are not a necessary hire but they are helpful when you are in a different city. They also ensure that you get to your destination in the shortest possible time and don’t lose time by getting lost. Items must be reserved in advance to secure one for the time of your rentals. It is especially important when it comes to paraplegic hand controls. These must be reserved at least 3 days in advance because they can only be fitted into some of the automatic cars in the Avis fleet and Avis would need to ensure that these cars are available.


Avis Chauffeur Services

The well-priced Avis car rental prices are not limited to just the hiring of their vehicles but their chauffeur services as well.

  • The Avis Point2Point service is only available to customers from Avis car hire Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This service ensures that customers will not have to rely on expensive private taxis to get to the hotel from the airport or to get home after a night on the town. The transfers can be done in economy, MPV or sedan vehicles.
  • The Avis Chauffeur Drive allows for you to have access to a chauffeured car for a specified amount of time (hourly, half day or full day) to be driven to locations of your choice. Chauffeur Drive can be done in MPV, economy, sedan, luxury sedans, convertibles, or 4×4 vehicles.

Avis Car Rental Prices

Avis Travel Partners

Using the Avis travel partners can lead to discounts on Avis car rental prices and vice versa. Some of the partnerships that Avis has include

  • Multiply Wellness and Rewards
  • eBucks
  • Three Cities
  • City Lodge
  • South African Airways
  • Mango Airlines
  • SkywiseAvis Car Rental Prices



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