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Car Rental companies in Durban

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If you are coming to Durban you will have plenty options of car rental companies so you are far from being stuck with only one or another option. There are a lot of competitively priced car rental companies in Durban. Below are the 3 of the most popular and renowned car rental companies in Durban.

Wozani Car rental Durban

The Wozani Car Rental Durban is one of the most traditional companies and have been around a very long time, standing the test of time. Though don’t mistake it to be outdated or obsolete. Wozani Car Rental Durban has an excellent fleet and they also offer a good array of services, like chauffers, car wash – exclusive only for one of their stores though – and even car sales. As you can see, their business are not too much focused on thing, that’s why they might be a good option for people that are looking for something casual in the city. They take pride in maintaining their fleet in great condition.

wozani car rental durbanThe prices charged by Wozani Car Rental Durban are a second key factor for people who are looking for something casual. Their most expensive car rental are Volvos or BMWs of the Series 3, for a reasonably  monthly fee and even include free km. For tourists that is really a great deal, especially for the model of the cars, you will pay 1500 US dollars anywhere else and with those free km you can even travel throughout cities.

Though since they are a smaller and more traditional company, they are less flexible when it comes to requirements, you must have an International Permit to drive if you are a tourist, while other companies will make it easier for you once you have a driving license in countries from Europe, America and other countries who have strong ties with South Africa.

Stazz car rental Durban

Our second company reviewed here is a middle therm between the simplicity of Wozani Car Rental in Durban and more flexible and sophisticated features. The Stazz Car Rental Durban has a quite wide fleet of cars, and they are cataloged in six different groups depending on prices and special features of these cars.

Stazz Car Rental Durban offers can offer different variations of the same vehicle for the same price, for instance, cars with manual or automatic transmission systems. You can do a quick customized booking through our site.

car rental durbanThe Stazz Car Rental Durban also has special package for pick and drop of the cars in the same place. You can alternatively pay an extra fee to drop the car in a different store and they offer some of the best prices for this convenience among the three companies. Stazz has many different stores around the city so you have many different options as well of places to drop the car.

You also will have to get in contact with the company to check the availability of special equipment, like baby sit and GPS devices in case you need any of them. The extra fees included are not either informed in the site and have to be checked upon getting in contact with the company.

 Hertz car rental Durban

Our last reviewed company, the Hertz Car Rental Durban, one of the biggest companies not only in Durban but also throughout South Africa. They have several different stores around the country and they work as well with a robust fleet of vehicles. Though the great thing about the Hertz Car Rental Durban is their quite special promotional packages.

The company has several different promotions and some are seasonal, happening every year. The Hertz Car Rental Durban is great service to get a good opportunity during special occasions, you will not find better promotions during holidays and the high season with other companies.hertz car rental durban

Another great point on renting with Hertz car rental durban is their flexibility to rent their fleet. Yes, if you are a tourist, they will likely accept your driving license issued in your country but it must be at least 1 year older to be accepted – this is an insurance measure all car rental companies require from drivers, some might even require a 2 years old valid driving licence.

Upon the booking online, you will be able to choose whether you want to pick and drop the car at the same place or in a different one. Don’t forget to always check their promotions to perform your booking under these promotional criteria to get special services.

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