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Cheap Car Hire in Durban

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cheap car rental durban
When you are looking for the autonomy of driving a car on your own in a different country or city, you don’t have to stress or look to hard for cheap car rental. In Durban there are many companies who charge very affordable prices and you can find all of them here in our site and also book your cheap car hire in Durban through our site.

Each company has its own daily rates depending on the car model you have chosen. The rental companies also offer different types of plans. Each of them has a different type of risk coverage, covering the rental car, injuries in case of accidents, property damage among many others.

The daily car rental rates also usually includes service fees, local taxes and government taxes. There is also the option to get a cheap car hire in Durban doing it without insurance, although not recommended. This last option is usually chosen by people who already have insurance included in the credit card or international policies. The rate also changes depending on the choice for rental with unlimited mileage or controlled mileage.

Car rental costs

Other features you have to take under consideration to have a cheap car hire in Durban are the complementary services you might want or not to have equipped in your car. There extra costs are optional and you can dodge them as much as you want. For example, a daily permit fee for each additional driver with you. One can also opt for the GPS rental, car seat for children, among others. There is also a fee to return the car in a different pickup location. Delays are also penalized and an additional hour is charged.
Is very important also to be aware of the presence of tolls nearby where you are planning to drive. The driver should always pay the tolls but some companies equip cars with free flow mechanisms under an additional fee included in your plan. It allows you to pass freely, and the debts are charged later on your card, so this is a double expense you have to be aware if you are choosing convenience. Otherwise, just pay the toll and get a simple car hire durban

Durban Car Rental

The general rule when you get a cheap car hire in Durban is, you get the car with a full tank and you have to return it with a full tank too. In this case, it will not be charged any extra fee at the end. If you forgot to fill in the tank or do not have time to refuel, the car rental company will charge the fuel based on default prices charged by each company, and it will be much more expensive than the amount charged at gas stations.

Some companies, however, give you the option to prepay the fuel, or offer rental plans “all inclusive” where the customer doesn’t have to return the car with a full tank. You have to consider and compare the prices of gas in Durban at the time of your trip and the inclusive prices charged by the company. Sometimes, it is an opportunity to have a cheap care hire in Durban depending on the fees of the company, otherwise is better to stay tuned and not forget about the tank.
cheap car hire durban


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