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Durban Airport Taxi

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Durban Airport Taxi

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durban airport taxi Arriving at Durban Airport is just one half of the transport equation during a visit to the city. The next step would be means to get around the city. One such option would be to make use of the many Durban Airport taxi choices.

durban airport taxi

Why take a Durban Airport Taxi?

A Durban Airport taxi provides a level of convenience that is much needed after a tiring flight. With a shuttle service you would have to share the vehicle with other people and only be transportedtaxi from durban airport to a set stop. If you do your car hire at Durban Airport you would have to first make your way to the branch and go through a bit of admin before being able to leave the airport. With a taxi at Durban Airport, you would simply just hail one down from outside of the arrivals terminal, have help loading your luggage and be on your way home or to a hotel. If you have booked your taxi at Durban Airport in advance then you would have the added ease of having one readily waiting just for you. Here are a few other reasons why taking a taxi at Durban Airport is such a great idea.

  • It is a point to point service which means you will be picked up or dropped off directly at the address stated in the booking or initial encounter. There will be no other scheduled stops which will lengthen the trip.
  • Durban Airport taxis are registered giving passengers the comfort of being driven in an accredited vehicle that is in accordance with safety regulations.
  • You would get a professional driver with years of driving experience and knowledge of Durban routes.
  • Passenger liability insurance is offered as per terms of the travel industry. This offers protection for the Durban Airport taxi company as well as the passenger
  • Vehicles can transport a single passenger without having to share with a stranger making for an uncomfortable journey. A bigger vehicle seating more people can be hired which will also be able to handle more luggage. The vehicle choice of sedan or people carrier is chosen by the hirer.
  • You can pay for your Durban Airport taxi during the booking process and not have to worry about this issue upon arrival at Durban Airport or do a payment directly with the driver during the pick-up. Card machines are provided for payment in most to durban airport
  • A Durban Airport taxi is available for hire 24 hours a day unlike shuttle services, or if you do your car hire at Durban Airport with one of the rental companies which operate on a set schedule. You can fly into the airport late at night or super early in the morning and be sure to find your driver waiting to transport you.
  • You would have access to a child safety seat with a taxi at Durban Airport. This would ensure a higher level of safety for a baby if the vehicle were to be a part of a collision. These would need to be booked in advance so that the driver would be able to bring one along when picking you up.
  • You are able to hire a disability friendly taxi from Durban Airport. These taxis offer an easy means for wheelchairs to get into the vehicle by means of a ramp.
  • Durban Airport taxi drivers offer their passengers information about Durban such as the hidden gems of the city. It makes for good conversation as well as learning a bit about Durban.

taxi from durban airport

taxi durban airport

Taxi from Durban Airport

Catching a taxi from Durban Airport can be done directly at the airport or booked way in advance. If you would be taking one of the taxis waiting outside the terminal then you would need to ensure that you have cash or a card to make payment to the driver of the vehicle you have selected. Choice is made between a minibus and a sedan, depending on the number of passengers that need to be transported. If you have booked a taxi from Durban Airport in advance then the driver would be waiting for you. With this option you would not have to go out looking for a taxi but taxi to durban airport have the driver waiting either at the arrival gates or outside the terminal with a sign stating your name. You may then make your way directly to him. You would then be guided straight to the vehicle after receiving a warm welcome to the city. This “meet and greet” service is especially great for those people who are new to Durban and do not know the layout of the airport and could do with some guidance in getting to the taxi. Booking a taxi from Durban Airport in advance would require a few details such as number of passengers and flight time. This is done so that the appropriate vehicle is sent for the pickup ensuring passengers will have a comfortable ride to the hotel or their homes. The flight number is requested because drivers keep up do date with flight information and will reroute their schedule to accommodate delayed flights.


Taxi to Durban Airport

You are able to hire a taxi to Durban Airport telephonically or online. A driver will be sent to pick you up at the requested time. The passenger needs to make allowance for check-in time. With the taxi durban airport reliability of a personal taxi to Durban Airport, you would not have to phone around organizing a ride to catch your flight and hoping that this person would come through for you. With a taxi to Durban Airport, you can rest assured that you would be getting a reliable means of transport to catch your flight on time. It is advised to book your taxi to Durban Airport in advance so that once payment is made it cannot be changed. Prices generally go up during the high demand times such as public or religious holidays and if your taxi has been paid for then you would not be paying the increased fee.


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