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Durban Taxi Tours

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Durban Taxi Tours

East coast cabs, a Durban taxi service,  offers several different kinds of tours in Durban, and they are developed for people who are around the city to know all about what makes the city unique when the thing is tourism. The numerous natural reserves are a full plate for you to know, and they  have special packages to get you to these places and be at your service to pick you up and also tell you a bit about each one of them. East coast cabs are truly a one of a kind Durban taxi service.

Some of the most popular tours are Kwazulu Nata Game Reserves, the Valley of 1000 Hills and the KwaZulu Natal, and not to mention several routes in the St. Lucia tour packages. All these places have unique touristic points and demand special knowledge of drivers as well as special Durban Taxi services to make the transportation safe and fast.

Each tour package of these has a special fee, differently than normal rides that work under distance and time spent. East coast cabs offer affordable packages so you can make several tours if you want paying a price that is fair for the amount of rides you will do with us.

You can also save time with public transport if you want to get to the right places without waiting and saving time, specially if you are for few days in the city and wants to enjoy most of it. Our Durban taxi drivers know very well all the routes to the most popular places, from the Botanic Gardens to most of the shopping malls, casinos to the famous Victoria Street Market. As you take your ride with a Durban taxi you can also talk to the drivers and learn a lot about the city with the best tips, as we always welcome you back for a new stay.

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