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Fly Go-Air has a good strategy up its sleevesfly go air

  • FlyGoAir is here to stay
  • Airlines are finding creative ways t  cut costs
  • Luggage does not have to be added stress

flygoairFly Go-Air is no new comer to the game. Their first launch was back in 2012, their initial plan was to service a niche market that other aviation companies were not focusing on. This includes operating between Lanseria International airport and Mpumalanga airport. That was back in 2012. This year it is totally new ball game for them. Fly Go-Air is launching a new low cost carrier in a few weeks. Fly Go-Air launch date is on the 29th of May 2015 and they will now operating the major routes in South Africa. The routes between Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg are one of the busiest routes in the whole world.

What makes Fly Go-Air different?

So what sets FlyGoAir apart from other airline companies that are also claiming to be the cheapest in the industry, well Fly Go Air includes 20 kg of free checked luggage as part of their basic air fare. This is a huge deal. Luggage can see you part your wallet with a couple of hundred rand bills. This is exciting news for families going on vacation.  Other airline companies exclude luggage to reduce their overall fare. Even though their flight is cheaper, you still have to pay an additional amount if you’re travelling with luggage. Where is the saving there.

With Fly Go-Air your ticket not only comes with a 20 kg free checked in luggage but you are allowed to carry 7 kg of cabin luggage with you as well. Another reasfly go-airon to use Fly Go-Air for your next trip.  Some companies drop their prices which also results in lower quality being offered. This is not a factor you should be worried about with Fly Go-Air. They have a firm belief in providing excellent quality at affordable prices. The best of in-flight service along with courtesy meals and drinks can be enjoyed. How many airline companies in South Africa do you know who offer free meals during their flight? You are guaranteed to save a few Rands through this initiative.If you are flying to Johannesburg anytime soon, make sure you book a flight with Fly Go Air South Africa.  Fly Go Air tickets are offered from the 21st of May 2015. You can by your tickets on the 21st of May 2015. Making a booking requires you to call the call center. There you will find a friendly travel consultant eager to provide you with the cheapest flight. Another added advantage Fly Go Air South Africa over their competitors is that they use Bombardier CRJ jets instead of the traditional Boeing planes. Their flights are going to be much faster, which is something new in the airline industry. Typically, 180 passengers are carried by other airline companies due to the size of thefly go air south africa plane. Only 50 passengers can board Fly Go Air South Africa plane which means the process of check in, boarding, getting off the plane and waiting for your checked luggage at the carousel will be much much faster. You will be able to leave the airport much faster.