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flycemairFlycemair growing from strength to strength

  • Flycemair targets unpopular routes
  • Are non scheduled flights the future
  • More aviation companies entering the market

Flycemair is a licensed International and Domestic Scheduled and Non-Scheduled air carrier established in 2005.  Being a non-scheduled carrier basically means operating without published flights schedules as according to the laws of that country. There are not a lot of airline companies in South Africa that provide non-scheduled flights. There was potential in the market and Flycemair has been aggressively serving that market and have done so successfully. Not everyone makes use of the Johannesburg to Cape Town or from Cape Town to Durban routes although very popular and highly profitable. Flycemair introduced a new route that has people who enjoy holidays in the south coast very excited. Flying from Johannesburg to Margate is now possible with Flycemair. Holidaymakers who enjoy beaches can now fly from Johannesburg to Plettenber Bay or from Cape Town to Plettenberg. Their operations run right throughout Africa and the Middle East. Not only do they provide non-scheduled flights but they are also licensed to do in-house maintenance on their aircraft fleet.

Flycemair is also in flycemairthe business of short, medium or long- term leasing of their rentals jet aircraft. They have leasing experience throughout Africa and the Middle East and are aiming to dominate this market. Flycemair sets itself apart by offering superior support for their operations with the objective of creating an inclusive packet hence their operations are wider than most. As new airline companies are entering the market the cost of flying has significantly gone down. It has become fairly inexpensive to fly to OR Tambo from King Shaka International Airport. Many individuals prefer Flycemair because they offer unscheduled flights across unpopular routes, as larger airlines have stop servicing those routes. Flycemair like many of the smaller airline companies have the advantage that they are able to make quick and effective changes far sooner than larger organisations. Many people opt for a smaller airline company because of the speed of service they provide. The queues are substantially shorter. With Flycemair you get the feeling of being a part of a family especially if you make use of their services regularly. You will generally have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the company employees and you are not subjected to numerous faces. You will occasionally see a familiar face. A trust relationship can thus develop, and you know for certain when a personal relationship has developed the employee will go an extra mile to resolve your query. Because there are not a lot of layers to go through customer complaints can be handled faster and on a more personal level in a small company, thus ensuring a long-term customer relationship easier. Moving forward Flycemair’s intends to grow at a steady and manageable pace while focusing on current operations and the need for the company to keep up with times in order to remain relevant in this market. Development goes beyond business processes, but also expands to the fleet composition as wflycemairell.