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FlySAA is the term commonly used when referring to South African Airways, the largest airline in South Africa and also refers to the name of their website. Based at the O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg their current fleet includes 54 aircraft’s with plans to add more fuel efficient planes in the near future. South African Airways holds a membership with the prestigious Star Alliance network of airlines. Being a member of this network allows for customers to earn Voyager miles every time they fly on any airline belonging to Star Alliance. Voyager miles can be redeemed towards flights, car rentals or spa vouchers. Many people opt to spend their miles on flights which can also be bought from any of the other 35 other airlines allied with the Star Alliance network.

flysaa Flysaa flights offers the highest standards of service from ground to air. In-flight customers can look forward to an exclusive entertainment channel and magazine as well as that famous African hospitality. Flight attendants of the flysaa brand are fully trained to make your journey go as smoothly as possible.

The flysaa website has made booking a ticket to fly with them, technologically effortless. There’s no need to go to any third parties to do your booking when an easy on-site flight booking engine gives you all the information you need. Just click your way through the flysaa booking process. Choose your flight type, whether it be one way, return or multi city. Choose your departure and arrival cities. Choose the number of travellers you wish to make a booking for. Choose the departure/arrival dates you want to travel and, voila, you have a selection of flights available within seconds. Flysaa booking will also tell you which the cheapest and fastest flights available are. The booking process can be modified for you to change dates or destinations or flight types whilst keeping the initial entered information. The flysaa online booking process is a one stop site to take care of all your booking needs.Flysaa flight

While the flysaa check-in process in airports has been streamlined to ensure faster and dedicated service to ensure you make your flight on time, they have also introduced their flysaa kiosk check-in system. So if you really do not want to wait in a queue, you can do a self cheek-in at the touchscreen kiosks available at the O.R Tambo, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth airports. International destinations include São Paulo, Mumbai and Frankfurt airports. This flysaa check-in experience is available to all passengers with confirmed tickets. It allows the flysaa customer to print out boarding passes and select their seat in a matter of seconds. As if that isn’t enough, there is the flysaa online check-in option where you are able to do a flysaa check-in online from the comfort of your home. You are able to print your boarding pass and select your seats, directly from the flysaa website, from 24 hours before the flight is due to depart and will close only an hour and a half before flights are due to take off. It is part of the flysaa ongoing commitment to make flying a pleasurable experience.

For the best range of flights within South Africa it is advisable to make use of flysaa domestic for your travel needs as they offer flights all over the country. They have the most amount of domestic flights of any airline for intercity travel. They are a popular choice for local fliers with service earning them the title of best airline in Africa from Skytrax. It is important to note that these awards are determined by airline customers and shows the level of service flysaa offers to its customers to win such a prestigious award.

flysaa South African Express Airways first took off in 1994 and it’s become a fast growing regional airline. It is a subsidiary of South African Airways created to service flysaa domestic specific needs.  There has been a boom of increase with regards to flying in South Africa in recent years and flysaa express airways has taken the helm in addressing this issue. There are more business flyers crossing the country ensuring the upkeep of all branches of their company. There are more visitors to South Africa and they make use of flysaa express to travel the country efficiently. Flysaa Express covers all of the local and regional cities with the same high service you expect from South African Airways itself. Travel between the 3 major cities and a host of other cities have become easier and tourism to those individual cites have greatly benefited from many a visitor. Flysaa express airlines customers also qualify for voyager benefits. Voyager miles can be racked up even from flying domestic on this airline.

Flysaa specials

Flysaa specials are often updated on their site with national, African continental and international destinations. The specials are laid out in a list form. At the very top there are all current specials within the country for domestic flights between cities. Then comes all flysaa specials to African countries. Finally further down the page there are listings to all international destinations. Also included are time period the flysaa special is open for and most importantly the price of the tickets.flysaa specials

Flysaa flights offers top class Lounge access to their business class passengers, Voyager members and Star Gold members. Use of these lounges offers a quiet and relaxing setting away from the bustle of the airport as well as complimentary food and beverages.

Flysaa flights deliver a world class flying experience from a straightforward booking process to punctual flight arrivals. They truly are worthy of having the South African flag image on their planes representing the country globally.