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Flysafair online check in

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safair online check in Save time with Flysafair online check in

  • Flysafair online check in is convenient
  • Make your way faster to the security checkpoint
  • Avoid queues by checking in online

Flysafair comes up with initiatives to make your life as simple as possible. Queues are common wherever you go, from banks to the post office etc. Companies are moving with the times and almost everything can be done online. Doing transactions online means you can do things in the comfort of your own home. You can flysafair online check in process transactions anytime of the day; there is no office hours involved. Why should it be any different with airlines? The Flysafair online check in option is one such example of an airline coming into the modern world. With the Flysafair online check in, queues at the airport are a thing of the past. The entire process can be done before you would even leave for the airport. The time period to get your Flysafair check in done online is also much longer. At the airport the Flysafair counters only open for about 2 hours before the flight departs. Getting a good spot in line to ensure you make the cut off time sends many passengers into a frenzy. With the online route, this is all history. The online portal on the Flysafair website opens 24 hours before the flight departs, giving passengers an entire day to handle their Flysafair check-in affairs. Because the online route is remote, it can be done from anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection to log into the site. The only thing required would be the surname of the passenger as well as the unique booking number given when the flight was confirmed.

Advantages of Flysafair online check in include:

Forget about queues

Airline check- in in the past required you to stand in a long line at the ticket counter to get your boarding pass. This is still a common sighting as some people are still scared of making use of technology. Others prefer to have it handled by people directly affiliated with the airline. The lines can get quite long especially routes including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Some flysafair check in season it becomes very bad. You have to arrive very early and the lines move at snail pace. The wait can be quite stressful for kids. Children tend to become restless after a while in the queue, due to boredom of course. Flysafair online check-in saves you time by providing you the means to print your boarding pass online so that you can avoid the dreadful queue. It is also easier on kids who would have more time and options to entertain themselves before a flight instead of spending it in a queue. If you are carrying any luggage you have to proceed to the bag drop counter before your flight where your baggage will be tagged and sent to the aircraft. No luggage means no bag drop of counter. Flysafair tickets include just the carryon luggage. If this is enough for you, then there is no need to purchase checked luggage. The only queue that Flysafair passengers would need to stand in is to board the plane. The exclusion of checked luggage on Flysafair ticket prices makes the airline the cheapest way to fly across South Africa.

flysafair online check in Next step is security checkpoint

You can access the security check point much faster when you make use of Flysafair online check in facility. No luggage means you can proceed directly to the security the minute you arrive at the airport. You will still proceed to the security check point much faster even if you first started at the luggage checkpoint because of Flysafair online check in. The lengths of the security lines do depend on the season so remember to give yourself enough time to go through the process. Both the passenger and their carry on luggage must pass through the check point before boarding the flight. Any items that could potentially be used as a weapon on the flight will be confiscated. If passengers pass through security then they may hand in the boarding pass given to them during the Flysafair check in. Safair online check in passengers will print out their own boarding pass prior to arriving at the airport.

Seat Selection

Be the first to choose your own seat. Those who go through the Flysafair online check-in process stand a better chance of getting the best selections of seats available. The earlier, the better. So if flysafair check in you prefer aisle seats for easy access when getting off the plane/to the toilets or a window seat to enjoy the view from above the world, this is the route to go. Check in at the airport means you will be settling for the remainder of the seats. Your chance of getting the best seats is reduced by the length of the queue. Changes to your flight reservation will not be allowed four hours or less before your scheduled flight. If for whatever reason changes need to be made, make sure you do so as soon as possible otherwise you will be deemed as a “no show”. You may change your flight to another flight if it is available via Flysafair website, call center or at the local airport offices. You might incur some costs and settlement needs to be made as soon as possible.

Seat selection is not the only part of the Safair online check in process. Flysafair check in also requires a declaration of checked luggage. Checked luggage need only be declared if Flysafair passengers have added luggage to their ticket. Along with that would be the printing of the boarding pass. At the counter option at the airport, consultants will take care of this. However, if the online Flysafair check in is used, then the onus is on the passenger to print it out and bring it along with, to the airport. Without the boarding pass, you will not be allowed to board the flight.safair online check in

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