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Flysafair Partners with Pick n Pay

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Flysafair Partners with Pick n Pay

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flysafair pick n payFlySafair was founded by Safair, a highly regarded air service logistics company in Africa. They bring almost half a century of experience into this industry priding on calling themselves South Africa’s oldest newest airline. Flysafair may be new to passenger aviation but they have built up quite a reputation with their leading products and service. They offer exceptionally low airline flight fees coupled with high service. The flysafair website is packed full of every bit of information you will need for air travel in South Africa and booking can be made directly with them. For the new to flying customer this information offers a wealth of knowledge. Currently their routes are between Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

They are introducing new routes in the future. They have now partnered with Pick n Pay, a well know retail supermarket in South Africa. Together they are making air travel opportunities more readily available to a lot more people. While you can use a credit card to pay for your flights directly on the Flysafair website, there are many who do not make use of credit cards or do not have own a credit card. Online payment is still a touchy subject for a great many people. This is where Pick n Pay come in. They have introduced the ability for customers to pay for these flights at their nearest Pick n Pay. This supermarket chain is proudly South African with firm roots to the country. With stores located across the country supplying top quality goods and service it provides a convenient method of payment to be made for flights.

flysafair Pick n Pay shoppers can also make use of their smart shopper points and have them converted into paying for flights. All those points you earn simply for shopping at Pick n Pay allows to you use them to now pay for your flight tickets. This is fantastic news for loyal shoppers as they get a free ticket just for being loyal patrons. How great is that. With this partnership already growing from strength to strength regular shoppers can keep piling on the miles with all the free tickets they can get from their shopper points. The system is easy enough. You simply make your booking on the flysafair website and get your reference number and use that to do payment at any Pick n Pay branch. It’s so simple. Pick n Pay is already working on making this even more accessible to people who may not have access to the internet for fast booking of flights. Some stores offer the booking and payment of flights at their stores making them a one point purchase of tickets. These stores are the Hyper wonder park, Carnival Mall, Clearwater, North Mead Mall, Stutterheim Main, Commercial Road, Hartenbos, Brackenfell, V and A, Cavendish and The Falls stores.

The flysafair and pick n pay partnership is making air travel more available and accessible to more and more South Africans. It a whole new world opening up for a whole lot more people.flysafair pick n pay


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