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Look out for Flysafair specials onlineflysafair specials

  • Flysafair specials are pocket savers
  • Head to Eastern Cape for a whole new outlook on wildlife
  • Century old tree forest are found in Eastern Cape

Holidays have become relatively cheaper with Flysafair specials running. People’s holiday savings on flights have increased since Flysafair has entered the market. Eastern Cape is a road less traveled in South Africa. Everyone tends to flock to either Cape Town or Durban when a holiday comes to mind. Well Eastern Cape is a hidden gem that is ready to be explored too. Make sure to scan their website looking for Flysafair specials. Flights are from Johannesburg, Cape Town and George to Port Elizabeth and back. Read the remainder of the article if you are still not convinced. The big 5 is also found in the Eastern Cape.

Flysafair specials lead to foreign territory

Along the famous garden route, stretching 10 000 hectares long, lies the family-owned Kariega Game Reserve. This vast wilderness is home to the Big 5. This park is home to some of the richest biodiversity in South Africa. Two rivers namely – The Kariega and Bushman’s River flow gently across the reserve. Other animals are present here besides the Big 5 and you have an opportunity to view them up close during the open game drive across the park. This is a perfecflysafair specialst setting for taking pictures to show family back home. When vising a day is never enough because of the magnitude to be seen and experienced. An overnight stay is recommended in order to experience the dawn in the bush. Morning safaris are beyond beautiful. You are also able to go game viewing in the evenings at Kariega Game Reserve, during late evenings you might possibly witness a pack of lions hunting, a pack of female lions that is. You will be able to spot hippos leaving the cool river water for night time grazing. Staying within the car should be second nature by now; there is no need to re iterate it. If you want to take an up close picture press your zoom button on your camera.  What sets the Kariega Game Reserve apart from other Game reserve is that you can take a long boat cruise along the rivers. You hardly hear of this at other safari destinations across South Africa. Kariega Game reserve is a mere 10 minute drive from the coastal village of Kenton-on-Sea, and 140 km outside Port Elizabeth. Make sure you look out for Flysafair specials and take your first journey to the unexplored region of Eastern Cape

flysafair specialsTsitsikamma National Park is another beautiful destination in the Eastern Cape. This is an indigenous forest that is protected by the South African state.It is home to some of the oldest trees found in South Africa. The trees such as Yellowwood, Stinkwood, Hard Pear, Ironwood, Kamassi and many others found here are centuries old. The climate in this region is quite pleasant and experiences normal rainfall quite a lot. This forest is home to birds, antelope, bushpig, honey badgers and the occasional leopard. Their coast is frequented by dolphins and whales. I hope you are on their website and watching for Flysafair specials as we speak.

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