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King Shaka Airport Lounges

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King Shaka Airport Lounges

Airport departures are always a stressful time. You need to be at the airport in time to check in your luggage and if you miss this cut off time it could lead to your luggage not travelling on the sameking shaka airport lounges flight as you. If you had done a car hire at Durban Airport then you would also have to be here in time to ensure you have it returned by the agreed upon time so that you are not hit with the late fee penalty. All this rushing around is sure to leave you beat and then you would still have the actual flight to deal with which will leave you jet lagged. It would be great to have some downtime to recoup before taking your flight.

The King Shaka Airport lounges are great for those who are looking to find solace from the madness of the rest of the airport. Here is an area that is purposefully secluded from airport hype and the crowds to provide just that environment where guests can recharge themselves. Some of the facilities offered at the King Shaka Airport lounges are

  • Comfy seating areas- if the airport is busy, then it is really hard to find an empty seat to relax yourself and occupy yourself with a good book or electronic device. Then there’s also the issue ofking shaka airport lounges the noise which is a big distraction when you are trying to read or concentrate. All of the King Shaka Airport lounges are equipped with comfy seating areas where one can enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • Work areas- there are work areas as well in the King Shaka Airport lounges. Here guests have a space to get some work done and if needed, there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the lounges to keep guests virtually connected.
  • Complimentary food and drinks- if the airport is busy then it can be quite a wait to get a meal. It can be worth the cost to get access to one of the King Shaka Airport lounges to enjoy the complimentary snacks on offer.
  • Television and newspapers- there a wider range of channels available in the lounges, and free newspapers if guests wish to catch up on current affairs or take in a sports game.
  • Refreshing areas- say Durban is your connecting flight and you need to freshen up, then the lounges house bathroom and shower facilities so that you can be spring fresh in time for the next flight.king shaka airport lounges

The 2 different types of King Shaka Airport lounges can be classified as

Being open to anyone who is willing to pay the entrance fee into the room which are the

  • Bidvest Premier Premium Lounge
  • Umphafa Premium Lounge

Being open only to certain passengers of that lounges particular airline which are the

  • British Airways Slow Loungeking shaka airport lounges
  • South African Airways Baobab Premium Lounge

The King Shaka Airport lounges are located in the departures terminal area.

Flight monitors are located in the lounges so guests can keep updated with the status of their flights.


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