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King Shaka Airport Transfers

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King Shaka Airport Transfers

The Benefits of using a King Shaka Airport Shuttle

Durban while one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, has often had to play second to fiddle to cities with bigger personalities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. Durban is still internationally regarded as a favourite travel destination though, with tropical weather and friendly people.king shaka airport shuttle

While this city is famous for its beaches and sunny days, it is just as famous for its sudden thunderstorms.

When you arrive, make sure you don’t get caught in one of these rainstorms with a bunch baggage waiting for a taxi or for someone to collect you and transport you to your next destinations.

You will end up drenched but warm, with a mountain of luggage to transport.

By making use of King Shaka airport transfers you are offered an alternative to this by being able to book your shuttle ahead of time when you travel.

Here are a few other benefits of making use of an airport shuttle service.


Specialised Service

While online taxi services may be increasing in popularity, using the apps for your King Shaka airport transfers may not be a good idea. The drivers are chosen at random and often the selection is based purely on who is the closest at the time.

In many cases these drivers are not familiar with where they must drive to and rely heavily on GPS guides or Google maps. Unfortunately, with technology being as unreliable as it is and connecting flights sometimes being time sensitive, you may find yourself in a position where you only have one chance to get the trip right.

By making use of a King Shaka international airport shuttle, you are guaranteed a driver who knows your needs and understands that you may not have time for his GPS system acting up. You need someone who knows the roads like the back of his palm and that is what you will get when making use of a King Shaka international airport shuttle service.


Experienced Drivers

If you are traveling from abroad, chances are that you are going to come with a load of baggage. The last thing you are going to need when landing, is a taxi or a cab arriving to pick you up with a hatchback when you have a mountain of luggage.

The drivers used for the King Shaka international airport shuttle service have the experience and the foresight to know based on information provided to them ahead of time, that you will be travelling with luggage and will most likely need a bigger vehicle.

This means that there will be plenty of room for your bags and a lot of room to stretch your cramped legs after a long flight.


Time saving

The King Shaka international airport shuttle service knows that when you travel you are often on a time budget with very little time sometimes between connecting flights.  A major benefit of such service is that you can book it ahead of time.

In many occasions when booking a taxi via an app, the taxi company must still find a driver in your area.

While this may seem like a safe option, it can often take these taxis a long time to travel short distances due to wrapping up a previous trip or even something like traffic. There is also no accounting for car accidents, car trouble or the sometimes-inescapable roadworks.

Because the drivers are locally based and are all familiar with the roads as they drive it every day, they know what time peak traffic hits and which roads to avoid.  In many cases they may know short cuts to get you to your destination as fast as possible.

But most importantly, their experience with driving these roads every day will mean that they will be ready and waiting for you well before the plane tyres hit the tarmac, saving you valuable time and in many cases, money.


Not expensive

Value added service like King Shaka airport transfers would be the perfect opportunity for an unethical company to gauge customers

Many companies would see this as an opportunity to offer inflated rates since a lot of people who land in South Africa might not know what the value of such a service is and may be inclined to use the first company they find.king shaka airport shuttle

If you use a reputable shuttle service, the price per kilometre is fixed and everything you spend is recorded. This means that an overzealous driver will not be able to pick up your American accent and charge more than what the actual charge is knowing that you are foreign.

You also stand less chance of getting gauged since all good shuttle companies will offer you the option of paying in advance. This means that there will be no shock surcharges on the day and you can spend your money on what it was intended for, souvenirs!

When paying online for your King Shaka international airport shuttle you can also make use of online special offers. More importantly, paying online is safer than handling cash in a foreign country, which brings us to our next point…



Many first time travellers as well as experienced travellers who are visiting a country for the first time have obvious safety concerns. No matter how safe a country may seem when doing your research, as a visitor, you are vulnerable to experienced criminals.

There have been more and more reports of unregistered cabs mugging, assaulting and even sometimes kidnapping unknowing tourists. No matter where you travel to, it is of the utmost importance that you are prepared and that you don’t find yourself in a position where you would have to make use of a company you have no information on.

With a King Shaka international airport shuttle, the driver would have been thoroughly vetted before he was or she was hired. They are also subject to background checks as well as regular drug and alcohol tests to ensure the safety of clients.

Lastly, no matter which shuttle service you choose to use, always make sure that you have done enough research on said company before booking them. There should be host of information online like consumer sites and on social media.

Read message boards and the comments section of their Facebook page if they have one.

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