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Do you need new luggage ?

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Do you need new luggage ?


There is enough travel legislation these days to give you a headache before you even check-in for your flight – carry-on restrictions, unabridged birth certificates, visas… This can add considerable stress to what is supposed to be an enjoyable time. Included in this are luggage decisions – especially if you are in the market for a new purchase because your daughter has stolen your trusty 20 year old Samsonite! Never fear though – Luggage Warehouse are experts in all things luggage and their prices are better than retail. There is also a handy delivery service to get your purchase to you when buying online. Check them out, we highly recommend the service.

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Luggage Warehouse has been in the luggage business for about a million years (okay, since 1998). Since their mothership landed in Access Park, Kenilworth, Cape Town, they’ve grown like crazy and opened further stores in Willowbridge, Tygervalley. Being Type-A people, they also launched a website, extending savings to the rest of South Africa. The website is always being redeveloped and updated with technology from the future (sometimes they pre-order stuff), with the ultimate aim of becoming the No.1 online outlet for top-quality branded luggage at the very best prices.


Online enquiries

(tel) 021 674 5242


Access Park

Unit B41, Access Park,
Cape Town
(tel) 021 683 6833



Shop G79, Willowbridge Shopping Centre

Cape Town

(tel) 021 914 8621



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