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Man dies on Mango Airlines Flight

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Man dies on Mango Airlines Flight

A middle aged man has passed away during a Mango Airlines flight. The incident occurred an hour into flight JE139, at which point the man experienced some health problems. The crew did manage to perform CPR, but decided that urgent medical care was needed.

The drama unfolded on a Mango Airlines flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and it was decided to make an emergency landing at George Airport which was the closest landing point. This way he could receive proper medical attention.

The Mango Airlines flight was diverted around lunchtime, but the man had died upon landing. Mango Airlines have expressed their deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Mango Airlines flight JE139 was subsequently delayed at George Airport for 2 hours before take-off to Cape Town. This is Mango Airlines second death to happen aboard one of their planes in as little as 2 months.

The first happened to a 63 year old woman in May, who had collapsed after boarding Mango Airlines flight JE702 at the Cape Town International Airport. She was on route to Lanseria Airport. Luckily, the plane had not yet taken off and she was removed by airport staff to get emergency medical treatment. Sadly, she did not make it and passed on a short while later. Mango Airlines has made counselling available to all guests aboard that airlines flight

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