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You cannot go wrong with SA Airlinksa airlink

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  • Sa Airlink offers affordable tickets

Let’s start at the beginning. Link Airways was formed in 1980s when Magnum Airlines, Border Air and City air merged their operations. In 1992 the company was dissolved. Two individuals who are the current founders successfully bid for the business. The newly acquired airline was subsequently named ‘Airlink’. Airlink developed into South Africa’s first feeder network, specifically aimed at linking the smaller towns, the regional centers and hubs throughout South Africa. SA Airlink joined South African Airways and South African Express in 1997 to form a strategic alliance which led to the establishment of the leading aviation network in Africa. Fast forward to today, South African Airlink is largest independent regional airline in southern Africa. Sa Airlink connects you to 35 destinations in 9 African countries. They have over 21 years of customer care experience. Their alliance with SAA, you can also enjoy convenient connections with SAA, their Start alliance partners and other carriers throughout the globe.

The advantages flying with SA Airlink over driving include:


SA Airlink fleet have ample leg room. They understand how important comfort is to their customers and wouldn’t want you to endure a long flight all crapped up. It is also possible to move freely around larger aircraft’s unlike a car where everyone is buckled up. People who drive instead of fly need to make constant stops along the way for toilet breaks and stretching of their legs. If you are behind the wheel, the onus is on you to stay awake and vigilant throughout the trip. If the destination is quite far, you will be forced to book over night at a hotel in one of the towns you might pass. This is an additional cost, which is higher when you are travelling with children. You will be forced to book two. South African Airlink has dedicated staff onboard that ensures that you are well taken care off during your flight. The heat will probably get to you unless you are driving a luxury vehicle that has top off the range air-conditioning, the heat is probably going to get to you. The air-conditioning in SA Airlink which makes the flight quite a comfortable cool one.

Cheap alternatives

Airlink offers cheap discounted flights. They also have regular specials running. Plus with the rising cost of fuel, it is cheaper to fly than a long distance drive. The longer the distance the more fuel will be required. Not everyone drives a fuel efficient vehicle. This trip could end up costing you in the thousands and on top of the hours you spent on the road. Let us not forget the strain you put on your vehicle. What most people do is to book with saairlink and when they get to their destination they rent a vehicle. By renting a vehicle at your destination, you can save on the wear and tear of your personal vehicle.


Sa airlink adhere to strict operational schedules. You have to arrive an hour before departure to sort out your booking and luggage. You can quietly sit on the chairs in your terminal while you wait for your flight. Sa airlink fleet are well maintained and serviced. Flights are hardly cancelled and only under extreme circumstances like bad weather are they cancelled.  Unlike with driving where there is traffic, roads being fixed, lanes being closed because of an accident, and other circumstances flying avoids all of that. Airlink flies directly to the destination.

sa airlinkYou can book a fly airlink flight by either going directly to their website or you can make use of a travel agent or online travel agency who will help. Their website is user friendly. At no point will you experience any problems with understanding what is required of you. Everything must be accurate so make sure you take your time when filling in your particulars. It doesn’t take long to book a flight online, it is more convenient than other options available.

If kruger national park is your planned destination, then it is advisable to book a fly airlink flight to skukuza airport. Daily scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town to skukuza Airport are operated by Sa airlink. Scheduled air services to Skukuza airport was returned on the 2nd of June 2014 due to Sa airlink and other airline companies showing interest in the route again. This was a great moment for tourism in South Africa because it provided individuals direct access to wildlife destinations within the Kruger national park and nearbt Sabi Sand Private game reserve. There is more integration in the leisure travel product as a whole.

On 6th of October 2014, Airlink expanded their route to include Namibia. Daily flights from Cape Town to Windhoek Namibia are now available for individuals who want to travel for leisure or business. If you would a great African safari experience then head to Namibia. Etosha National Park found in Namibia is home to the majestic African desert elephant which can only be found Namibia and Mali.  Etosha National Park is one of the greatest wildlife spots to view game and a great refuge. Go explore the red dunes and white pans of Sossusvlei, and the wonders of the Namib Desert.

Botswana is another African gem. Kasane is a town in Botswana that is close to four African countries namely Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe which nearly meet there. On the south bank of Chobe River lies the town which forms the border of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. A second border post nearby serves the road into Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is not far from this border. Botswana, Chobe and Zimbabwe offer a distinct Wildlife game viewing experience. Airlink operated daily scheduled flights between Johannesburg to Kasane, Botswana. Airlink also offers daily services sa airlinkbetween Johannesburg and Maun and when the opportunity to extend the number of point’s serviced between South Africa and Botswana appeared, Airlink made sure to grab and make a success of these new routes.