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Safair low cost airline

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safair low cost airlineSafair low cost airline makes travelling possible

  • Safair low cost airline has many travelers excited
  • Make your way to Port Elizabeth to experience new things
  • Port Elizabeth beaches are one of the best beaches in South Africa

Port Elizabeth has a lot to offer for the diving fanatics. It hosts one of the best diving spots in South Africa. With Safair low cost airline gives you a chance to experience it for yourself. For an eccentric wreck dive make your way to the Elizabeth Harbour where you will find the Paris Maru Wreck. The Paris Maru is a ship that sunk in 1934 after crashing into the Roman Rock. She created an artificial reef where variety of marine life can be found. Her original crash site was in the path of ships so she had to be blown up so that ships can pass easier. She sunk deep down and now her wreck is a famous spot for diving.

Weekend away is now possible with Safair low cost airline

The wreck is filled and surrounded by Corals, Sea Fans and Anemones. This is truly a sight to see. Sea Anemones for those who don’t know are a close relative of the coral and jellyfish. They spend their time attached to rocks on the sea bottom or coral reefs. They wait for fish to pass by so that it can sting thsafair low cost airlineem with their venom and use their tentacles to guide it into its mouth. Fish that are commonly seen in this wreck include like Steentjies, Red Romans, Koesters and Shad. Safair low cost airline shifts the cost saving to where it is most needed. You can spend more time exploring instead of spending it on travelling.  Do make sure you’re diving skills are on their best level before you hit is wreck as it can be a dangerous site for inexperienced divers. The wreck lies at a depth of 16m. When weather conditions are good then this is an excellent spot. With Safair low cost airline flying to Johannesburg for a weekend with friends then back to Port Elizabeth to go diving does not have to be a fantasy life. It is possible especially if you have the time. Harlem Wreck is another famous diving destination in Algoa Bay. It is home to Leopard Sharks, Cat Sharks and Pajama Sharks which swim gracefully in their artificial home. Other species that are commonly spotted here include the Cape Salmon and Batfish to mention few. It was previously a navy warship shattered and later formed an artificial reef for diving.

There are many places across South Africa that hasn’t been explored yet. With Safair low cost airline you no longer have worry about spending a small fortune on a plane fare.  More and more individuals are choosing flying with Flysafair over driver because of the low cost and convenience it is offering. You can fly with Flysafair from Cape Town to Johannesburg as well as Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and George vice versa. They just introduced a new route between Johannesburg and George and Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Great beaches are found in the Eastern Cape. If you enjoy time in the sun then you know where to head.

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