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Skywise Airlines

With 10 out of the 11 cheap airline launched in South Africa since 1991 having failed, launching a new cheap airline in 2013 is a daunting task. The common factors that make this industry unattractive is fuel price hikes, an increase in airport taxes and navigation. 2-million seats have come available after 1time’s exit, as a result domestic air fares have spiked, creating opportunities for new carriers to enter the market to service demand for low-cost air fares. This is where Skywise found its loop and managed to succeed.  On the 11th of February 2015 a group of 95 matriculants took their first flight ever from Johannesburg to Cape Town recently as guests of South Africa’s newest low-cost airline. The trip formed part of the airline’s launch campaign which was run in collaboration with Penquin Advertising.skywise flights

Skywise, is the latest entrant into the Johannesburg-Cape Town route, offering fares starting at R499 all-in for a one-way flight. Their flights are 25% cheaper than rival domestic airlines. So who do South Africans have to thank for the cheapest flights in South Africa? It is the country’s first 100% black-owned airline. Who would have thought a Black Economic Empowerment partner and a one foreign investor would beat the odds, and they surely did. According to Tourism Updated, the Skywise Airlines board of directors also includes Michael Kaminski and CEO Johan Borstlap and management team has many collective years of aviation and airline experience. Skywise’s flights will be between Cape Town and Johannesburg, with the first flight taking place on 11 February 2015. It will operate this route, as its initial entrenchment into the market, at up to 50 flights per week. Not only is the carrier’s goal to offer low costs and fares, while at the same time providing travellers with a value but also aims to take 6% of the 14-million passenger seats in its first year of operations.

Skywise Airlines chose to launch on the 11 February for a very special reason. On this date we remember the release from prison of Nelson Mandela. This date was in honour of Nelson Mandela’s unfailing commitment to developing all South Africans through education thus they partnered with Thembekile Mandela Foundation. Skywise mission is to become the best loved low cost air, offering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value. They intend on differentiating themselves by focusing on service, from aircraft, crew to ground staff. The introduction of a new low cost carrier in South Africa means that power will essentially be placed in the consumer’s hands again. The consumer will have a variety of choices. Do we foresee a future price war between the rival companies? Air fares are certainly going to drop. What about the traffic in airport? Certainly more and more people are going to opt for flying instead of driving. It is anticipated that the airline will fly approximately 25 000 passengers between Johannesburg and Cape Town be for business or leisure.skywise

Airline companies claim to be low cost carriers but in all honesty Skywise Airlines is one of two true low-cost carriers currently operating in the South African market. It plans on connecting its network using a Boeing 737-300 aircraft with an addition in the very near future, and will be focusing expansion into the golden triangle initially, then into other South African and regional destinations.

The Boeing 737 was chosen due to its affordable capital cost and above average fuel efficiency, which results in the customer savings in flight tickets. Skywise is the fourth low-cost carrier in the country’s aviation industry and the second to launch in the past 12 months . They offer Cheap flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg.

The new low-cost carrier took to the skies on 5 March, due to popular demand by the public. It was initially scheduled to take place on the 25th of March, but the public was too excited. Tickets for flights went on sale in mid-February. What a long wait. The airline arrival in South Africa has been well received by the public due to its “bags fly free” policy. Another cost saver for consumers. Skywise will only operate with two daily flights between Cape Town International and Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International at first.skywise airlines

Skywise Flights to Cape Town

Low cost carriers like Skywise Airlines have a positive impact on tourism. The lower the cost of travelling the more likely families will travel to the Cape. A Bus trip to Cape Town from Johannesburg has to be gruesome. Research suggests that our traveling population is taking more trips and spending more money on their holiday breaks. This is good for the tourism industry and our economy as a whole.


Skywise Flights Specials

The cheapest flight to Cape Town from Johannesburg was going for R 691 in 2012/2013 a substantial amount when you compare it to Skywise flight specials. It is clear that it is the cheapest airline in South Africa at the moment. Its presence has a substantial impact on air travel be for leisure or business. More and more people will opt for flying instead of busses or other forms of transport. The consumer will have a choice and thus will put pressure on other leading airline companies. More value is going to be added ontop of the current services they offer. There is absolute no reason why the normal South African has never been on a flight. Unlike competitors who offer flight specials,  Skywise offers flight specials everyday throughout the year. Cost is no longer a factor, maybe heights or something else but certainly not costs. Faced with countless choices for flights specials, hotels, car rental, and tours, it is time to dump all of that work on us. There are simply too many travel products in the market today for individuals to decipher on their own. Let us help you save time and save money. Let us be the middle man, and take care of things. Book with us.