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Woodford Car Hire Durban

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Durban is one of the largest cities of South Africa. This picturesque city has a lot to offer for the wanderlust soul. There are various tourist hotspots that one could discover in this wonderful South African city. Durban is one of the most developed cities in South Africa and is a center of economic and trade between various countries in Asia, North America, South America and Europe.woodford car rental durban

There are various tours arranged by the Durban Tourism department. You can customize them according to your needs and explore the city that played a major role in the history. But, there are some, who are wild at hearts and would like to explore the city at their own pace, and at their own terms. All they need is a car, and they are ready to start on with their expedition. For people like them, Woodford Car Hire Durban comes to their rescue.

Such  services do not necessarily cater to the needs of the tourists, but provides car rental service to almost anyone willing to rent a car for their own purposes. Their rates are nominal, and their service is impeccable.woodford car rental durban

It originally started with two vehicles in 1991, catering to the needs of a few people. It then expanded to a large company, with a good reputation, and their fleet consists of more than 900 cars and 145 commercial vehicles. They offer a wide range of choices for the clients to choose from, including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. They have Benz, Toyota and Hyundai in their fleet among various other vehicles.

The prices depend on the car that is chosen and the period of time that you have rented the car for. They have special discounts if you opt for a larger car or a larger number of cars.

Woodford Car rental Durban offer their services not only in Durban, but also in various other South African cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. They have various pick up and drop points, which make the Woodford Car Hire Durban the best choice for renting cars.

The service of Woodford Car Hire Durban is impeccable. They make sure that you do not waste time, since they understand and respect the nature of your job, and how important it would be for you. For such reasons, they made it convenient for you to rent cars online, so that it would be hassle free, instead of standing in long queues to get your car booked.

You can also sign up to their newsletter and get constant updates on their fares and offers. They help you in getting an idea of their prices by the availability of getting an online quotation form.woodford car rental durban

The Woodford Car Hire Durban is known for their availability and flexibility. Woodford Car Hire Durban is an award winning company have been awarded for their services in various aspects, including customer care, affordability and satisfaction. They are available in major cities of South Africa, with various branches in each city. Now avail the services of car hire in Durban and enjoy the ride under the Durban skies.

Reservations at Woodford car hire Durban

Call centre – calling through to do a reservation at Woodford car hire Durban can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The consultants are fully trained to help with all quotes, vehicle specifications and explanations of all the ongoing specials. When finalizing a booking over the phone, the process can be sped up by having the correct information on hand. The renter should be a licensed driver and have an idea of what vehicle type they would prefer to hire. Have rental dates finalized beforehand as well as the location of where you would be picking up the vehicle. Note that Woodford Car Hire allows for returns to be done at a different branch from the pickup location. Method of payment is the final request on telephonic reservations.

Email – reservations can be made through emails as well. You can send an email to Woodford explaining your request. The quote forms can be found on their website.

Online – the easiest and fastest way to do reservations with Woodford remains their online search system. Location and dates of rentals are inputted into their search system and results are populated within seconds. A full list of available cars and pricing at woodford car hire durban is then yielded.


General info on Woodford car hire Durban

  • Vehicles can be collected at one branch and returned to any other branch in South Africa.
  • Reservations can be modified or cancelled online
  • Long term car rentals are custom packaged for specific needs as per Woodford car hire Durban‘s flexible options
  • The Woodford car rental company started in Durban over 20 years ago with just 2 vehicles to their name. Today, they are the largest independent car rental agency in South Africa.
  • The commercial vehicle range comes in 1 to 36 ton offerings with the option of Woodford car hire Durban providing a driver as well. All trucks come with a full maintenance lease and are available for long term rentals as well.
  • Pinnacle is Woodfords premier loyalty club. The qualifying criteria to become a member of this exclusive club is renting a vehicle with Woodford Car Hire 3 times in the past 3 months. Members are issued with a personalized loyalty card, have their details on the Woodford system and will be updated with all upcoming specials and benefits. Member benefits includes grace periods when returning a vehicle past the schedule time, concessions from queues, VIP treatment at all Woodford branches and a free day of car hire for every 10 days a car has been hired.


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