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Air Botswana

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Air Botswana

[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]air botswanaAir Botswana, the state owned, flag carrier airline of the southern African country of Botswana was founded in 1972. The airline has come to be known for its low cost domestic and regional flights.


Booking and Checking into Air Botswana Flights

You would be able to book yourself a seat on Air Botswana by visiting a sales office in person or over the phone. If you wish to bypass all of the wait time required in these 2 instances, then we recommend you go the online route where you would be able to search for and confirm a booking yourself. The advantage of this is getting it done quicker and having a direct access to all of the available flights, enabling you to make a much better decision. Air Botswana has made an easy go of it, with a search engine that yields results of available flights within seconds. From this, you would choose your flight to book into. You can pay once you find a flight that interests you in terms of price and time and have the confirmation done right then and there. Flights can also easily be amended online as well.air botswana

Checking into Air Botswana flights can be done at the departing airport. Passengers need to check-in an hour before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights. Air Botswana is a fully economy class airline. Passengers are allowed 30 kilograms of luggage for storage in the cargo hold. A maximum of 7 kilograms may be brought on board the flight with the passenger. Check-in will require identification documentation. For Botswana nationals travelling locally, this will be the Omang National Identity Card. For international travel, a passport is needed. All non-Botswana travellers must provide their Passport. During check-in, you will be able to send through your checked luggage, be assigned to your seat on the flight and be given your boarding pass. The airline urges passengers to be on time as there is no wait time allocated for latecomers. Before boarding the flight, all passengers will be required to go through security along with any bags they will be bringing along onto the flight.


General Facts on Air Botswana

The Teemane Club is the loyalty club at Air Botswana. Frequent flyers on the airline are rewarded according to their tier level on the programme. The more flights you take, the higher your tier level. Benefits include priority on a flight waiting list and extra baggage limits in addition to redeeming Miles accumulated for flight tickets or upgrades.

air botswanaAir Botswana is completely economy class.

Meal options range from complimentary meals to snacks/drinks which can be purchased during the flight.

Air Botswana regularly puts out specials on their flights which brings down prices even further. Regularly visit their social media pages to keep in touch with these offerings and to be among the first to know about Air Botswana specials. This is important as these specials get snapped up by the first few in the know.

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