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Cheap Car Rentals in Durban South Africa

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Cheap Car Rentals in Durban South Africa

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…cheap car rentals durban south africa It really is possible to get cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa if one knows where to look, along with a few insider tips.

Know when to book your trip- cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa can be kicked off to a great start if the booking is done during an off peak time. Try to keep away from Christmas, Easter and long weekends when booking trips to Durban. Travelling during these so called slower times of the year not only brings lower car rental rates but the avoidance of high traffic travellers who will snap up rental vehicles.

Know when to do a booking- do not wait until the last minute to book cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa because you will not get it. Pitching up to Durban and then trying to get a handle on your rental car is a bad idea for 2 reasons. Firstly, since people will be scrambling to get their hands on any available car, prices will likely hike up. Secondly, you would be stuck with taking whatever is left in the rental fleet. Since budget vehicles are all the rage, these may all be booked out leaving you with no option but to go with a higher end car model which will be expensive. The car rental booking must be done before leaving for Durban. Most companies offer telephonic or online booking facilities which takes care of this so that it may be done from outside of Durban with ease. Majority of bookings for cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa comes from online. The beauty of going the online angle is that a booking can be done from any place and at whatever time is convenient. Access is also easier to find the cheapest car rental rates.


How to Book Cheap Car rentals in Durban, South Africa?

Whether you would be doing the booking for cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa online or over the phone, the information required would be the same. Let us look at the bookings process cheap car rentals durban south africa online, since this is the more popular option taken by people. Before the booking can be done, a vehicle will have to be found. Since we are concentrating on cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa, the target would be the vehicles with the lowest daily rental rates. The car rental search engine on the King Shaka Airport site caters for just this need. Results can be changed as per the need, but in this case it is not needed since results will be shown from lowest prices to highest. All vehicles that are waiting to be hired for a specific time period will be pulled up when our search engine is used. The lowest priced cars are listed first and it is from here that a choice will be made. You would select your vehicle and then reserve it. Booking cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa online will take a few minutes. After all required details are given in, payment can be done. Once this successfully goes through, the rental vehicle will be scheduled for you during your time in Durban.


Keeping Car Rentals Cheap in Durban

Stick to the cheapest vehicle offering, which is entry model vehicles. They are smaller in size but offer really cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa. Vehicle specifications are very impressive in that the newer ones which is what will be included in car rental fleets. Rental agencies like to update their fleet regularly. A 4 party group will travel comfortably in these vehicles, with luggage as well. Fuel also goes a long way in these cars, adding to the affordability car rentals durban south africa

Don’t incur additional costs that can easily be avoided. Return the vehicle on time so you do not get hit with a late fee. Your Durban rental vehicle will not be given to the next customer right upon return. It will have to go through a service check-up and be cleaned and this does take a bit of time. The other thing is the fuel tank. Rental companies rent out their vehicles with a full tank. This does make life a lot easier during the initial part of your Durban car hire experience but it also means that it will have to be given back as such. The rental company will be willing to do the fuel up on their own but it will cost you more. These factors must definitely be adhered to for cheap car rentals in Durban  South Africa.

Another tip for cheap car rentals in Durban  South Africa would be to find out if you belong to any of the rental agencies partner companies. Your membership number could entitle you to some amazing discounts so it is well worth a try. Another way to keep to cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa would be to stick with just one company when renting vehicles, if they have acheap car rentals durban south africa good membership club. You would get rewards which will rack up the more you do rentals with them. It is a good way to get cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa because you could use your rewards here for a free days car hire or free mileage. Members also get a grace period at some car hire companies when returning vehicles so they will not be slapped with a late fee if they are a bit late.

Finally, to keep to cheap car rentals in Durban South Africa, know what to pay extra for and for what not to. Hiring out extra products may be a necessity to keep your car journey smooth. If you do have your own, then bring them along so you will not have to hire them out. Such items that can be carried along to Durban include GPS units and child safety seats. Insurance is an item that should not be skimped on just so you can get really cheap car rentals in Durban, South Africa. This could be a lifesaver in the event of major damage to the vehicle during your rental period.


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