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Air Namibia

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Air Namibia FlightsOwned solely by the Namibian government, Air Namibia is the national airline of the Southern African country of Namibia. With its headquarters in Windhoek, the airline operates domestic, regional and international commercial passenger flights as well as air cargo services. Air Namibia has membership with the African Airlines Association and the International Air Transport Association. Air Namibia has a fleet of aircraft consisting of Airbus and Embraer type planes. All passengers that travel on the airline receive the in-flight magazine, Flamingo, free of charge.


Booking Flights on Air Namibia

Air Namibia have made an online booking portal available on their website to give their customers access to the most convenient method of purchasing tickets. The booking engine allows for customers to simply click their way through and choose from the following information to book a ticket.air namibia

  • Ticket type- one way or return
  • Departure and destination airports
  • Dates for departing and returning
  • Number of passengers (babies under 2 years of age, children 2 to 11 years, adults over 12 years)
  • Economy or business class

The Air Namibia website will then produce a list of flights that have available seats as per the entered information. Once a customer finds a flight they are happy with they can make the booking with payment being done immediately with credit card. The airline also gives the option of paying later if customers do not have access to a credit card.

Air Namibia flights can also be purchased by visiting travel agents or an Air Namibia office. The website though, offers a do it yourself facility that can be done anywhere at any time.


Air Namibia Check-in

Passengers can check-into their Air Namibia flights at their departure airport by proceeding to the airlines check-in counters. There, they will present the reservation code (e-ticket) and confirmair namibia their identity. Once the reservation is confirmed, passengers will be allowed to check in their luggage and receive their boarding pass. Check-in at the counter desks are done by the airline staff and all luggage will be sent directly to the bag drop zone.

Air Namibia passengers are also allowed to check in online for their flight. The check-in tab can be found on the Air Namibia website and is available in 3 languages namely English, Portuguese and German.

Passengers can identify themselves for check-in, 3 ways

  • Their e-ticket number
  • Name and flight details
  • Credit card details

Once passengers have confirmed their check-in for Air Namibia flights, they may print out their boarding pass at home. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can go directly to the Air Namibia bag drop zone to leave any luggage that needs to be checked into the flight. Passengers will need to drop off their bags within the time limit so as to allow staff enough of time to load it onto the plane. Thereafter passengers can go through immigration and then to the boarding gates.

Air Namibia Flights

Luggage on Air Namibia Flights

  • Carry-on luggage- is luggage that passengers will take with them onto Air Namibia flights. Business class passengers are allowed 2 pieces of hand luggage which must each weigh a maximum of 8kg each. Economy class passengers are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage weighing a total of 8kg. Examples of carry-on luggage include handbags, laptop bags, umbrella and an overcoat. Wheelchairs and crutches can also be brought along provided the passenger is dependent on them. All carry-on luggage will be submitted to a security check together with the passenger prior to boarding to ensure there are no dangerous items being taken aboard.air namibia
  • Check-in luggage- is luggage that will be stored in the cargo hold of the plane which passengers can collect at the baggage carousel after they land. These bigger bags cannot be stored in the cabin due to space concerns. Business class passengers are allowed to check-in 2 pieces of luggage not weighing more than 32kg each. Economy class passengers are allowed to check in 1 piece of luggage which must not exceed 23kg. Passengers are allowed to purchase extra bags to a maximum of 10 bags per passenger per flight. The airline suggests that passengers use the wrapping services available in all airports that they operate from to secure the bag from damage and the contents from pilferage.


Pet Carriage on Air NamibiaAir Namibia Flights

Air Namibia does transport pets on its flights. Passengers wishing to travel with their pets on Air Namibia must contact the airline to make the necessary arrangements. The transport of pets is done on a different pricing rate and cannot be included in the free checked in baggage that passengers receive on Air Namibia. Pets will travel in the cargo hold of the plane in a secure container. Blind or deaf passengers can bring along their service dog to travel with them in the cabin. Only 1 dog is permitted per passenger. Service dogs are not charged for, on Air Namibia flights. No other pets are allowed to travel in the cabin area of the plane.


Reward$ on Air Namibia

Reward$ is the loyalty club offered by Namibia Airways. It is a basic frequent flyer programme whereby members can accrue points every time they fly on Namibia Airways. To be a Reward$ member a person needs to be at least 12 years old.  Registration can be done online on the Air Namibia website, at an Air Namibia ticketing office or on board one of their flights. Upon registration, the new member will receive a Reward$ account number. The registration will only be complete after the member takes a flight on Air Namibia. Once this is done their Reward$ account will be activated and they will then be able to transfer miles from another members account into their own, upgrade their account or redeem tickets. Miles are loaded automatically onto a members account (but the number must be used when making a booking or when checking into a flight). Members can use the online facility on the Air Namibia website to keep track of the amount of points they have accrued. Miles can be spent on a free flight on Air Namibia or for excess baggage.air namibia


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