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Midmar Mile Car Rental

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…midmar mile car rental The annual Midmar Mile race sees thousands of swimmers descending upon Durban’s shores to participate in the world’s largest open water swim. Consisting of everyone from Olympic level athletes to people who swim just for recreation, the Midmar Mile is 2 day event. Swimmers are split into groups which are sent out at timed intervals to ensure that all of the participants are comfortably accommodated. The Midmar Mile it gets its name from:

  • Midmar – the Midmar Dam (where the swim takes place) which is located in Howick, KwaZulu Natal.
  • Mile – the length of the race (some years, due to low rainfall, the dam is not filled to capacity making for the fun sight of seeing the swimmers sprint across the muddy shores until they reach deep enough water levels to be able to swim)

The race is held every February.


Getting to Howick

South Africa has an excellent transport system and people are spoilt for choice when travelling within the country. 2 of the most popular methods for travellers though, is planes and rental cars. International travellers to the Midmar Mile can get into the country by any one of the number of international airlines offering flights into the country. Within the country, local airlines like Kulula have daily flights to cities across the nation. Kulula is a low cost airline which only offers a standard economy class seating with no on board meal, though Kulula does offer on time flights, free baggage and an on board cafe. Midmar Mile travellers can fly into Durban and rent a vehicle and drive up to Howick or fly directly into Pietermaritzburg and rent their vehicle there.midmar mile car rental

Midmar Mile car rental can be done across the board from local companies to those with a global footprint. Both options bring affordable Midmar Mile car rental to the table.


Vehicles to rent for the Midmar Mile

  • Budget – budget cars are the best bet for cheap Midmar Mile car rental. Not only are they cheap to hire out but customers will have access to even cheaper rates when they come as part of a special. They consist of basic sedan and hatchback models.midmar mile car rental
  • Executive – specials are also offered on the more luxurious models though not on the same scale as budget models. They are intended for those who have a preference for comfort over cost.
  • Rough terrain – the Midlands offers great spots for camping adventures which can be done as a prelude or after course to the Midmar Mile race. Midmar Mile car rental vehicles that will best meet the rugged terrain of these areas are vans, which could be single or double cabs, depending on the amount of people being carried.
  • People carrier – a group travelling to the Midmar Mile race would do well to hire out a people carrier vehicle so that they may be transported in one vehicle and save on the costs of having to hire out multiple smaller cars. Midmar Mile car rental packages will be very good here to do away with the scheduling aspect of seeking out available flight seats or hotel rooms so that the group can be together throughout the journey.


Extra Items for Hire

  • GPS – those not familiar with the Midlands area in KwaZulu Natal should book out a GPS system as an additional item hire to their rental vehicle. This way they can get to the Midmar Dam without getting lost in Pietermaritzburg and be on time for the start of their groups turn to race. These systems can also be used to explore the Midlands region which is famous for its arts and crafts route as well as scenic tourist destinations.midmar mile car rental
  • Baby seats – many Midmar Mile swimmers will not be coming alone but will bring along a support system and cheer crowd. Pietermaritzburg is also a nice place to get in some fun family time away. If swimmers would be bringing their family which will consist of little children, it is imperative that they hire out a baby seat during the booking of their rental car. Babies cannot be transported on an adults lap anymore. The law does not allow it because research done on the subject shows that children will be much safer being transported in these seats. These seats are limited so it is wise to book in advance to have a better shot of securing one.
  • Bicycle racks – Durban and Pietermaritzburg are a great outdoors destination and for this reason, many Midmar Mile swimmers take advantage and bring along their bicycles to partake in some cycling activities amongst the vibrant and scenic cities. The racks carry multiple bicycles and offer a way for transporting them without having to take up any space inside the vehicle.


Midmar Mile Car Rental Specials

midmar mile car rental 2Midmar Mile car rental specials can be found at both the smaller and bigger companies. Specials will centre on the time of the Midmar Mile race. There are benefits to both choices when looking for Midmar Mile car rental specials. The smaller local companies will bring to the table cheaper rates. They are able to do so because they keep on their vehicles in their fleet for a little bit longer. (They do not do a yearly rotation like some of the bigger companies). Since newer models are not coming in as often, the rates will remain the same for a little bit longer. This does not mean that Midmar Mile travellers will get ancient cars, just one that was not purchased within the past year or so. They do also provide specials on weekend rentals, shorter distances, super waivers and unlimited mileage though this is more common at the larger rental agencies who are able to provide specials across their network of branches. Customers may even use their loyalty club points to further get better Midmar Mile car rental specials.


Midmar Mile Car Rental Packages

Midmar Mile car rental packages are essentially a part of a full travel package. One of the best ways to find Midmar Mile car rental packages is when booking flights. This way, once flight dates and times are finalized, the search engine will be able to provide a list of available hotels and vehicles. With the Midmar Mile car rental packages, travellers to the race will be able to organize all of their travel logistics in one go.midmar mile car rental


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