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Amashova Flights

[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]amashova flights The Amashova is a yearly cycling event that takes place between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa. The acclaimed race was established in 1986 and now attracts thousands of cyclists to KwaZulu Natal every October, the month the race is usually held.


General information on the Amashova

  • There are 3 race types available at the Amashova. The Amashova Durban Classic is 106km long and begins at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall. The Half Challenge is 65km long and begins at Cato Ridge. The Fun Ride is 35km long and begins in Hillcrest. amashova flight specials
  • Entry into the Amashova can be done online. There is a cut off time for online entry. Entries can be done at the registration for the race but will be done so at an extra fee. Online entrants will receive their race number and start times around a week before registration. Registration for the race is done for 3 days before the actual Amashova race day. To register, cyclists will have to bring along their CSA card along with the race number that was sent to them.
  • The CSA is the abbreviation for Cycling South Africa. This cycle race card that is issued by them is a license that all cyclists need if they participate in road cycling events over 20km. The license can be bought online through their website. Cyclists can purchase a day pass license which can only be used for one day or go for the yearly membership.
  • There are 5 cut off times for the Amashova cycling race. This is done at various pre-determined routes along the way to the finish line. If cyclists do not make it to these points on time, then they will be ferried to the finish point by bus. The Amashova race officially closes at 15:00.
  • The Amashova organization oversees many road cycling safety initiatives in the city of Durban as well as developing cycling tracks in schools to teach children about safe road cycling.

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Flights to the Amashova Race

Participants coming into South Africa for the Amashova can do so via flights through one of the many airlines which have routes between South Africa and other countries. If the international flight does not land in Durban but does so at Lanseria, Johannesburg or Cape Town Airport, then flights will have to be arranged from that point to either Durban or Pietermaritzburg Airport. Airlines in South Africa include SAA, Kulula, Mango and FlySafair. For cheaper Amashova flights it would be best to go with an airline like Kulula which offers affordable pricing. Kulula provides a standard economy class seating and no on board meal as it is a low cost airline, but it’s really not an issue with most South Africans as flights average an hour or so between cities. To get even cheaper tickets for Amashova flights, participants should consider the followingamashova car rental

  • Amashova flight specials specifically for the race are put out months in advance. To secure these Amashova flight specials before they sell out, participants would need to book early and preferably as soon as they are available. To be in the loop on upcoming Amashova flights, participants should sign up to their social media pages or the airline newsletter. This is where Amashova flight specials and promotions will usually turn up first.
  • If you would be flying to the race in a group then you can contact Kulula for Amashova flight specials on a group rate.
  • If there are any members of the group that are pensioners or students then they can make use of their status for discounted Amashova flights. Amashova flight specials on these may only be offered on certain days.
  • Amashova flight specials can also be found as part of flight packages. This is when flights, hotel rooms and car rental are offered in a travel package deal. Once the flight dates and confirmed, Amashova participants will be able to select a rental car and hotel room from all available choices presented to them for that period. It will take away the task of then having to go and look for the rooms and car that will be available during their time in Durban.


Car rental at the Amashova

Amashova car rental can be booked when participants land at either the King Shaka or Pietermaritzburg Airport. For those who do not want to handle this upon landing, then advance booking through the internet can be done. This is the preferred method of Amashova car rental seeing as this way participants will have a better chance of landing their car of choice. The Amashova car rental process is as followsamashova car rental packages

  • Entering in the travel dates when the hired vehicle will be needed – participants will need to factor in registration for the race which takes place in the days leading up to race day
  • Choosing a vehicle from the list given – Amashova car rental vehicles include the usual batch of hatchbacks, sedans, SUV’s, double cabs and minibuses
  • Choosing any additional hire items – these include baby safety seats, GPS and bicycle racks
  • Confirming the booking by providing personal, contact and payment details
  • Picking up the car upon landing at the airport – identity documentation as well as Driver’s License will need to be provided
  • Dropping off the rental car – cars must be returned on or before the scheduled time.

amashova car rental packages

As mentioned, Amashova car rental packages can be purchased when booking flights. The Amashova car rental packages will consist also, of the flight and hotel room for the time spent in Durban for the race. The first advantage of booking Amashova car rental packages is that all of the logistical details of the trip to Durban can be taken care of at once. There will be no need to visit different sites looking for consistent dates. The second advantage of booking Amashova car rental packages is the cost. Packages are always sought after and for good reason. They offer multiple avenues at a cheaper price than if you were to book these individually.amashova flight specialsamashova flights


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