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Amashova Durban Classic

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Amashova Durban Classic

amashova durban classic The Amashova Durban Classic is a cycling race held yearly in South Africa, usually in the month of October. Established in 1986, it is now known as one of the toughest cycling races even attracting international cyclists. It is a road cycling event that is similar to the route of the Comrade’s Marathon though the Amashova Durban Classic always begins in Pietermaritzburg and ends in Durban and does not alternate the route between years.


The 3 race types at the Amashova Durban Classic

  • Amashova Durban Classic which is 106km long – the race from this point starts from outside of the Pietermaritzburg City Hall
  • Amashova Half Challenge which is 65km – the race from this point starts in Cato Ridge
  • Amashova Fun Ride which is 35km – the race from this point starts in Hillcrest


Cut off times for the Race

There will be 5 cut off pints along the Amashova Durban Classic route. These are

  • amashova durban classic 1 – Inchanga Caravan Park at 12:15
  • 2 – Botha’s Hill at 13:00
  • 3 – Kassier Road at 13:30
  • 4 – Pinetown at 14:00
  • 5 – N3 off ramp at 14:30
  • Final cut off time – the finish line will close at 15:00


If participants do not make these cut off times, they will be stopped and transported to the finish race point by bus. Their bicycles will be transported by truck.


The Amashova Durban Classic Charitable Projectsamashova durban classic

The organization develops cycling tracks in Durban

Road safety bike parks in schools which teaches children rules of the road as well as how to stay safe on roads.

Promote safe cycling by working together with the city of Durban


Transport to the Amashova Durban Classic

The Amashova Durban Classic provides a bit of a logistical challenge to cyclists as it begins in one city and ends in another. The organizers of the race do provide buses which get participants to the start of the race in Pietermaritzburg from Durban. Buses will leave at different times to accommodate the different race types. The buses are also available to take cyclists back to Pietermaritzburg if that is their hometown.

Cyclists also have the option of hiring out their own vehicle when coming to the Amashova Durban Classic. It is also the much more convenient way to accommodate bicycles in your own vehicle amashovashova than in a taxi. Unfortunately, a lot of out of town Amashovashova participants think this way so vehicles do get booked up pretty quick. Best to book in advance to secure your vehicle during the race weekend. Vehicle options will include hatchbacks, sedans, SUV’s, double cabs and people carriers. The choice depends on the participant’s budget and whether they will be bringing along family or friends. Additional items that also get grabbed up quickly along with bicycle racks are navigation systems and baby seats. Bicycle racks are attached to the back of the rental car which will then hold the bicycle instead of having it be inside of the car. Navigation systems will direct participants to the race and also around Durban or Pietermaritzburg. Baby seats must be hired if the Amashova Durban Classic participants will be bringing along babies or toddlers.

Out of town participants will first have to get to Durban for the race. This is best done by flights as it is the faster option. Low cost flights can be purchased from airlines like Kulula or Mango which are known for their cheap tickets. Careful consideration needs to be taken for the dates when booking flight tickets from Kulula for the Amashova Durban Classic. Cyclists will need to be in Durban for the registration which takes place a few days before the race, up until the day before. Late entries can be done here but it will be at an added cost. If cyclists are coming to Durban for the race with their family and would want to spend a few days in the sunny city, then this should also be considered when finalizing flight dates with Kulula.


Amashova Durban Classic Accommodation

amashovashova Participants at the Amashova Durban Classic have the option of choosing their accommodation base to be at either Pietermaritzburg or Durban as transport is provided from Durban to Pietermaritzburg at both the start and end of the day. Both cities offer a variety of housing solutions from hotels, guest houses, self-catering and lodges. The choice depends on the needs of the participant. Those wanting a fully catered holiday will go with a hotel as there are more services provided here. Those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a hotel room but would still like some creature comforts will go with a guest house where in addition to a daily breakfast, the owners are on hand to provide personalized service. Lodges are also an option for those who want a cheaper alternative to a hotel and want a laid back trip out in a Game Reserve. Self-catering is the best way to have a budget holiday, where you would not have to rely on restaurant or take out foods. These places come with an equipped kitchen so that guests will be able to prepare their own meals.


Amashova Durban Classic FAQ’s

  • Prospective participants must register for entry into the race. Entries for the Amashovashova can be done online. No entries are done on the day of the race. Payment for entries are non-refundable but the entrant can be substituted by a friend or family member at the race’s events office.amashova durban classic
  • Participants need a license from Cycling South Africa in order to register for the race. These licenses can be bought online for a yearly membership or a day license if you would only need it for the Amashovashova.
  • Cyclists will receive their Amashovashova race numbers and official start times through SMS about a week before registration. This can be picked up at the registration venue. Participants will need to take along their race number which was messaged to their phone along with the CSA license card to registration.




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