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Midmar Mile Accommodation

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Midmar Mile Accommodation

midmar mile accommodation The quaint town of Howick serves as the host of the annual Midmar Mile swimming race. The race has made the Guinness World Records as the largest swim done in open waters. The Midmar Mile race pulls in an assortment of participants from professional to leisure swimmers. Anyone can enter provided they qualify. There are a number of options in Howick for Midmar Mile accommodation. The area is quite popular around the time of the Midmar Mile, for participants and onlookers so advance booking is wise to secure the Midmar Mile accommodation of your choice. Midmar Mile accommodation must be chosen according to financial and travel needs. The latter referring to booking Midmar Mile accommodation according to the arrival and departure times of your flight to the race.


Midmar Mile Accommodation at Hotels

Hotels for Midmar Mile accommodation are one of the more expensive options but they do provide all services giving guests a much more relaxing time. Services at hotels for Midmar Mile accommodation will depend on the hotel chosen, but generally include the following

  • Onsite parking if cars will be rented out for the duration of the Midmar Mile holiday
  • Secure 24 hour security servicesmidmar mile accommodation
  • Air-conditioner to take care of the east coast humidity
  • Telephone and internet services
  • Safe at front desk and in rooms
  • Midmar Mile accommodation at hotels provide a full room service
  • Laundry services
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Pool – a pool is a major factor for many Midmar Mile participants. It means they will have access to a place to get in some practice laps before the big race. Hotels are the better bet of having a bigger pool.
  • Gym – a gym is also quite essential to keep up a workout regime for the Midmar Mile.


Midmar Mile Accommodation at Guest houses/B&B

Guest houses may be lesser in terms of the cost option but will provide fewer services than a hotel. They do provide the comforts of home though, but with the support of Guest House owners. Many of Howick’s guest houses for Midmar Mile accommodation are situated among lush velds. Midmar Mile guests will be able to book into a room at these B&Bs which contain a bed, bathroom, television among a few other essential items. Further amenities such as internet may or may not be included. Guesthouses usually include a breakfast as part of their rates, so there will not have to be a morning rush to go out and find a place to get in your daily dose of coffee. Guest houses offer a higher level of privacy to guests than that of hotels. They are also the quieter option to that of a hotel and guests will get much more personalized attention from the home owner.

midmar mile accommodation

Self-catering Midmar Mile Accommodation

Self-catering is the most budget conscious option, though the guests will have to take care of all of their needs themselves. The benefit here is that guests will have the most amount of privacy and not be directly answerable to anyone. Self-catering Midmar Mile accommodation can be done in flats, houses, vacation units and even villas. The most important factor in booking a self-catering Midmar Mile accommodation is the factor of meals which guests will be responsible for themselves. Self-catering facilities for Midmar Mile accommodation usually come with the following

  • Sleeping quarters – the number of guests must be specified when booking so that it can be ensured that there is ample sleeping spots for all. Some units may provide a sleeper couch which midmar mile accommodation will be able to accommodate an additional guest.
  • Television, radios – basic entertainment is provided at most self-catering units
  • Bathroom/toilet
  • A kitchen usually stocked with pots, pans, crockery, utensils, stove and fridge. Guests can make use of this and prepare their own meals, eat out or bring in a take-out meal. Because guests will have the run of the house, they will be able to have a fun evening such as a braai without having to worry about other guests at the establishment. Of course, for the full privacy factor, it would have to be a holiday house and not a self-catering flat for instance.


Transport to the Midmar Mile

For the budget conscious traveller, low cost airlines such as Kulula will provide the best method of getting to the Midmar Mile. Kulula offers low costs for their flights and will get you to Durban or Pietermaritzburg faster than driving. Be sure to look out for Kulula flight specials to ensure you would get the lowest prices when flying to the Midmar Mile. Plenty of luggage is included in the ticket price for both carry-on and check-in, though there is the option of purchasing extra luggage if it is needed. Kulula flights can be booked online and is by far the best option as the online booking engine is available 24 hours a day unlike the call centre or ticket sales office. Once you enter in dates and destination, you will be given a list of flights with available seats. A flight may be chosen based on price or the time of day that would best suit you. You will then be asked to provide some personal details and to select any additional options such as buying flight or baggage insurance, or extra luggage. Kulula flights can be paid for through EFT, credit cards or the online portal among many other options. Car rentals provide a good option for travelling around in Howick. Cars can be rented directly from the Durban or Pietermaritzburg Airports.

midmar mile accommodation

Howick Activity Ideas

It would kind of be a waste to just come to Howick for the Midmar Mile. The town offers plenty of tourist and fun activities for the entire family. The following are just some of the fun stuff to partake in.

  • Viewing big game animals on game drives
  • Canoeing or boat trips
  • Mountain bikingmidmar mile accommodation
  • Golf, squash, tennis
  • Visit the Howick Falls
  • Tour the Midlands Meander craft region

It would be an excellent idea to take the family along to have some support during the race and for good company in touring this amazing area.


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