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Assistane Services on Kulula Airlines Flights

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Assistane Services on Kulula Airlines Flights

With Kulula Arilines you have assistance to make your flight not only pleasant but efficient when you have special needs to be attended. Kulula Airlines has a special policy for the transportation of passengers with special needs, including kids and elders. In case you need dedicated assistance services, you have to get in contact with Kulula Airlines Contact Centre to book the required special need within time before your flight departure.
Apart from the special transportation of pets and guide dogs, Kulula Airlines also has exclusive policies for the transportation of kids that are 12 to 16 years old unaccompanied, pregnant passengers and handicapped travelers.kulula disabled passengers

Kulula Airlines Wheelchair Policy

Passengers that require the use of wheelchairs either permanently or just to get access to the plane and other areas of the airport can be assisted with priority by Kulula Airlines.
If you do not have a wheelchair and requires one for your locomotion inside the airport, you have to contact Kulula Airlines Contact Centre at least 24 hours prior to your flight departure. Note that the availability of wheelchairs is not ensured and the earlier you book this service the safer you will be about your access and comfort inside the airport.
Passenger who have their own wheelchair unit will count with the Passenger Aid Unit (PAU) to keep it during the flight comfortably. You also have to book this service since there is a limited availability per flight.

Paraplegic or quadriplegic passengers who require special assistance during the flight must travel accompanied with someone to aid them during the flight as Kulula Airlines unfortunately do not count with special staff to aid these travelers with a full time dedication during the flight.

Travelers who are partially unable to get around by themselves but don’t need extra special needs also can make use of a wheelchair without the prior request by booking. If you need special assistance to ascend or descend the steps that give access to the plane, you can request upon your boarding or check in the aid of a wheelchair.kulula airlines


For all the physical and mental special conditions, passengers might need to fill in the INCAD Form proving they are fit and accordance with the law for traveling. This includes passengers that have mental and intellectual disabilities and are looking for an unaccompanied travel. The passenger will have to prove using the form or otherwise prove it is accompanied by a reliable assistant for all special needs. Kulula Airlines provides INCAD Forms and you can get one upon requesting it with our Contact Centre.

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