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Avis Car Rental in South Africa

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As the most renowned car rental company in the world and the pioneer on this business, Avis car hire services employs hundreds of new workers every year as the company expands its business beyond the borders around the world. The idea to offer car rental services happened in the late ’40s in Detroit by the mind of Warren E Avis, who realized the big deal it would be to implement a system of car rentals linked to airline travels. The first headquarters of Avis care hire was at the Willow Run Airport in Detroit. The Avis car hire business went so well the company decided to remove the “airline” word from the name of the company as several new offices started to pop up in Detroit’s downtown. The realty of cars rented for people around the city to all kinds of transportations needs was born and established by the company with unusual success.avis car hire

Avis car hire Around the Country and the World

The Avis car hire services just increased during the early ’50s as the company started to settle new offices in many other cities. By the mid ’50s, Avis was established all around the United States. The company was merged with the also renowned U-Drivit during this period, which boosts up the profits and the name of the entrepreneurship.

During the ’60s it was not a surprise Avis car hire services would go worldwide as the name Avis becomes a reference imitated everywhere around the globe. The company would then launch new offices in Europe, Mideast and Africa. The South African branch office was the first in the continent and still today Avis car hire services in South Africa offers guidance on quality of services and leadership.


Avis car hire is not only the pioneer company on car rental services as it is also a reference for innovation in this business since the beginning. As a differential that always kept Avis car hire services standing out from competitors was its central billing charge card. This idea was not only a refreshing and revolutionary idea for the car rental business but also inspired public charging systems along the years in USA.

During the mid ’60s, the invention of computers and the digitalization of work routines would make Avis car hire services standardize its charging system computerising the cards. The untimely innovation with this inclusion made the company quite much ahead of its competitors as well as one of the first services companies using computer systems. This event would meet the expansion of Avis car hire activities and offices settlement around the world during the ’70s.avis car hire

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