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Avis Rental

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Avis Rental

Avis is one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to car rentals. This is because of their great rental pricing, vehicle options, transfer services, loyalty and partnership programmes. Customers, worldwide, love their friendly and efficient service which is why they remain loyal to Avis.


The Avis Rental Vehicle Range

Avis operates one of the biggest fleets in South Africa. They also continuously upgrade their vehicles so that the fleet only includes the latest models for hire. When it comes time for a vehicle to leave the Avis rental fleet, it is taken up by the Avis Car Sales department. Avis cars are well maintained and serviced during their entire rental history, therefore they are a popular purchase for people who are looking to buy a used car. Avis also allows for the replacement of a used car that gives off any mechanical problems within 30 days after purchase. Furthermore, Avis vehicle components are sprayed with DataDots which is a security measure against thieves.

There are many vehicles to choose from when hiring a vehicle from Avis. Avis Rental

  • First up is the most affordable. Hatchbacks are the cheapest because they are entry level vehicles and do not require as much fuel refilling as the bigger vehicles. They may be small but can fit a small family and luggage comfortably
  • The next range is the SUV/sedan range. They offer more space and amenities making for pleasurable driving.
  • Vans can also be hired at Avis rental and do come in the 4×4 option. Vans range from single or double cabs and come with or without a canopy. The Avis rental van range also includes vehicles that are adapted for the rough terrains of the wild. These vans can be hired out when going on a safari.
  • Avis has a luxury car range consisting of the latest sports cars, sedans and SUV’s. The hiring of these vehicles can only be done with the Avis luxury brand ambassador. The vehicles in this range are always less than a year old.
  • Travelling in a group can be made easier when using Avis rental people carrier vehicles. These minibus types can transport a group of people and their luggage allowing for the group to travel together.


The Avis Rental Transfer Services

Avis RentalAvis rental vehicles are not only hired out to customers. They can also be hired out as a transfer service. Avis offers 2 options. The first is the Chauffeur Drive which allows a customer to be driven around to multiple locations for the period that they hire out the service. Chauffeur Drive is only available at Avis car rental Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town branches. Customers can hire out the service in a vehicle of their choice (different rates) at an hourly, half or full day period. Customers not requiring multiple stops but merely transport from one point to another can make use of the Avis Point2Point transfer service. This service can also be done in a vehicle of choice, though it is more limited than the Chauffeur Drive. Point2Point is a secure way to have vehicle transport when arriving at an airport or needing transport home after an event, without having to rely on taxis.


How to Book Avis Vehicles

Avis car rental Durban vehicles can be booked one of many ways.Avis Rental

  • Customers can visit an Avis branch and have the car rental agents do the booking for them. Customers will get personalized and friendly assistance from the Avis brand ambassador staff.
  • Customers can call the Avis call centre to make a booking. It is best to have all rental/contact/personal/payment details ready to keep the call short.
  • Customers can download the Avis app onto their cell phones and do a mobile booking
  • Customers can fill out the booking form found on the Avis website which requires all rental information. An Avis consultant processes the booking and emails the customer a confirmation when the booking is finalized.
  • Customers can use the online booking engine which is also found on the Avis website. The customer enters all required rental information and can confirm the booking immediately.


Avis Wizard Card

The Wizard card is a way for Avis rental customers to speed up the booking of cars with Avis. Customers would have to apply for a Wizard card, which is free of charge, and once accepted would be given a Wizard number. This number can be used during bookings. The unique number will provide all personal details of the holder which means that they will not have to enter all of their details during each and every booking. With the Avis rental Wizard number, customers will be done with their booking much, much faster.


Avis Rental

Avis Rental Vehicle Extras

Paraplegic hand controls are offered by Avis rental, though they would need to be reserved 3 days in advance so that the vehicles in which they fit can be made available. These hand controls are provided free to Avis customers.

Bicycle racks can be hired. They are attached to the back of a vehicle and can securely hold bicycles.

Baby seats must also be booked in advance to ensure availability. Avis offers a baby safety seat, child safety seat and booster seat to protect infants, toddlers and kids.

Navigation systems can also be hired at Avis rental. The Avis GPS system can guide drivers in 17 languages both by visual directions on the screen or verbal prompts.


Avis Rental Partnership Programmes

The following are some of the partnerships that Avis has built over the years.



Mango AirlinesAvis Rental

Multiply Wellness and Rewards

Three Cities

City Lodge


Avis Rental Loyalty Club

The Avis rental Loyalty club is the Preferred Loyalty. The club came about as a way for Avis to thank their customers for their loyalty. Frequent renters would have to apply to gain entry into the club, but it is free. Members can then view their loyalty statement and details on their online profile. Perks of the club include fast track service, free weekend car hire, complimentary upgrades and more.



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