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Car Hire Companies in Durban

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Car Hire Companies in Durban

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car hire company durbanIf you are going to be visiting Durban and travelling around, you will need to consider your transport options. Durban Airport has shuttles available to get between the airport and popular areas around town. Taxis also provide transportation, though they are not limited to routes and will take you anywhere. Public transportation can also be utilized. Then we have the rent a car option. Renting a vehicle means that it will be your sole possession during the rental, entitling you to a ride whenever you need. Getting this rental vehicle is oh so easy, which is why it is often the go to choice for many travellers to Durban. Being so popular, it’s no wonder there are many options for car hire companies in Durban. Choosing a car hire company in Durban to go with can be quite daunting if you would be looking around to find where you would be getting the best deal. You would, of course, want to compare all of the choices before making an informed decision.


How to Compare Car Hire Companies in Durban?

You definitely would not want to wait until you get to Durban to visit a couple of branches in person. This would give you slim pickings as majority of the fleet would be booked out by other people and you may not get the vehicle you were after. This is both timely and costly. Comparing over the phone can be done in advance and even if you are not in the city, and although you would get car hire company durbanbetter rental rates this way, it is also time consuming. The internet is the fastest option, but can be a bit slow, as well if you were to visit multiple sites for a car hire company in Durban. This is where a comparison search engine comes in handy. Such a facility can be found on this website. It is your basic search engine which will effortlessly find you your rental vehicle for your time in Durban. Before using the search engine to find all available vehicles from car hire companies in Durban, you would need to know the exact dates and times that you will be needing the vehicle. If you are arriving and leaving the city via a flight then this is made all the more easier as you would simply select the dates and times according to the arrival and departure of said flight. You would have a choice to select a car hire company in Durban at either the King Shaka International Airport or a surrounding area. With just these select details, you will be provided with a full list of vehicles from the many car hire companies in Durban. There is no need to have to go through with a booking straight away. Our site can also be used merely as finding quotations and when you are ready, you can come back at any time to make your booking. The list itself will start out with the cheapest vehicle available for booking going all the way down to the most expensive and luxury vehicle models.

  • You will have the option of narrowing down the list to only see vehicles that you are interested in. The vehicle offerings are small, medium, large, premium, SUV and people carriers. The choice is up to you concerning the choice.
  • The rental company can also be chosen.
  • Car specifications will include whether you would require a 4 door model, air-conditioning and automatic or manual transmission.
  • From here, you would have an easier time of selecting a car hire company in Durban to go with as your final choice.
  • First up, you would get a choice of extras that you would like to add to the rental. Examples include child safety seats, GPS units, additional drivers or bicycle racks. Once this is done, you will be given the final rental amount and can choose whether you would want to finalize the booking.
  • The next step would be driver details. These are basic personal info which will be checked against Identity Documents during pick-up.
  • Finally, you would handle the payment. All car hire companies in Durban accept payment done through a credit card.

car hire companies durban

Using a Car Hire Company in Durban

To make use of a car Hire Company in Durban comes with a few requirements. You must be a licensed driver. Locals can provide their Driver’s License as proof of this and international visitors will do well to arrange an International Driving Permit to make the approval easier. Most companies do require that a driving license have been held for at least 2 years. A young driver surcharge may be imposed if this is not met. Hertz Car Hire is one car hire company in Durban that does not require for this to be an issue for the rental of their vehicles.

Once confirmation of the rental is given, you can pick up the car as stated during the booking. Many car hire companies in Durban do allow for a free cancellation provided this is done at least 24 hours before the rental was due to happen. car hire companies durban

The rental car will be ready and waiting for you at the Durban branch you have selected. Admin will not take more than a few minutes, depending on how busy the store is. It is recommended to arrive in Durban during the off peak hours which is not as busy, so stay clear of early mornings and late afternoons. When the vehicle is brought up front, take a few seconds to photograph it and note any damage with the staff before driving off. The vehicle is your property for the full rental period to enjoy.

Returning a vehicle to a car hire company in Durban must be done on time. Even a few minutes later than agreed upon, will result in a fine. The company will need sufficient time to clean, inspect and fuel up the vehicle to have it ready in time for the next customer.

It is just a few simple steps to getting your own car and being self-reliant during your entire time in Durban.

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