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Budget Car Hire Durban Airport

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Budget Car Hire Durban Airport

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budget car hire durbanBudget Car Hire is a trusted name in South Africa, and with good reason. Their constantly updated fleet is rented out at affordable prices, enabling customers to keep well within their budget when travelling. Unless travel is done as part of a tour group, hiring out a rental vehicle is the go to choice for many people when they come to Durban. You would want the lowest rate you could possibly get, irrespective of the type of vehicle you want to rent out. This is where Budget Car Hire in Durban comes along to help you out immensely.


Budget Car Hire in Durban

Taking care of Budget Car Hire in Durban can be done months before you are going to make the journey to the city. The choice in this case is between telephonically or the internet. This allows for all logistics of a trip to Durban to be settled months beforehand and at the same time. Scheduling does not have to drag on between flights, hotels and rental cars. Once you have the dates set in stone, you can get the ball rolling. This site allows for all 3 of these to be tackled at once. With regards to rental cars, users are able to narrow down their search for vehicles to come solely from Budget Car Hire in Durban. Budget Car Hire in Durban can be done at the airport or in the city centre. This, combined with the dates and the time you would require the vehicle is the basis of online booking. Many people prefer to go this route as the site is available to them 24 hours a day and it does not mean waiting in any sort of queue to talk to a consultant. Once the vehicle has been chosen, from the given list provided from the search engine, it takes mere minutes to be over and done with the rental. This will give you peace of mind, as you have a confirmed vehicle for your time in Durban. In addition to alleviating stress levels, there is also the factor of having a higher chance of getting the vehicle of your liking. This may not be the case if you were to wait until arriving in Durban as it is highly likely that other people will have hired it out for that time. Budget Car Hire in Durban does require that their renters have a valid Driving License which must have been held for a minimum of 1 year. In addition, if international visitors have a license that is not printed in English, then an International Driving Permit will have to be produced.

budget car hire durban airport

Rental Hire Vehicles and Side Items

  • Hatchback vehicles rented at Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport are the popular option for customers. They are cheap to rent out and does not need as frequent fuel ups as other models. This vehicle can comfortably seat around 5 people with sufficient space in the boot area.
  • Luxury Sedans are a good hire for those who need a bigger vehicle from the hatchback option. These are vehicles from the exclusive part of a range with noted brands from Mercedes for example. Your more standard options are also available at Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport if you like the size of this vehicle but do not have a need for some of the more luxurious aspects.
  • Smaller People Carrier vehicles seats up to 7 people. If this is more or less the number you would be travelling with, then vehicles in this range will suit you well to rent out.
  • Larger People Carrier vehicles carry around 16 people. Getting this vehicle type from Budget Car hire in Durban will allow for a group travelling with this number to be able to get around in a single vehicle. Additionally, there will only need to be a need for a single driver/renter and ultimately keeping travel costs down.budget car hire durban airport
  • GPS units are a side hire to a vehicle rental at Budget car hire in Durban. Side items are charged at an extra rate but they do bring value to the rental. GPS units for example can save customers on fuel costs because they can be directed right to their destination.
  • Child Seats offer more than monetary benefits. These seats are designed to keep babies and toddlers protected in the event of an impact. This kind of protection is invaluable. Customers need to note though, to hire the correct seat during their booking. Babies will fit into the baby safety seat. Toddlers will fit into the child safety seat. Older kids will need the booster seat. Also to note, that in South Africa, this is required by law to be used when transporting kids.
  • Cycle Carriers hold bikes on the outside portion of the rental vehicle. Durban is a great cycling city and many people bring their bikes over, when visiting. Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport is committed to offering any product which will ease the driving experience.


Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport

Durban Airport, or its formal name of the King Shaka International Airport houses a branch of Budget Car Rental. Getting your vehicle rental done here has more to offer customers than other branches.

Firstly, the branch opens earlier and closes later. Even on public holidays, you will find that Budget opens its doors early and do not close shop early.

Secondly, Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport allows for customers to have instant access to their vehicle upon landing. This way, there is no need for shuttles or taxis. Customers are able to comebudget car hire durban directly to Budget Car Hire at Durban Airport and handle their rental needs here. If this process is to be streamlined, because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend too long at the airport then make use of the online booking portal to get the majority of the process handled. At the branch, it will just be a few personal and payment confirmation details to go through, after which the car will be brought round. You would inspect it and be out of the airport in no time. You would have transport while in Durban, essentially from the time you land until you have to step back onto the plane. Your travel budget will be more or less known in advance, depending on fuel costs. The Durban Airport is also closely located to holiday towns and is a half hour away from the city central.


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