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Hertz Car Hire Durban

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Hertz Car Hire Durban

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hertz car hire durbanThe Hertz name is known internationally and is synonymous with quality car rental. Hertz Car Hire Durban is just one of the company’s worldwide locations. In Durban, there is the option of hiring a vehicle from Hertz from the King Shaka Airport or at many other locations around the city. The advantage of hiring directly from the airport of course, would be instant access to road transport upon landing. Hertz’s continuously updated fleet, ongoing promotions, loyalty club and lower rental rules keeps customers coming back time and time and again.


Renting a Car with Hertz in Durban

Navigating around Durban is just much more effortless if done yourself without having to rely on a third party. With Hertz vehicles, you can do just this. Hertz vehicles are on average, a year old. This would give their customer’s access to the very newest cars in Durban. With Hertz Car Hire Durban, there is no need to worry about driving experience. As long as you possess a Driving License and are 18 years old with the ability to pay for a rental vehicle with your own credit card, then a rental can be done. Hertz Car Hire has brought about a host of revolutionary services which aims to make their rentals much easier. With Hertz Car Hire Durban, customers can pay for their fuel up front so that there will be no need to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle. The Hertz emergency rescue option ensures that help is given when it is most needed.

hertz car hire durban

Hertz Car Hire Durban Reservations

Although reservations for vehicles at Hertz Car Hire Durban can be done over the phone or by visiting a branch in the city, the online option of booking is much more advantageous. This is because it can be done at any point in the day and you would not even have to be in Durban. It can be used just for getting a quote for Hertz Car Hire Durban or for going on and confirming the booking as well. This can be done well ahead of the Durban trip and will likely take some stress off from planning the trip. There is also the benefit of getting a vehicle from the group you want, rather than waiting to rent last minute when there is a chance of it already been booked by someone else. The following encompass the steps of reserving a vehicle online from Hertz Car Hire Durban.

  • The itinerary is just a simple matter of choosing the country, city and date/time of your car rental.hertz car hire durban
  • Entering in any voucher numbers.
  • Vehicle. The vehicle is the most important aspect of using Hertz Car Hire Durban so you would want to make sure you select a vehicle that corresponds with your trip and also one that you would be comfortable driving. With Hertz Car Hire Durban there is the choice of going with an automatic or manual transmission vehicle. Furthermore, you would want to select a car based on your budget. Vehicles to carry extra passengers of for extra space in general can also be hired at Hertz Car Hire Durban. choosing the correct vehicle will make driving around a whole lot smoother.
  • Optional extras. Items here need only be selected if needed. There would be no need to select a child safety seat if you would not be travelling with a child. On the other end of the spectrum, if there is a child who will be travelling in the rental vehicle, then it is imperative that this be hired out. Children are safer in these and it is illegal to not use one. It is best to hire them in advance, so as to secure one for the rentals duration. Other items in this list include bike racks and navigation systems.
  • Driver details
  • Payment
  • Any additional remarks or requests you would like to add regarding your rental vehicle.


Chauffeur Drive at Hertz

In South Africa’s major cities, Hertz offers a chauffeur drive facility. This is available in Durban. With the Hertz chauffeur drive, clients have the option of being driven around. Rates are calculated in distance and bookings must be done in advance. With a chauffeur, Hertz clients get a professional driver to ferry them around in a vehicle of their choice. Passenger liability insurance is included in the quote. Drivers help with the loading of luggage, making it an excellent option when travelling to and from the airport.

hertz car hire durban

Hertz Rewards Club

The Gold Plus club is Hertz’s loyalty based club. It is widely considered as one of the best car rental loyalty programmes in the world. Depending on the tier level of gold, five start and president’s circle, some of the rewards are as follows.

  • No cost when adding an additional driver to the rental.
  • Car upgrade which will depend on vehicles that are available for the rental period.
  • An entire day of renting a vehicle free of charge.

It is not just for these benefits that one would sign up to the loyalty club. It is the ease of the rental experience at the branch. Say you would be picking up your vehicle at the Hertz Car Hire Durban King Shaka Airport branch, you would simply call ahead and your paperwork will be dealt with. There would be no need to wait in queues and to only then start off the admin process of renting a vehicle. It is not just during the pickup process where having the membership comes in handy, but during the booking as well. When you sign up, you would be giving all personal and contact details. Your membership number will be used when booking your Hertz Car Hire Durban vehicle which will bring up all of your information. Here again, there is no need to go through the entire step by step process in filling in details. Just choose your vehicle, make your payment and be done with it even faster. The club is a must for those who travel around a lot and make use of rental vehicles.

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