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Black Friday Car Hire Deals

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Black Friday Car Hire Deals

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black friday car hire specials south africaBlack Friday deals really can be enjoyed across a lot of industries in South Africa. The concept of this retail trend has really proven popular with South Africans. It all started in America as a post-Thanksgiving treat. It is also an effort to start off the festive season with affordable shopping. The model is proving just as popular in other countries. Mass crowds converging at stores is the widespread image associated with Black Friday but if you do not want to really deal with this then be glad we live in the era of technology which means that you do not have to leave your house and still have a chance to participate in getting some Black Friday deals. Specials are offered from flights, electronic gadgets, groceries, decor items and even rental cars. With rental cars, the discounted daily rates offer massive savings.


Black Friday Car Hire Deals

Car hire really is the affordable way to travel when you are not in your home city with access to your own vehicle. Cars are rented out at a daily rate. It is on this daily rate that most companies relay their Black Friday car hire specials in South Africa. The discounted rate makes hiring a car to be done under budget. Coupled with flights and maybe even accommodation, Black Friday black friday car hire deals south africaallows for travel to be opened to those who may not have access to this within their income range. This is why these deals are to be scoured for and booked. These deals will only be available for a selected amount of time, and most of the time these are off peak times. This will be the perfect solution to travelling on a budget as it means that other factors such as flights and hotel rooms can also be gotten on the cheap. Chances are big though, that you will be using the site with hundreds, if not thousands of other people. If you are one of the lucky few to have snagged a rental car, then you can go ahead and confirm the booking. First up, you would choose any side products from the likes of insurance and GPS units which will be added to the rental rate. Some basic information is required so that you can be confirmed as the customer of this particular rental when picking up the vehicle. Contact details are necessary in case the rental company needs to get in touch with you. Finally we have the payment. This can be done with a credit card across all companies offering Black Friday car hire deals in South Africa. Debit cards are also accepted at a few companies, provided it is South African issued.


Black Friday Car Hire Specials South Africa

Many car rental companies have come aboard to offer Black Friday car hire deals. These include Avis, Thrifty and Budget Car Hire. Avis Black Friday deals included a whopping 50 percent of on weekend car rentals for 2016. Budget Black Friday deals comprised of promo codes which were to be redeemed during booking to get a slice of this manic savings day. Thrifty Black Friday deals are also on the radar in offering huge discounts. It does take a bit of research in finding out exactly which rental company would best suit your needs. This does not need to be an intense session. Simply go to their websites or social media accounts to get an idea of how exactly their Black Friday car hire deals measure up.

black friday car hire specials

Black Friday Car Hire Specials

Black Friday car hire specials extend as far as the rental price of the vehicle only, unless it is stated otherwise. The vehicle is just one part of the rental offering. Navigation units are rented out to aid the driver in getting around in the new city. Baby seats will ensure that babies and toddlers are transported in a secure manner, keeping up with road safety regulations in the country. Hand controls allow for people who do not have the use of their legs to modify a vehicle so that they can now drive it. Bike racks allows for bikes to be stored on the outer portion of the car so that precious interior space is free. These are items charged at an extra rate. Also included here would be insurance and extra driver surcharges. It is useless to go and book rental cars if you there is no need for them or to book at a time for when you would not even be in another city. The dates and times are really important when it comes to booking a rental car. This needs to be finalized beforeblack friday car hire deals the Black Friday Car Hire specials are on. There will be many other people who will be vying for Black Friday car hire deals so take every defense that you can to give yourself an advantage. There really isn’t an endless amount of rental vehicles waiting to be hired. There are only so many cars in each fleet which will be offered up as part of Black Friday car hire specials in South Africa. The easiest method of securing one of these Black Friday deals for yourself would be to go online. Companies are known to advertise their deals weeks ahead of Black Friday so that prospective customers are in the loop of what to expect when the sale begins. Black Friday car hire deals in South Africa is a welcome relief in these tough monetary times though this does not mean that general rules of rental cars will not be in place. The most basic of which requires for a licensed driver with at least 2 years of driving experience and who is able to pay for the rental with a banking card in their name. Black Friday car hire specials do not include fuel, even though vehicles are rented out with a full tank. The tank must be topped up right before the vehicle is returned. There is no doubt that having your own vehicle, be it for business or pleasure gives the freedom to going about your way


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