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Flysafair Black Friday Deals

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Flysafair Black Friday Deals

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flysafair black friday flightsLocal airlines have hopped on the Black Friday bandwagon and are offering flights at super low prices on this much welcomed day. With the economic climate being what it is, getting affordable flights really does go a long way. This is gaining momentum as Black Flyday. Black Friday is a retail event that has firmly rooted itself as a day for consumers to indulge in reduced priced items. The trend started in America as a post-Thanksgiving retail blowout. South Africa is following in this phenomenon and the day is hyped up from weeks before. Most major retailers in South Africa provide Black Friday deals. Thousands line up outside of these stores for a chance to get almost anything at a fraction of the price that it is normally priced at. It does entail waking up really early to be one of the first in line at the store and to then make your way through the crowds once inside the store. This is where online Black Friday deals are a godsend. Online shopping has really evolved over the past few years in South Africa and delivery can be done within the day or the next few working days. This allows you to get in on the Black Friday action and not even have to make the journey to the store. In fact, it can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and internet connectivity. Flysafair Black Friday specials are also best bought online. Online booking remains the fastest way to book flights so it really is the route to go with on Black Friday.



Flysafair is one of the newer options for budget flights in South Africa. They came at a time when many other low cost airlines were going under due to not managing with the demands of the airline industry. What has kept them able to float and prosper is the backing from their parent company, Safair. Safair has been in the air freight business in South Africa for over 50 years. They really are a reputable company so they were welcomed by customers and have built up a good base in a relatively short span of time. With Flysafair, they have entered the passenger side of aviation. Flysafair is no ordinary budget airline. They really do sell the cheapest seats in the arena. This is because checked luggage does not come as a standard part of the ticket. It need only be bought if it is necessary. This really benefits those who are just doing a day trip and do not need any luggage or for those people who can fit all of their stuff into the 7 kilogram carry on case. There is no need to spend that extra money on luggage if you do not need it. Though, if needed, it can be purchased. Their route additions are dependent on popularity and their customers have a big voice in which cities are added to their route. Flysafair Black Friday specials are highly sought after for these reasons.

flysafair black friday specials

Flysafair Black Friday Deals

Flysafair Black Friday deals happen over a few days. Most of them do sell out early though, requiring for customers to be ready and waiting at their computer at the start time of the sale. Flysafair Black Friday specials are highly sought after so it really is necessary to be able to get yourself to buy tickets early on. They do get snatched up really quick and before you know it, the sale is over. The Flysafair Black Friday specials are offered to certain cities. They are sold as one way or return tickets. The dates are a really important aspect when it comes to booking. The period for which the Flysafair Black Friday deals are valid is only for a specified time. High traffic cities usually have a fair few specials that customers are able to buy. Flysafair currently operates out of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, George, East London and Durban airports. The Flysafair Black Friday deals will be geared towards these cities. Black Friday is all about getting products at a low value. If you would want the cheapest flights in South Africa, then this airline is definitely the way to go. The only worry would be adding in checked luggage because this is not included. The 7 kilograms luggage which is allowed to be taken onto the flight with the passenger can be enough if packing is done wisely. This will keep the cost of flying down and a budget intact. Flysafair Black Friday deals are offered at the right time. A lot of people will want to be flying home for the holidays and a cheaper flight means more money to spend on other things. You can also book a flight for someone as a Christmas gift


Conditions of the Sale

  • Seeing as there are only a limited amount of Flysafair flights to cities across the country and only a set amount of seats on these flights, there are only so many tickets that can be offered as part of the Flysafair Black Friday specials. This makes the Flysafair Black Friday deals only valid, so long as stocks last. Make sure you are among the first few and start booking as early as possible.flysafair black friday deals
  • The Flysafair Black Friday deals are not applicable to be used in conjunction with any other discounts. This is a standalone offer.
  • Tickets purchased from Flysafair Black Friday deals cannot be transferred to another person. They can also not be cancelled nor will any Flysafair Black Friday flights be refunded.
  • Ticket prices do fluctuate due to fuel levies and airport taxes. The final price will be confirmed during the booking process.
  • Flysafair Black Friday flights and deals are only open to residents of South Africa. The airline only operates flights around the country.
  • Flysafair Black Friday flights are inclusive of taxes and baggage. Baggage is limited to carry-on only. Checked luggage is not standard on Flysafair flights. This will have to be purchased separately.


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