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Durban Airport Shuttle Service

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Durban Airport Shuttle Service

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…durban airport shuttle busdurban airport shuttle busTransport to or from an airport is a vital part to arrange when flying. You would need decent and reliable transport to get there on time to make the cut off time for the check-in counter. Even if you would be checking in online, the bag drop zone for checked luggage closes around half an hour before the flight departs. If you have no checked luggage then you still need to be at the airport on time before the boarding gate closes and you miss your flight completely. The King Shaka International Airport provides many avenues which passengers can use to leave the airport upon arrival or even get to the airport when flying out. durban airport shuttle bus

One way would be to hire a car and have a vehicle at your disposal to use whenever you want. This is not a route taken by many people due to the daily cost of renting a vehicle, the lengthy booking process and the wait at the rental office at the car hire Durban Airport branch. Then there’s the fact that you would have to know how to drive and be in possession of a valid Divers License.

The second option would be to hire out a private taxi. They can meet you at the arrivals gate and walk you out and help with any luggage. They will transport you directly to the doorstep of a given address but taxi rates rank on the higher side of things.

There is the option of having someone you know pick you up from the airport. King Shaka International Airport has a pick-up point directly outside of the arrivals area which is free to use for a limited period. The problem here is finding someone available at the time your flight lands and actually showing up. While King Shaka Airport does have plenty to entertain you, you would want to go home or get your holiday started without being stranded at the airport. Best leave your transport to the airport shuttle bus

The final option would be to make use of one of the many shuttle services at Durban Airport. The Durban Airport Shuttle bus operates on average, on an hourly schedule. This does not mean that you would have to wait a whole hour for the next Durban Airport shuttle bus if you have just missed one by a few minutes. Many companies operate shuttles so there is always one arriving and leaving. Shuttles are a good mix of private and public transport. The vehicles are clean and transport passengers like clockwork. They stop at designated areas from the airport, usually around hotels and highly visited holiday spots in Durban but are a lot more reliable. It is a great way to get between major locations in Durban not just from the airport but from hotels as well. You do not have to solely use the Durban Airport shuttle bus to get to and from the airport. Because stops are made all over, you would be able to travel the city just by shuttle. Simply get in and pay the fee rate displayed from your location to the destination spot. This would not be like a running taxi meter where you would only get the final fee at the end. Shuttles offer a good way to stay on budget during the trip. Rates for shuttles can be viewed online so you can have advance knowledge on how much cash to carry around for transport and also how much to budget for the trip. Once you have reached your destination, there would be no need to find safe, close by parking and then constantly worry that the vehicle is safe or carry around car keys. You would be able to enjoy your outing, vehicle stress free.

durban airport shuttle servicedurban airport shuttle service

The Durban Airport Shuttle Service

  • The Durban Airport shuttle service operates from the airports Public Transport area. It is not much of a walk, with it being located outside of the terminal building. durban airport shuttle service
  • There is no need to book a Durban Airport shuttle bus. They arrive and depart from the airport throughout the day and one would simply have to get on board with the luggage, pay the rate to the stop required and be off. A booking may be required if there will be a need for a vehicle with easy disability access.
  • Shuttle services at Durban Airport are available from before the sun rises to way into the night. You can be sure of a Durban Airport shuttle bus making its rounds throughout the day.
  • The Durban Airport shuttle service takes its duties very seriously. This is especially true in the case of their drivers and vehicles. Drivers must meet strict requirements before being hired and then follow the guidelines of transporting members of the public. These friendly and reliable drivers always provide a seamless and smooth journey allowing for passengers to enjoy the sights of the beautiful city. The Durban Airport shuttle bus fleet, are continuously going through maintenance for safety checks and the good working order of all mechanical components.
  • Safety is taken one step further by the shuttle services at Durban Airport. All vehicles are monitored with satellite systems at all times. This secures both shuttle services durban airportthe vehicle and passengers. With the satellite system, a control room can keep an eye on the location of the Durban Airport shuttle bus and see to it that it is operating on schedule. On the flip side, drivers can be notified of any upcoming distractions and be advised on an alternate route.
  • The Durban Airport shuttle services do carry around a child safety seat so that little ones can travel in comfort and safety. The number of seats is limited and will differ from shuttle to shuttle.
  • The Durban Airport shuttle bus provides comfortable and spacious seating for a number of people and space for luggage. Being an airport shuttle service, the space for luggage is of utmost importance. The Durban Airport shuttle service has air conditioning facilities in their vehicles which ensure that the Durban humidity does not cause discomfort during the journey.


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