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King Shaka Airport Shuttle

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King Shaka Airport Shuttle

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…airport shuttle king shakaking shaka airport shuttleking shaka airport shuttlePassengers at the King Shaka Airport are always welcome to arrange their own transport for their departing or arriving flights. If this cannot be organized then the airport does have some paid options for consideration.shuttle to king shaka airport

  • If you are a Durbanite and are returning from a work convention or family holiday away then a private taxi should be considered. It is an expensive option but you would have a private vehicle. A larger vehicle to transport an entire group can also be booked to carry more people than a standard sedan taxi would.  A taxi will also take you to any address in Durban. Of course the rates will increase with the outer parts of Durban which are further away from the King Shaka International Airport.
  • If your visit will require many stops all around Durban for business meetings for example then car hire should be considered. There are many car hire Durban companies to choose from that are conveniently located at the airport and they range from local to global branches. With your own car, you can just get in and drive to the next meeting without having to wait for transport. Car hire at Durban Airport will not be an option if you are not licensed to drive or do not have a credit card.
  • Then there is always the option for passengers to make use of a shuttle to King Shaka Airport or one from the airport. Let us explore further why this is one of the best modes of airport transfers available to visitors.

king shaka shuttleking shaka shuttle

King Shaka Airport Shuttle

Shuttle services are a fantastic way to get access to cheap point to point transport. Airport shuttles in particular are great for those visiting a city because they go between the airport and high shuttle to king shaka airportdemand spots. The King Shaka Airport shuttle can be used to leave or arrive at the airport and travel to hotels and holiday places. The King Shaka shuttle makes the trip to Durban and back. To get a full list of all of the places that the King Shaka Airport shuttle makes its pit stops, you would have to check online or call them directly. This allows for visitors to plan out their routes and have the exact amount of money ready to pay the driver because rates are available online as well. Making use of the airport shuttle at King Shaka allows for at least one part of the travel budget to be known when planning the trip to Durban. The King Shaka Airport shuttle can be boarded at the airport’s Public Transport area. It is not much of a walk and is right outside of the terminal building. No booking is required of the King Shaka Airport shuttle though you are able to book wheelchair accessible vehicles in advance. The shuttle to King Shaka Airport is available from early morning until late at night. It will take approximately an hour to get from the airport to Durban City Centre. If your hotel is located in the holiday town of Umhlanga then this time will be even shorter. Drivers lie in wait for a few minutes before setting off again or will set off immediately if the King Shaka Airport shuttle is full up. Drivers welcome passengers to Durban and help load their luggage into the shuttle. Passengers then settle themselves into the vehicle and relax while being driven to theirshuttle to king shaka airport chosen drop point. All of the King Shaka Airport shuttle vehicles are equipped with air conditioning facilities to make the journey even more comfortable for passengers who are not familiar with the warm Durban climate.  Hotels in the Umhlanga and Durban area make up quite a few stops for the King Shaka shuttle. Passengers will be dropped off right at the door and have their luggage unloaded. The King Shaka Airport shuttle will then be on its way while guests check themselves into the hotel and freshen up after the flight. The same shuttle will be back in a short while, but if guests are in a hurry then they can always use another shuttle service provider from King Shaka Airport. Popular King Shaka shuttle tourist stops in Durban include the Gateway Mall, Durban beaches and the City Centre. The advantage of using a King Shaka shuttle instead of your own vehicle is that you would be dropped off right at the door and would not have to hassle about with parking and the associated costs. When you are done with the outing, you would simply wait a few minutes for the next shuttle to come along and transport you back to the hotel. The airport shuttle at King Shaka will also take you back to the airport. Shuttle drivers will advise passengers of the times that they should take a shuttle to King Shaka Airport. Plenty of time needs to be made for the check-in process especially if you would be using the counter method. Even if the online check-in method is used, passengers must still be at the airport at least half an hour before flight departure so that checked luggage can be dropped off before closing time.

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King Shaka Shuttle Safety

The safe passage of passengers is of utmost importance to the King Shaka Airport shuttle services. king shaka airport shuttle

  • The vehicles are priority. Only later model vehicles are used by the airport shuttle at King Shaka. All vehicles are installed with tracking devices which serves 2 purposes. The first is to track the vehicle if it ever goes off course and the second is to redirect the vehicle if the taken route will be delayed somehow. This constant monitoring ensure that drivers are on schedule and that the King Shaka Airport shuttle is operating timeously. In addition, all vehicles are required to go through routine inspections so that they are of roadworthy condition to transport members of the public.
  • All of the drivers are carefully screened before coming aboard. Driving experience is just one part of the equation with a safety record being analysed too.

king shaka airport shuttleairport shuttle king shaka

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