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Durban Airport Shuttle

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Durban Airport Shuttle

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durban airport shuttleShuttles provide a transport means of getting to many of the major activity spots within Durban. One of the busiest activity centres in Durban has got to be the King Shaka International Airport. Thousands of passengers pass through its doors every day and shuttles provide accessible and cheap transport to leave the airport and thereafter move about in the city.


Visiting Durban on a Budget

With the likes of Mango and Kulula Airlines giving the public access to affordable flight tickets around South Africa, it really is the preferred way to travel to Durban for most. It beats having to durban airport shuttlespend an entire day on the road and spend a fortune on fuel and toll fees. Transport in Durban is another factor in keeping the trip on a budget. If you would be visiting for business and need transport from the hotel to the city centre for a meeting then the Durban Airport shuttle service is excellent as many of their routes run from hotels to Durban Central. A holiday to Durban can also be accommodated with the Durban Airport shuttle service as many of the famed tourist attractions from part of its route. In essence, one could travel Durban totally via a shuttle and save a lot of money in the process.


Why use Durban Airport Shuttle Services

durban airport shuttleIt is the non-commitment option. If you were to book a taxi, you would have to be ready for the pick-up time or be charged extra if you are not. By making use of Durban Airport shuttle services, if you are not ready in time, then you would simply take the next shuttle. Durban Airport shuttle services operate like clockwork and the next one will be around in no time at all. There may not even be a waiting period as multiple shuttles are in operation and you can simply make use of another shuttle company. If you are making use of the shuttle at Durban Airport to visit entertainment centres in Durban for a fun outing, then you would simply get out and go enjoy yourself without the worry of leaving behind a vehicle nor having to be there at a specified time. If you were to do a car hire at Durban Airport then you would have to go through the lengthy booking procedure and admin at the branch. While there are many options for car hire at Durban Airport, it is a huge responsibility to take on and is also only an option to licensed drivers.


Taking a Shuttle at Durban Airport

  • A shuttle at Durban Airport can be found in the public transport area, which is conveniently located just outside of the terminal building. Passengers will simply walk out the doors after collecting their checked luggage and find an available shuttle.shuttle at durban airport
  • There are no bookings required for a Durban Airport shuttle. Passengers would simply board one during one of their many stops at the airport. If a shuttle that allows for easy access of wheelchairs is needed then it will have to be requested from one of the shuttle companies at King Shaka Airport in advance.
  • Many companies have a shuttle at Durban Airport with stops being made all the time, allowing for a steady stream of shuttles coming into the airport.
  • The Durban Airport shuttle is operational from early in the morning until late at night.
  • All of the Durban Airport shuttle services come with friendly and professional drivers. Drivers are only hired according to their level of experience and safety track record in transporting members of the public. Passengers are able to relax for the duration of the journey to their hotel and take in the wonderful scenery offered by Durban. durban airport shuttle
  • The Durban Airport shuttle does not only go between the airport and hotels but other points of interest in Durban. Therefore, once passengers have settled themselves into their hotel room they are also able to take advantage of the affordable shuttle to get to these places and back again when they are done.
  • The safety of the passenger is of utmost importance to the Durban Airport shuttle companies. It is for this reason that they have made sure that their vehicles are monitored during all hours of the day. This also ensures that drivers are also monitored and that the shuttle is operating on schedule. The use of satellite systems alerts drivers to traffic congestion and the best alternate route to then go with.
  • A shuttle is cheaper than the other forms of transport from the airport and payment can be made directly to the driver.
  • Child seats are also available at many of the Durban Airport shuttle vehicles, so as to provide a safe and comfortable journey for every member of the travelling party.
  • Seating for the rest of the group is spacious with enough of room for luggage. The warm Durban weather will also be combated by the air conditioning facility in the vehicles.


Durban Airport Shuttle Destinations

Many of Durban’s reputable hotels. Guests will not have to wait at another pickup point for the Durban Airport shuttle.

The King Shaka Airport. Many companies operate a shuttle at Durban Airport giving passenger’s almost immediate access to one straight after flying in.

Tourist spots from the like of Marine Parade, Suncoast Casino, Moses Mabhida Stadium, uShaka Marine World, Durban Botanical Gardens and the Gateway Theatre of Shopping.


About King Shaka Airportshuttle at durban airport

The airport, which services both local and international flights was opened in 2010. It is located in the north of Durban and is the third busiest airport in the country. Transport options for access between the airport and the rest of Durban can be done by rental cars, taxis or best of all, through a Durban Airport shuttle. The terminal building at the airport is equipped with Wi-Fi. Passengers and visitors to the airport can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants, go duty free shopping, visit the salon and even entertain kids at the kiddies play room.


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