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Transport to King Shaka Airport

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Transport to King Shaka Airport

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…transport to king shaka airportSo you’ve landed in Durban and now need a mode of transport to make your way around this wonderful city. Thankfully, there are a myriad of options available for transport from Durban Airport.


Ask a Friendtransport from durban airport

Arrangements can be made for someone you know to take you to the airport or to pick you up. King Shaka Airport has a few bays right outside of the terminal at which your driver can wait for a few minutes, free of charge, to help you offload luggage or wait for you if you are returning. It is the cheapest option and you would only have to put in a few bucks to cover fuel costs. Though, if your ride has an unexpected emergency and cannot be your transport to King Shaka Airport then you would be stuck having to frantically organize another means. To ensure this is not a scenario that you would face, it is better to go with one of the paid options for your transport to King Shaka Airport.


Transport to Kings Shaka Airport with a Taxi

car hire durbanTaxis provide reliable and private transport to King Shaka Airport, or from the airport, depending on your need. They can be booked before you even land in Durban or one can be hired upon arrival at the King Shaka Airport. With a taxi, passengers would have a private vehicle to themselves and not have to share with a stranger. It is the more expensive option for transport from Durban Airport than that of shuttles but this bit of privacy is worth it to some. With a taxi, you would also not have to make do with the scheduled stops done with shuttles before being dropped at your desired location. You are able to get your taxi transfer done in your vehicle of choice and if a special vehicle is needed to ease transport to King Shaka Airport for wheelchair bound passengers then this can be requested in advance as well. A taxi operates according to the destination of the passenger and will give them transport from Durban Airport directly to the destination address. Also, if you use taxis as your choice of transport from Durban Airport, you would have the driver meet you at the arrivals gate and escort you to the vehicle, which gives you access to a companion upon landing and having a personal welcome to Durban.


Shuttles at Durban Airport

transport from durban airportShuttles are vehicles that run between a series of stops in Durban and the airport. It is the cheaper option for transport from Durban Airport with shuttles making stops at many of the most used hotels for a stay in Durban. They run at frequent intervals and your spot can be booked in advance. Along with getting you transported between the airport and hotel, their stops at many of the major spots in Durban ensure that you also have transport to these areas and back to your hotel as well.


Car hire Durban at the Airport

If you are a licensed driver and would be doing a fair amount of driving around while in Durban then a rental car would be the choice for you to go with as your transport from Durban Airport. Although rental cars can be hired from almost anywhere in Durban, it is recommended to do your car hire Durban at the King Shaka Airport so that this way your transport to King Shaka Airporttransport to king shaka airport when you are leaving Durban is sorted and you would not have to arrange to drop off the vehicle elsewhere and then arrange something to get to the airport. Local companies from the likes of Woodford, Bidvest and First Car rental have branches at King Shaka Airport and internationally based companies such as Europcar and Avis also have a presence. The choice for car hire Durban at the King Shaka Airport can be done according to an attractive package deal or simply by being a member of a rental car company’s loyalty club so that you can rack up the points. With your car hire Durban at the airport, you would be able to choose the vehicle in which you want to be transported in. The choice should suit the purpose of your visit. A small hatchback would go well with a budget trip as they are the cheapest to hire out. A luxury sedan would do well for a business traveller who wants a comfortable journey between meetings. A van would suit visitors who are in the city for a camping holiday or those who are transporting around lots of equipment. A minibus vehicle would be best for a larger group of say 15 people who would want to travel together from the airport and be able to pitch up at the same time to the destination. Additional hire items to help with your travels in Durban can also be hired alongside the vehicle

  • Paraplegic hand controls- these are controls which are attached to certain automatic cars in a rental agencies vehicle range. They allow for a person who has lost the use of their legs to be able to drive solely through hand movements.transport to king shaka airport
  • Navigation unit- getting around Durban is a breeze when guided by these units. They will direct a driver to their destination address with voice alerts so that focus is never taken off the road.
  • Baby seats- travelling with a baby is made much easier with the rental of these seats which hold a child comfortably and safely.
  • Bicycle rack- travelling is made easier with this item as well which holds the bicycle outside of the vehicle instead of having to store it on the inside.

If you would need access to your own vehicle for the day but do not want to drive or are not able to do so then you can make use of rental companies chauffeur services. Unlike a point to point drop or scheduled stops, you would have access to the vehicle and driver to take you anywhere for the time that you have booked the service.


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